10 Little Things Women Do That Attract Men A Lot

Most women are left clueless when it comes to what men find attractive in women. Some men like plump women, some men prefer slim women, while others don’t care about appearances and pay attention to other things. Based on research studies describe things women do that attract men.


We will talk about female appearances and gestures that men notice unconsciously and get attracted to that woman like a magnet. If a woman is sexy or not, lies in the mind of the beholder. A woman’s behavior, how she acts, what she thinks, and her gestures, it’s all a whole package. Everyone’s sexy list can be different, what one finds sexy might repulse another.

But generally speaking, here are a few things women do that attract men. This list includes gestures that can drive any man crazy and a few criteria of attractiveness that can attract a man like a magnet.

7 Things Women Do That Attract Men A lot:

1. Voice And Way Of Speaking :


As a man, one thing that instantly attracts you, unconsciously is your woman’s voice. That’s right. According to studies most men prefer women who have a feminine and bold voice. Voice is one of the top criteria when it comes to things women do that attract men like a magnet. The least attractive voice is squeaky and shrill voices. When a woman has a nice feminine voice with a command over what she speaks, it is associated with professionalism, youth and equates attractiveness. 

2. Style Of Using Makeup : 


Research claims that men prefer their women to use makeup in moderation. Some women can resort to using heavy makeup, which can often put off many men, as they find it unattractive. However, they do love it when they see a woman who does her makeup well and in moderation. Perhaps this is why men always go for natural beauty as opposed to made-up beauty.

3. Waist To Hip Ratio :


This may come across as a surprise to many, however, the curvature of a woman’s waist-hip ratio is what is considered as high standards of feminine beauty for men. In other words, things women do that attract men also includes her figure. A woman with a small waist and wide hips are what most men would find “sexy” A study conducted proved that men often pick women with an ideal waist-hip ratio. Such women are considered to be most attractive, despite what their body shape is. 

4. Wearing A Man’s Shirt :


The next on our list of sexiest things women do that attract men to come wearing your shirt. That’s right, studies show that men find it attractive when women wear a man’s shirt, especially when it’s oversized and hovering over her bare legs, and with many buttons unbuttoned. Finding a petite woman in a big manly shirt is considered to be a sexy attire by most men.

5. Making The First Move :


Most men are attracted to women who are Go-getters! That even means when she wants you, she has you. Maybe with a tease or a naughty gesture, it can easily turn a man on, among the sexy things women do that attract men. A study showed that a woman’s behavior showing initial interest can potentially improve the budding romance. In simple words, when a woman makes the move, a man finds it irresistible. A bite of her lip can make you swoon!

6. Has Deep Conversations :


The attraction is not always restricted to physical. When it comes to things women do that attract men, a deep and meaningful conversation is also an important criterion. From dinner dates to pillow talk, for any level of attraction, conversations matter. In some cases, a conversation can lead to other things! Intellect, is without a doubt, one of the sexiest things men find about women. A man of substance will always pick a woman who is smart and makes her own decisions, as it’s the most dominant thing that men are attracted to. 

7. The Length Of Her Legs :


The reason why models are upheld as a beauty standard is especially due to their long legs! A psychologist added to this belief saying that men get more easily attracted to women with longer legs. However, men didn’t necessarily prefer a tall woman. But a woman whose legs were longer, a man would find that part of her to be most attractive. Therefore it all comes down to proportion when it comes to attraction!

8. Her Age :


Have you noticed that in most relationships, the man is older than the woman? Well, there is proof that explains this logic. Scientists found that most men aged between the late 20s and 30s consider women from 24-25 to be sexy. That’s right age is another factor among the things women do that attract men. In a few cases, men find women older than them to be attractive, but as a comparative study, most men have relationships with women younger to them.

9. Her height : 


We already discussed that men find tall women to be sexy! But not necessarily taller than them. Most of the time, men always prefer their women to be shorter than them. The height difference can be between 4-7 inches or less.  When it comes to men who have average or less than average height, then they find women of similar height or shorter.

10. Does The Nerdy Look Perfectly! :


A man can admire a woman’s ability to look sexy and smart, both! When she can look nerdy during work, but also look hot and stylish when she dresses up, a man finds it irresistible. A man desires for his woman to switch between styles and facial adornments. Not only is this one of the sexiest things women do that attract men, but it’s also another way how men get attracted to smart women. 

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That’s everything about things women do that attract men like a magnet. As you read this article you might have started to notice how these things really have an impact on your mindset. When a man dates a woman, either of these criteria may have played an important role in choosing his partner. A fun, confident, smart woman, who can easily befriend his friends, is every man’s dream woman! Unlike what movies show you, these are what a man really get attracted to in a woman.

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