7 Features About Women Men Are Physically Attracted To

For the longest time, women have had misconceptions about what men really notice about them. You may think that when a woman grabs a man’s attention her bosom or behind might come to his mind first. However, that’s not the case. But according to science, there are other traits in a woman that men find more attractive. Studies show that these are some of the proven traits that men are physically attracted to.

PIE CHART of all the features about women that men are attracted to.

Every man or woman wonders one thing surely, “How to be attractive for the opposite sex?” Real gentlemen have a deeper interest towards the physical features of the woman they like. What women think men like, is quite different from what they actually do. Apart from a charming personality, here are a few traits men look for in a woman. 

What Men Are Physically Attracted To About Women?

1. Waist-To-Hip Ratio (Curvature Of Spine) :


One of the major physical attributes men prefer in women is wide hips. But it’s not just that, they specifically prefer a waist to hip ratio of 7:10. According to surveys, a majority of men said that they find a low waist-to-hip ratio attractive. A study tells that this signals that the woman is healthy and most men are attracted to this particular figure type. In a study conducted, a majority of men are physically attracted to women with a spine curvature of 4.5 degrees, as it accentuated their butts to make it appear bigger. 

2. Eyes/ Eye Lashes : 


It’s all in the eyes! And in this case, it is true. Men are physically attracted to women with big and expressive eyes! According to Brightside, when a person falls in love with someone, their eyes dilate and become larger, which shows that they are happier and more appealing. So it’s safe to say that dilated pupils are found attractive by the opposite sex, as it indicates mutual attraction. When it comes to eye color, you will be surprised to know that a whooping 60 percent of men find Brown-eyed women more attractive, as opposed to other color eyes. 

3. Bright Smile/ Lips :


Have you ever heard of the phrase, “kissable lips”? It means desirable lips that any man will be drawn to kiss. Though most women tend to try methods to make their lips bigger, a survey suggests that men are physically attracted to thin to medium-sized lips. And when a woman wears red lipstick, men find it irresistible to watch. Apart from beautiful lips, men have a specific liking to women with big and bright smiles. This is probably why most men trying to pursue someone tries to make them smile more often. Studies show that men consider women who smile more frequently more attractive.

4. Face/ Facial Symmetry :


The first thing, a man notices in a woman he finds interesting, is her face. That’s right, not her body, but her facial features. A survey suggests that men prefer women with less makeup or a natural look. Glowing and beautiful skin is another indicator of an attractive quality that men find. Apart from features, another trait men are physically attracted to is facial symmetry. Our brain tends to visually process symmetrical faces much faster, probably why most men prefer symmetrical faces. 

5. Posture :

This is a feature that appeals to the opposite sexes. If a man or woman has a good posture they become instantly more attractive than those with a poor posture. A poor, slouched posture shows that the person is not confident. Your posture speaks for you, this is why those with good postures tend to be more popular and attractive. Apart from the face, another trait men notice at first glance in a woman is her posture, it can change the way he thinks about her. 

6. Legs/ Height :


According to a survey, highly attractive women are mostly 2-4 inches taller than average height. About 46% of men said they preferred women whose height ranges between 5’3 and 5’6. But irrespective of this, men have equally voted for taller and shorter women, because in the end, it all goes to the charm and posture they carry as they walk.  It is definitely a trait that men are physically attracted to.

7. Long, Luscious & Thick Hair :


Thick hair, again, is associated with good health and youth. Men are attracted to women with long, thick, and healthy hair, which is also a turn on! When a man spots a woman with luscious locks, he immediately associates it with sex appeal and feminity. Healthy hair and thick eyelashes and brows indicate that a woman is healthy and youthful. 

These are a few physical features of women that most men find attractive. Contrary to the misconceptions that most women have about “what men like in women” These are facts that are backed by science and surveys conducted. In simple words, the opposite sex will fall in love with the person they are destined to love, but these are just a few traits that might grab his attention first. However, even if a man finds a woman attractive at first, but her personality is bad, it can be a bigger turn off. As personality is placed higher than looks in a man’s mind.

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