7 Best Men’s Beach Outfit Ideas For Summer

Summer 2020 is just around the corner and most you are thinking about what to do unique this summer? Where most of the Goa plans fail, you will be surprised to know most of the Goa plans succeeds as well. If not Goa, some other beach, as summer and a quick getaway to a beach always go hand in hand. But how to style up? What are some cool unique men’s beach outfit ideas? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Be it any beach you visit in the world or in India, these styling tips on men’s beach outfit ideas will always help you to stand out from the crowd. But before we get into the men’s beach outfit ideas, let’s unveil why it is so tempting aa well as important to hit some beach this summer.

What Are The Benefits Of Hitting The Beach During Summer?


You must be shocked to hear that beaches have therapeutic approach to your mind and body, and that is why your mind keeps coming back to the beach whenever it’s summer.

Sun: As we all know, Sun is actually our source of all energy. It is proven scientifically if you soak your body some sunlight, you will feel a lot better mentally and physically. Sunlight contains vitamins like Vitamin D which helps you to uplift your mood.

Sunlight also prevents skin cancer as well as an auto-immune disease. And when you spend a vacation on the beach, you automatically give your body the dose of ‘good’ sunlight for a really long time.

It is therapeutic: Any vacation is therapeutic. Especially the holidays on the beach when your body is exposed to the sun, as well as the salty sea water which is filled with important vitamins and minerals. Sea water has magnesium, potassium and other important minerals, so when you take a bath in the sea by the beach, your body heals itself. Also, it enjoys the utmost relaxation.

Also, swimming helps you to decrease stress and increase your well being.

There are many sports activities to do on the beach, like playing volleyball or surfing in the sea and they all will allow you to get fit and healthy as well as give a boost to the healthy hormones in your body.

Walking on the sand: When you walk on the sand, you expose your feet’s nerve ends to the sand which works wonder. It helps you to strengthen your foot muscle which you can not do while wearing shoes (most of the time). So please take that barefoot walk on the sand whenever you are hitting the beach. It improves your body in ways you can’t even think of.

So, these were the reasons why you must visit the beach during the summer. But what will you wear? How to style up while absorbing all the good things from mother nature? Here you go. All you need to know about men’s beach outfit ideas.

7 Best Men’s Beachwear Outfit Ideas For Summer :

1. Swimwear :

It is obvious that you will hit the sea once you visit the beach. But are you well equipped to do so? Your cotton shorts are not enough to hit the sea at all. You will need proper and stylish swimwear to do so.

Beach outfits are totally incomplete without a pair of swimwear which will allow you to flaunt your body. Choose a trunk that is at least 2-3 inches above your knee and which also snugs around your thighs. Go for colors like black, or floral prints. It’s okay to attract some eyeballs.

2. A Floral Shirt & Denim :

This is the ultimate catch when you are on the beach, going for an evening walk with friends or loved ones. Drape a floral shirt or Hawaiian shirt around, half sleeves of course. And let the shirt be unbuttoned. If you are too shy, then keep at least the top four buttons opened.

Pair your colorful and vibrant shirt with white denim. It can be a full length, it can be denim short as well. Up to you. Pair it up with some hat and sunglasses, and you are all set to steal many people’s thunder from the beach. We will discuss the shoe under the ‘Shoes’ subhead.

3. A T-shirt And Denim Shorts :

It looks the most amazing as you can look cool and stylish at the same time you feel comfortable too. T-shirts are usually made of cotton which will help your skin to breathe and denim shorts are very stylish to spice up your look at the beach. A t-shirt and denim shorts could be just the right attire for your beach holidays.

4. Tank Tops And Shorts :

Tank tops are not meant for the gym and work out sessions only, they can also be worn upon a beach flaunting your newly pumped muscles. Pair it up with a short and it will look dope. You can either go for denim shorts or any other short you feel like you are comfortable in. Choose the tank top to be of light color and less printed. This kind of tank tops can steal eyeballs very easily and makes a good impression.

5. Chinos And Shirt :

Yes, it doesn’t mean that you must expose your body when you are on the beach. It can also be possible that you deck up and still look smoking hot with the right choice of clothing and confidence. So wear a shirt, any linen shirt as they are the most breathable ones and any dark bottom as chinos. You should always leave the top few buttons opened od your shirt, especially on the beach. And you can also tuck one side of the shirt and let the other side be falling off carefree.

6. Hawaiian Shirts :

Yes, you all were waiting for this. Having a Hawaiian shirt on the beach is mandatory. You can just match with the beachy vibes and feel uber cool with the Hawaiian shirts. Preferably wear the Hawaiian shirt with short denim. If not, you can pair it up with any light-colored bottom. If not denim, then go for pitch black.

7. Shoes :

The most important part. Shoes. You can’t just wear a normal plastic flipflop or sandal to the beach. They are not meant for the beach. Wear proper shoes which are made to sustain the saltwater of the beach. You can easily wear something like Crocks to the beach too.

These were all the important styling tips about men’s beach outfit ideas. But there are some other key points which you must remember.

Key Points To Remember :

  • Make sure you wear a linen shirt or a 100% cotton shirt to the beach. Not only because they are comfortable, but they are breathable too. They can soak sweat easily.
  • Don’t go for outfits that are completely black as they will tend to absorb more and more heat.
  • Always carry a pair of stylish sunglasses that will protect your eyes. It is mandatory. You can also wear a hat if you want.
  • Never, ever wear a leather jacket on the beach. You will feel cooked.
  • Make sure that your shoe is breathable and so is your shirt.

If you can maintain these points mentioned then you are all set to rock in your beach look!

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