7 Famous Indian Brands Often Mistaken As Foreign Brands

A brand’s name values a lot. You can recall a brand by its logo or advertisement, and when you get to see the product from the same brand, you get more comfortable buying them because you trust them. In case, if it’s a famous international brand it adds up more value and flex.

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However, there are a couple of brands that are completely bred in India but we all mistook them as foreign brands. And you will be utterly shocked when you will get to know that they are Indian! Let’s have a look. 

1. Peter England 

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To start with, let’s break out this one! Peter England is an Indian Brand and not a brand from England. Although it was founded in Ireland, but later Aditya Birla Group had taken over and now it’s an Indian Brand. 

2. Allen Solly 

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Allen Solly is also an Indian Brand which is very much trustworthy in the clothing sector. For all formal attire, one can bank upon this brand totally. The Aditya Birla Group & Lifestyle owns it. Known for both men and women formals, it provides comfort & style. 

3. CCD – Café Coffee Day 

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This brand is purely Indian, founded by V.G Siddharth and he had kept a really good run. This brand is banked upon for delicious coffee and bakeries. And definitely not foreign. 

4. Amrut Single Malt

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No guys, extremely sorry to inform you that your favorite Single Malt which you thought ‘Foreign’ is actually ‘Desi’. Amrut is also an Indian Brand. 

5. Flying Machine 

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Yes, Flying Machine is an Indian Brand too. And their comfort level is too damn high when you are getting a Denim. 

6. AND

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This brand sounds international, and also works very highly in the International market, but ultimately it’s an Indian Brand. Anita Dongre launched AND and founded the House of Anita Dongre. 

7. Louis Phillippe 

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Again it is owned by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle under the Aditya Birla group. The primary focus of LP is overall men’s apparel while providing superb quality. 

These are the 7 famous Indian bands that are often mistaken as foreign brands. However, there are a lot of other names too, but we brought you the most known ones.

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