7 Things To Do At Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

The World Health Organization has officially declared that COVID-19 or Coronavirus, is a pandemic with over 3,00,000 cases worldwide! Many individuals have now self-quarantined indoors to prevent the virus from spreading. If you are under quarantine or social distancing (as you should be) here are a few ways to spend your time in isolation during Coronavirus Quarantine. 


Instead of binge-watching Netflix all day, scrolling down your Instagram during self-quarantine, these options will help you be more positive and productive during this period. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, this curfew can become mind-numbing after a while! Therefore staying active and productive is essential to maintaining good mental health. 

What You Can Do During Home Quarantine :

When you are stuck at home for the coming few days, why not make the most of it? Maybe it’s time for you to learn some new hobby, or catch up on some chores you often complain about you don’t have enough time to do! These are a few tips to keep you busy and in good mental health while you are social distancing!

1. Read A Book!


When you are busy social distancing, why not finish a book? We often buy books but end up not even reading it halfway. Now you have no excuses about not having enough time to read. With isolation, you have plenty of time to start a new book and finish it! A lot of celebrities and social media stars have shared over the internet how they are spending quarantine by reading a good old book. Not to forget the numerous benefits of reading. It is always a better option compared to Netflix or Amazon Prime, as you can protect your eyes, as well as improve your vocabulary while you are at it.

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2. Work On That Long-Term Project :


Remember that plan you had about a project? But never got to do because of your ever so busy lifestyle? Now is the time. You can finally sit down, and start your research and other work towards your dream project. It could be a craft you wanted to work on, that you never got to. The time in your hands is precious. Use this time to tackle those projects that you always had in the back of your head. The day’s limited hours is no longer an excuse that you can use. When you are in Coronavirus quarantine, time should not be one of the things that one must complain about. 

3. Start A Journal/Blog :

Were you always one of those people who loved to write, or share their opinions on various matters? Then this coronavirus quarantine period is the time when you can start a blog. You could brainstorm about what interests you the most. Make the most of this time to do something that describes your deepest interests. Not only will this keep you busy, but entertained too! You will be pleased with the amount of work you will have done on it, in your free time. You may be occupied with work during work hours, but in the meantime, you can engage in some other activities that can keep you happy. 

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4. Learn A New Hobby! 


Did you always want to learn an instrument? Or improve your singing skills? Then this is the best opportunity to do something productive by yourself and at the comfort of your home. Don’t consider this period of coronavirus quarantine as being stuck at home, but instead an opportunity to spend more time doing what you love to do but never had the chance to do. This will help with your inevitable anxiety during this period and instead improve productivity with each new activity you indulge in. You can even spend time playing a board game or online video games for some quick entertainment between work hours. 

5. Workout Or Meditate :


One thing that will surely keep you sane during house arrest, is exercise. When you exercise, it not only heals your body but your mind too. You will feel relaxed and will be able to work in peace. Staying at home for an extended period of time during coronavirus quarantine is definitely a challenge, but when you use the time given to you properly, then you can do wonders! If you set yourself some fitness goals, it will encourage you to work out more and at a regular pace. If you feel anxious or worried about the virus, then during the coronavirus quarantine you can consider meditation at home. Sit down and practice some deep breathing exercises to clear your mind from stress. 

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6. Spend More Time With Your People :


Whether you are spending home quarantine with your family, or friends, or even just your pets. Remember that this is the time you have to spend with them. So make the most of it. Once all this ends, everyone will get back to their routine lives and get busy. So why not enjoy a movie with your girlfriend, or arm wrestle with your best bud, or even just stay in bed cuddling with your pup. While it is essential you use the time to accomplish something productive, you can even take a break sometimes to bond more with your quarantine partner. If you are staying far from your loved ones, don’t worry, you can always use social media or phones to stay connected. Video Chat, or talk over the phone, social distancing doesn’t mean you have to be lonely.

7. Improve Your Skills : 


If you are freaking out over COVID-19 then fear not, we are all on the same page. While we remain indoors, it can further take a toll on our mental health. But instead, use this period to work on your resume, or how you can improve your skillset to perform better once you are back at work. Updating your resume is one of the tasks that take time and patience. Now that you have that in your hand. Sit down and use this Coronavirus Quarantine to get your resume in order once you are back on the job hunt. 

These are a few ways you can stay entertained and productive when you are home during Coronavirus Quarantine. Consider this period crucial, no matter what you can risk the lives of many and yourself if you step out unnecessarily. This safety measure is to prevent the pandemic from spreading further. So Stay home, Stay Safe and accomplish something productive during this quarantine period. 

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