7 Dapper Looks Of Kartik Aaryan Styles In 2020

Bollywood is a place filled with stylish and stunning actors. And it’s safe to say that these actors have increased their fashion game in 2020. One such actor is Kartik Aryan, who has not only amazed us with his comical roles in movies but his fashion sense too. In this article, we talk about some of Kartik Aaryan Styles in 2020 that we prove he is the classiest!


Kartik Aaryan came into the spotlight after his comical role in the rom-com “Pyaar Ka Punchnama.”  He is a man with an easy sense of style and flawless fashion game. His Instagram is filled with these suave looks that have amazed us. Apart from brands, he believes in dressing cool and classy, and his styling game is top-notch. Compared to his Fashion when he first made his debut in Bollywood, it’s safe to say that his fashion game has only gotten better. Here are 7 of Kartik Aaryans Outfits that are no less than dapper! 

7 Best Kartik Aaryan Styles In 2020 :

1. Hoodie With Long Overcoat

Kartik Aaryan Style is evident in his winter outfits this season. In this picture we see him style a long winter overcoat over a classic white hoodie vest underneath. He paired the look with a slim fit black trousers and formal shoes. Finally, he styled it with a pair of black sunnies. We must say that this outfit is 10/10. Not to miss the dandy attitude with which he carries this outfit.

2. Leather Jacket And Camouflage 

Camouflage is definitely an underrated style. In this outfit Kartik Aaryan styles a pair of camouflage trousers with a while hoodie underneath a  tan leather jacket. Must we say anything more about this look? Finishing up with a classic white pair of kicks. The outfit in itself is making a statement that we are all here for!

 3. Sweater Vest And Blazer

Kartik Aaryan style is also something to watch out for at red carpet events. For a recent event, he is seen in a charcoal grey 2 piece suit, styled with a sweater vest and a white shirt underneath. And with this look, he styled a classic pair of formal shoes. This outfit is a perfect formal look during the winter. Event and season appropriation is evident in Kartik’s personal style. 

4. Navy Blue Suit & Bow Tie

Another formal look of Kartik Aaryan style in 2020 that we absolutely loved! Kartik is sure someone who has a knack for styling classic looks. In this outfit, he is wearing a navy 2 piece suit with a black lapel, over a white shirt. And since ties are overrated, with this outfit, Kartik adds a grey bow-tie. Not to miss the white pocket square matching his shirt. He sure is a well-dressed guy!

 5. Sporty Tracksuit

Kartik Aaryan is seen in plenty of sporty looks as well. In this particular photo shoot, he is seen in a pair of grey and black tracksuit with red graphic design along the sides. He wears a matching pair of black kicks along with a pair of sunnies. We love the laid back and comfortable yet swagger feels to this outfit, that screams out Kartik’s personality too. 

 6. Joggers And Bright Jacket

Speaking about sporty casual styles, this is yet another sporty Kartik Aaryan style that we spotted. He is wearing a pair of blue denim joggers along with a white tee underneath a bright orange jacket. Looks like Kartik is here for the neon trend! He wears a pair of kicks with matching bright orange lace and finishes the look with a pair of sunnies. 

 7. Floral Printed Shirt & Skinny Jeans

Lastly another of Kartik Aaryan styles that we love! This one is particularly romantic and shows the playful side of Kartik. He wears a floral black shirt buttoned down exposing his bare chest, over a pair of skinny fit black jeans. To complete the look he wears a pair of formal black shoes and some accessories. This look is definitely something we would like to see more of in 2020.

These are some of Kartik Aaryan styles in 2020 that we shortlisted for you! Apart from his cool style with a pinch of swagger. Kartik’s hairstyle is also quite expressive and unique. He is often seen wearing his hair in spikes, experimenting with frost-tips, etc. His hairstyle is applauded in the industry, especially for the styles he experiments and how his hair seems to fit his style perfectly! This is another actor whose styles we will look forward to in 2020. To bring more fashionable looks for us.

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