7 Men’s Sunglasses Trends You Must Follow In 2022

What is the most important thing for your eyes in summer? Yes, it’s the craving to see some snow on a vacation, but having a pair of perfect Sunglasses is even more important. But, what are the Sunglasses trends you should follow this summer 2022? There are loads of sunglasses in the market, but all of them won’t suit you, and definitely not all of them are worth buying.


Here, we pick 7 most amazing Sunglasses trends to follow this summer and to make you look cooler! From vintage to the latest fashion, we have bagged all, don’t worry!

But before we start checking the Sunglasses trends to follow this summer 2022, it’s also important to know, why exactly sunglasses are important in summer? Is it just for style, or way beyond? Let’s find that first.

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Q. Why Sunglasses Are So Important ln Summer?

Sunglasses are not only for style, but they also serve bigger purposes, and here we will tell you the top 5 purposes of wearing shades in this summer.

1. Protects From The Sun :


Of course, they are stylish, but they are named ‘Sun’ glasses because the main intention to create them was to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. When your eyes are exposed to sunlight, it gets in touch with Ultra Violet Rays of Sun, and we all know it is a dangerous element that is harmful. To safeguard your eyes from the UV rays, your shades must have UVA and UVB certifications, which signifies your eyes will be saved from UV rays.

Also, try to opt-in for sunglasses which also cover the side of the eyes, in such a way you also safeguard that zone of your face too. (They are the most sensitive part!)

2. Protection From Wind And Dust :


A simple scratch against your pupil or cornea can bring permanent damage to your eyes. And the dust particles floating with the wind has enough potential to make that scratch.

You must wear a Sunglass if you are riding or driving, and the wind is against your face. Also, even if you are just walking on the road, you must wear a Sunglass in summer to safeguard your eyes. As Summer has the sweet waves of wind, it also carries the potentiality to harm your eyes. Why taking a chance?

3. Promotes Recovery :


If you recently had Lasik surgery, you must wear Sunglasses. You should not expose your eyes to the normal world until your eyes are totally recovered. And Sunglasses will always help you to get your eyes recovered at a rapid speed.

Improper post-surgical care may devastate the whole successful operation, so always wear a Sunglass when you had eye surgery, always.

4. Better Viewing Sight :


A Sunglass brings you the opportunity to have a better viewing sight. Your eyes shrink in the sun, and that is obvious. But when you will wear a Sunglass, it will not shrink and it will have enough peace. The eye muscles will be at peace too and you can see at comfort. A better viewing sight is always appreciated.

5. Lessen Your Headaches And Migraines :


Your eye is the main source of your headache and migraine. If you wear proper Sunglass, you can cut down the chances of headaches and migraine problems by almost 60%.

Imagine a life with less headache and more peace, that sounds good? Then you must wear a pair of sunglasses in the summer.

Well, these were the reasons you must wear a pair of sunglasses in summer. Now which are the Sunglasses trends to follow this summer? There you go.

7 Men’s Sunglasses Trends You Must Follow This Summer :

1. Round Sunglasses :

The most trendy sunglasses you can wear this summer 2022 are round sunglasses. It’s been a few years since it has bloomed into the fashion scene, and people are loving it. The person who made Round Sunglasses so acceptable and normal is probably John Lenon. These are pure vintage, and if it has a metal body, then it feels even more premium.

Also, the round sunglasses which have a cover on the sides are even more popular!

2. Geometric Shapes :

Geometric Shape Sunglasses are also in trend this year. Especially the Hexagon shaped Sunglasses! Not everybody can pull off a geometric shaped sunglasses. In fact, not everybody goes for it. So if you are wearing one, it sets you apart from the crowd.

Also remember, when you are picking your geometric sunglasses, either opt for the perfect shape. If you can’t find the perfect shape, it is safer to go for a shorter size, but don’t go for an oversized one. They won’t look good.

3. Aviators :

Technically, aviators were meant for people in the aviation sector, especially the officers in the Air force. Remember Top Gun? Yes, that’s what we are talking about. But one thing, aviators have no plans to go out of time, or trend. It is the trend for decades, and it will continue to be so.

But if you want to go for an updated version of aviators, go for the new aviators which have a simple brow bridge. Also, the colors of aviators have some sophisticated touch in them.

4. Top Bar Sunglasses :

You have seen so many people wearing these sunglasses already because it is very versatile yet trendy. The top bar sunglasses have a brow bridge, sometimes two brow bridges, and it looks very premium. The shades are of icy blue, copper-gold, dark green, and so on.

They are extremely stylish and you can easily carry them with swag.

Top Bar Sunglasses are a great choice in summer 2022 to game up your fashion. But do not go for the chunky ones. Take the one which fits your face right. Otherwise, a size shorter will do.

Metal top bars bring some more elements of class in the shades. You can always rely on some metal touch for longevity too.

5. Wayfarers :

The second aviator in the game. Never going out of time, and in no plans of going out of the fashion game too. They are extremely stylish. If you are not only looking for Sunglasses trends to follow this summer but every summer, the wayfarer is the ultimate choice. It is timeless and simple. Anyone can pull it. But people with a long face cut can pull it the best.

The D Frame sunglasses are very much similar to wayfarers, and that too is a good option for this summer 2022.

6. Metal+Polarized :

Polarized sunglasses have their own charm. Firstly they keep your eyes at peace, more than anyone in the game. Be it however hard the sun is shining, you can still look into the sun without blinking an eye.

Now, polarized sunglasses which are coming with metallic touch has some extra appeal to the fashion world.

Some of them are also coming with brow bridge.

Ultimately, a polarized glass will never be a bad buy.

7. Clip Ons :

Clip ons are the sunglasses that can be modified and customized very often with their own set of given resources. You can change the shades of the glasses by just clipping on your desired glasses. You can change the color, and while doing that you can change your style with just one glass. You just need to clip on your choice.

These were our top pick for sunglasses trends for this summer 2022. Get the one added to your cart which you like the most. And take care of your eyes. The world is healing, and there’s a lot more to see.

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