7 Beard Oils For Men To Grow A Beard In 2022

Beard oils are pretty famous among the people, but most of you do not actually know what is a Beard oil. Aren’t beard oils for men to grow a beard? Yes, of course, they are! But how exactly? What are the ingredients which are must-have in a beard oil? How exactly a beard oil should be applied? You will get to know all, as we have got you covered.


Beard oils are made from many essential oils, and each one of them has a different purpose to serve. So, before we get to know the top 7 beard Oils For Men to grow a beard, we must understand what is a Beard oil, how does it work, and how it should be applied.

What Is Beard Oil?


A Beard oil is designed in a specific way to induce your beard growth in a healthy manner. It is not a fertilizer ‘kind of’ which will immediately boost up the growth process. But it will provide enough nutrients and strength to each strand of beard, that they get better growth.

The beard oil is made of Jojoba Oil, grapeseed, argan and Tea tree. All the nutrients are hair-friendly and each of the ingredients work differently to provide nutrients and growth to each strand of beard, and every pore available on your face.

How Does Beard Oil Work?

A Beard oil is made of essential oils, and each oil is extremely helpful in the process of your beard growth. First and foremost, the beard oil smoothens your beard. By smoothening the strands, it makes it shiny yet strong. It nourishes each strand of beard with nutrients. It makes sure to clear the dead skin cells from your face and beard-zone. When your skin can breathe, it will grow. Also, a beard oil nourishes your skin with Vitamin E and Antioxidants. Both are healthy for your beard & skin.

Beard oils penetrate the skin pores and put nutrients in the skin, only making it healthier. Once the beard oil is applied, it makes the beard extremely smooth to tame. Now you can style your beard (Read: Extremely healthy strands of beard).

After enriching the beard and pores, it creates a healthy environment for the bead strands. As your beard will become stronger, and healthier, they won’t fall off easily. As they are well-nourished, they tend to grow more.

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Also, Beard oils also contain earthy smells and scents. But be aware of any beard oil which shies away from the earthy smells, but relies on synthetic scents. A natural scent like cedarwood, citric scents can always be used.

How To Apply Beard Oil?

Firstly, you must exfoliate your skin every now and then. Just the way you will need a clean field to grow greener corps, the same way your beard also require you to maintain a clean skin without any dead skin cells. If dead skins obstacles the beard, they can not grow.

After exfoliating, was your beard along with the face, and then wipe away the excess water from the face. Then drop 2-4 drops of beard oil, and spread it well in your palm, and then apply it all over the beard. Rub the palm against your beard and skin.

Avoid beard balm for the starting as they are too much greasy. They may add volume to your beard, and help you to style your beard. But the nutrients are totally filled in beard oil.

How To Pick The Best Beard Oil?


There are many Beard oils for men to grow a beard well. But which one is the ideal for you?

  • Beard oils should have either Jojoba oil or Argan as a base ingredient, sometimes both. These oils are very much similar to skin’s own oil, so it is easily absorbed by the beard and skin.
  • Beard oil should not contain castor oil. They might be called the inhibitor. But beard oil do not need it to grow ‘healthy’ beard.
  • The earthy scents are always appreciated over synthetic ones. Even in a beard oil.

Once you have cracked the code about how to pick up the best beard oils for men to grow a beard, let’s start. We curate the top best beard oils available in India.

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7 Best Beard Oils For Men To Grow A Beard :

1. UrbanGabru Beard Oil

UrbanGabru beard oil has orange oil, sunflower oil, Jojoba oil, argan oil, almond oil and of course little menthol. The should reason to use this beard oil is to- keep your beard non-messy, itch-free and in such a condition where one can tame the beard easily. As your skin will be itch-free, it can easily grow more beard.

2. Ustraa Beard Growth Oil

You must have heard the name of Ustraa in the beard oil market or grooming products’ market. It is one of the best beard oils for men to grow beard extensively well. It has eight oils in it- Jojoba, Argon, Almond, Avocado, Gooseberry, Olive, Watermelon seed oil, and vitamin E.

This beard oil works on both areas, roots, and shafts. It also repairs the damaged hair to make it look more healthy. What else can a beard oil do?

3. Beardo Beard And Hair Growth Oil

While talking about beard oils, one can not just miss the name of Beardo. Beardo is the most famous brand which got the limelight in India for its beard oil. From Amla, Coconut, Sesame, Vitamin B6, it has got you all you will need to grow a healthy beard. It also has natural scents too.

4. The Man Company Beard Oil

The Man Company is equally famous for beard oils as they are equally good as Beardo. It has Vitamin C, Vitamin B and also Vitamin E, as well as cedarwood scent. It also has lavender oil too.

The Man Company makes amazing products, you must try them!

5. Bombay Shaving Company Beard Oil

Why to pick up this beard oil from the list which has so many others? Because this is the only beard oil that promises to remove acne and pimples from the face. Along with all the important oils, it serves a purpose to strengthen your beard as well as combat your acne.

6. Spruce Shave Club Beard Oil

This beard oil has Vitamin A, B, E, K and Omega 9, 6, 3 acids in it. All of them together make sure your skin gets a better blood circulation. Better blood circulation will ensure all the nutrients are available on the beard area to provide optimum support from within. It also helps to make your beard softer and smoother.

7. Beard Hood Café Valentino Beard Oil

Beardhood Café Valentino Beard Oil will provide you with the smell of coffee continuously on your skin. If you love coffee, this is a win-win.

Rice bran oil, olive oil, jojoba, argan oil all are available in it to give whatever it requires to have a healthy beard.

These were the top 7 picks from our side, for you. These are the best beard oils for men to grow a beard in the most healthy way possible.

Note: Beard Oil is not meant for styling beards. For that you will need beard balm, a greasy solution to hold the style.

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