7 Best Fashionable Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

People who have thin hair faces a lot of trouble. They face difficulty while styling the hair, also maintaining it. Here we are going to tell you our 7 best fashionable hairstyles for men with thin hair. As well as, you will get to know how to stop your hair from thinning. In our day to day fashion, hairstyle plays a very important role. That needs to be top-notch.


Your hairstyle can single-handedly make or break your overall look. So you must know how to style your hair irrespective of it being thin. We get you our top 7 picks.

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7 Fashionable Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair :

As already said, we bring you our top 7 picks. There are more in the streets, but these 7 are the most versatile ones. Also, hang on till the end as we tell you how to fight your hair thinning too.

1. Buzz Cut :


This is basically a hairstyle hack. When your hair grows longer, it gets thinner. Even the thick hair strands go thinner as it grows a few inches, so technically if your hair strands a thin, they will appear to be even thinner while a few inches long. The basic hack is to cut your hair short. Maybe at 3 or 3.5 comb size. In such a way your hair strands will get a chance to have a disguise and it will be unnoticeable that your hair strands are thin.

Famous person, who adores this hairstyle? Ryan Reynolds, our very own Deadpool & ‘One’ from 6 Underground nails it.

Another hack to comply with this hairstyle is to pair it with a beard. As facial hair tends to grab more attention, your haircut actually plays a subtle short. It’s a great hairstyle for people with thin hair.

2. Keep It Messy :


Is it even a hairstyle? Yes. If you can make it look stylish. This is the most low-maintenance hairstyle for people with thin hair. They just need their hair to be however they are. A simple ‘Out of the bed’ look, you can say.

What are the benefits of this hairstyle? You do not need a comb or a hair product to set your hair accordingly. The messy hairstyle looks really cool. You just let your hair be messed up in a well-fashioned way.

You just need to do a little thing where you have to fade both the sides of your hair, otherwise, it will look bad. If you fade it down at 0, 1 or 1.5 or even 2, as per your convenience, you can really rock this hairstyle with ultimate coolness.

3. Pompadour :


No, it doesn’t require a thick hair. Though thick hair supports all the strands to keep a hold and maintain the puffiness of the front portion of your hair, it doesn’t mean you can not do a pompadour hairstyle when you have thin hair. Yes, the puff will be less, but still, it will look equally attractive.

But here too, you need to trim the sides to make the puffiness look prominent enough. You can also use mild hair products like hair wax or mild hair spray to style up your hair with this style.

4. Short Sweep Back :


It becomes tricky to manage your thin hair. We understand. But we are here to make it look as easy as it could be. Short sweep back is also a hairstyle hack for the people having thin hair. You need to cut your hair short here, too. Not like zero short, but 1.5 inches to 2 inches short. And also, you will need a high fade on both sides. Otherwise, it will not look as stylish as it should.

You can also use a matte styling product to bring a matte look. You will rock! Just sweep it back. It might look like a semi-spike. And it looks extremely neat and handsome.

This hairstyle is one of the topmost fashionable hairstyles for men with thin hair.

5. Forehead Cut With High Fades :


Why keeping with up so hard when you can just let it be, and it can still be stylish?

The forehead cut is one of the most underrated hairstyles for people with thin hair. It also requires short hair (Most of them, do!) and you just need to keep it cut till the point where your forehead starts. Keep a neat line. And comb your hair forward.

It looks decent and smart. Now, again, you need to complement it with the high fades at both sides. It will create an illusion that your hair is not thin, but it has volume. Another smart hairstyle hack!

6. Short Hair, Dense Beard.


It’s simply a smart act of distraction. If you don’t have hair on your head or if you have thin hair and you don’t like it, just keep it short and messy. Do a low fade on both sides. And then, focus on your beard. Make it dense. Make it long. Maintain a proper beard line.

Also, ignore the neckline too. No need to draw a line beneath your Adam’s Apple, just let your beard be long and dense. You can successfully create an illusion of having loads of hair like this while having really thin hair.

