7 Mens Classic Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

Standing in 2021, everything seems extremely rapid. The fashion is no more depending on the core values but how fast it is. So are the hairstyles! There are so many hairstyles to experiment with, but why not we take a pause, and get back to the evergreen, ever-lasting men’s classic hairstyles which have no plans to fade anytime soon? Also, while styling your hair according to these hairstyles, you will look stylish, attractive and sexy.


We have picked 7 hairstyles for you which are classic, yet more stylish and classy than any of the recent hairstyles available in the market. In all true senses, Old is definitely the gold.

7 Men’s Classic Hairstyles In 2021 :

1. The French Crop :


The French Crop can be called as the straight out of the swimming pool look too. Why will you love this hairstyle? Firstly, because it is low-maintenance, and admit it that you do not like to spend much time behind your hair as well as you want it to look good. Secondly, because it looks good and natural. Third, it doesn’t require much of the hair styling products. In fact, no products at all.

But if you feel like, you can use some hair spray to freeze them and add extra shine. This hairstyle only requires your hair to fall in front and it needs to be neatly done. For this hairstyle, you need a little extra hair in the front and a little less hair in the sides to make it look even sharper. But the difference shouldn’t be much. The French Crop is also called the white t-shirt of hairstyle, as it goes with anything and everything.

The French Crop looks sharp, on mostly every face-cut. But it looks even better if you have a mix of round and long face.

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2. The Buzz Cut :


The Buzz Cut is a haircut that can always be on time. This hair or hairstyle will never go beyond time, and it will look as appealing as it should. One criteria to style your hair with a buzz cut, is you need a head shape that is perfectly proportionate. This means your head should be identified and discriminated from your face line. There are many people whose face and head can not be differentiated. Buzzcut is not for them.

Buzzcut will require your hairstylist to use the ancient scissor over the comb technique to chop both the sides. If you use a trimmer, it will still do, but scissors will craft better.

Buzzcut will look very sharp and again, it will not require you to use much of the hair products to style your hair. Since it demands your hair length to be short, you can rest assured that you won’t need to spend much time on your hair. Buzz Cut is definitely one of the men’s classic hairstyles.

3. The Slick Back :


Talking about men’s classic hairstyles, this hairstyle is considered to be one of the most classic and timeless hairstyles of this world. It requires your hair length to be at 5 to 8 inches. And all you will need to do while styling your hair is slick it back. It can also be called the ‘Back brush’ hairstyle in local terms.

This particular hairstyle made a buzz around the 1920s. Since that time wearing hat became a status symbol, and many of the men started wearing hats, they needed a hairstyle which will not be messed up while wearing a hat, more importantly, after opening the hat, it should look fine.

That’s how people started to style in the Slick back. Later, the slick back hairstyle itself became a status symbol of rich men.

You can trim the side short to make it look even more appealing. A combination of undercut and heavier top looks amazing.

The slick back hairstyle is nice, but long hair will require maintenance. So if you are one of the guys who do not like to devote much time behind his hair, this isn’t for you.

If you are a serious personality like CEO, Boss, and Entrepreneur, even a professor or any elite work, this hairstyle will still complement your status.

To set your hair you can use a roller comb and a hairdryer, and can also apply some pomade or hair wax (soft).

4. The Side Parting :


While talking about men’s classic hairstyles, side parting must be mentioned. This is the boss of all classic hairstyles. If you watch any classic movie from the past like Godfather, you will see most of the men used to side part their hair. Later it went out of the trend, but recently the trend of side parting is back.

It is again a low maintenance hairstyle where all your will need a comb, and if you wish to gel up then some hair wax. This hairstyle is easy to maintain as well as doesn’t take much time to set the hair.

The Side part will go along with all the face shapes and most of the hair types.

On the sides, you can also approach different styles. You can fade out the portion just top of the ears. It will still look good and extra stylish.

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5. High Top Fade :


While talking about men’s classic hairstyles, High top fade is also a remarkable hairstyle which needs to be mentioned.

Here, you need volume on the top portion of your head and you need to fade the sides. A little afro hair will do the magic, but one thing, this is not a very versatile hairstyle, unlike the rest in the list. So you really need to be committed to your hairstyle before getting it done.

Though, there are many different variations possible on the same hairstyle. If your face is round it might not look so good but if you have an oval face, you can still rock it.

6. The Pompadour :


Pompadour Hairstyle is very classy and stylish. Although you might be shocked to hear it is originated from a feminine hairstyle.

Originally, French King Louis XV’s headmistress used to style her short hair as pompadour, later the society made some modifications to it and turned it into a men’s classic hairstyle.

It is not for the people who have thin hair, as the style requires thickness and volume of hair, both.

You need a minimum of 3 to 5 inches of hair length. Once you grow your hair that long, you can create this hairstyle with the help of some hair spray and hair wax.

7. The Quiff :


What if you have thin hair but you love the pompadour style and you want to style your hair in pompadour? Then you simply switch to quiff. It is also very useful for the people who need to hide their receding hairline at the front.

Here, sides are kept shorter than the top and you don’t need much volume in the hair too. You can easily call the Quiff as Semi-pompadour. A soft and stylish hairstyle.

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These were the most stylish men’s classic hairstyles. Which one you are opting for? We have got every face shape, every hair type covered in the list. Pick up a style and groove, as the classic is the new sexy.

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