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7. Crew Cut :


Talking about the most fashionable hairstyles for men with thin hair, Crew Cut has to be mentioned. Again, you need to chop off the sides to make the top hair look denser. It is basically a common trick to add volume to your top hair; shave sides.

And anyway the thin hair tends to be messy. You just need to take that into an advantage. You can mildly side part the top hair too, and it will still continue to look classy. Use organic hair wax to keep it in shape.

These were our top 7 picks on the most fashionable hairstyles for men with thin hair. Now, let’s get to the serious matter. Hair Thinning. Why does it happen? And how can you stop it? And all the other important aspects of hair thinning.

What is Hair Thinning?


The first stage of baldness? Quite so. If you don’t know, your hair growth has three major cycles where the middle cycle signifies hair loss. Technically not hair loss, but a process where the follicles shed old hair strands and grow new hair strands. Usually, you lose up to 200 hair strands a day, and that’s natural. When you tend to shed more, that is when the problem starts.

Hair thinning is simply when you lose hair so that it becomes less dense. The thick turns into thin.

What Causes Hair Thinning?


There are loads of things which can cause your hair thinning. Let’s jot down a few.

  • Genetics: Most of the people who lose their hair is because of genetics. It’s in the genes. Many of the scientists have blamed the X chromosome as men lack one of it, while the women have two. But, mostly, it’s because your dad or his dad didn’t have much hair on their head. It’s related to heredity.
  • Hormones: The main hormone is Testosterone. It transforms into another element that causes the hair to fall, excessively. And there are many other hormones sub-related too. Hormones play a very crucial role in hair thinning.
  • Diet: If your food lacks amino acid, zinc, protein, vitamin, mineral, and other important nutrients then your hair is not getting enough food to consume. As a result, the old hair strands weaken and fall out where the scalp is incapable of producing new hair strands. Basically the hair stands are dead protein pushed out of your scalp as new healthy cells take place due to protein. If your diet lacks important elements, you will witness hair thinning.
  • Smoking And Drinking: Anything excessive is injurious to health. Too much smoking can infuse loads of nicotine in the blood and which further hampers your whole body, especially hair. So does the alcohol. So if you are into this stuff, learn how to stay in the limit.
  • Excessive Hair Products: If you use too much unhealthy hair gel, hair wax or spray it will only do adverse to your hair. Gel stops your hair growth by blocking the pores. Hair Spray doesn’t let your hair grow properly in a free direction. As a result, they get weaken and they fall out. As already said, excessive of anything is not good.

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  • Male Pattern Baldness: Most of the men experiences male pattern baldness where they lose their hair in a pattern. First, the front is gone and the front line descends. Then later, lines from every angle start to descend. This is called male pattern baldness. This can also be a possible reason for male pattern baldness.
  • Drugs: Not talking about syringe and LSD stuff, but normal medication. Excessive drug abuse in the body can also reflect hair loss as side effects. You must take extra precautions and consult your doctor.
  • Stress: Also, if you tend to take too much stress for everything for a long period of time, your hormones will act accordingly too and your hair strands will shed. It doesn’t happen with overnight stress but prolonged stress over months.

How To Cure Hair Thinning?


Basically, Hair thinning is the very first sign of baldness. So it is pretty doable to stop that from happening. Here’s how to cure your hair thinning :

  • Have a proper diet with Vitamins, Zinc, protein, and other important nutrients.
  • Mediation
  • Watch your diet
  • Cut on alcohol and smoke
  • Exercise
  • Hydration
  • Oil Massages on the hair
  • Switch to organic products
  • Use nor hair blower not hair dryer with heat. It harms.
  • Scalp Massages
  • Essential oils
  • Hair Spa
  • Multivitamin
  • Biotin and Omega 3 fatty acids

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These are all the important points to look after if you want to stop your hair thinning immediately. So here you go with the 7 most fashionable hairstyles for men with thin hair, the reasons for thinning and how to cure?


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