6 Ways To Get A Girl You Like Before Valentine’s Day

The most romantic time of the year is almost here! You guessed it right, Valentine’s is right around the corner. This is the time when old couples rekindle their relationship flame when new couples get the opportunity to explore their relationship. But don’t have anyone to spend it with? No date to look forward to? Don’t worry, we are here to help you find your perfect valentine! So get yourself all ready and set for the big day! Pay attention before Valentine’s comes knocking on your door! From dinner to roses, and all things romantic, here’s your guide for making this Valentine’s Day memorable.




1. Find Your Potential Date :

Firstly, If you don’t have someone in mind, then you should go out more often, to finding the perfect date. It’s easy to land a date via the internet, but going out can help you find someone you connect with better. It increases the chances of finding an amazing woman. When you go out more, and hang out with your friends outdoors, you can come across someone that interests you. And an added bonus is, some amazing girl might notice you too! Be observant to those who are noticing you too, this way you can be on the lookout for a perfect date for Valentine’s Day!



2. Pay Attention To Grooming :

Found the one to ask out on Valentine’s Day? Great! Now you need to pay attention to grooming yourself good. It is crucial to look good for your date. No woman will notice a sloppy-looking guy. Look good, dress smart, and smell good. Don’t ignore basic hygiene, shower every time you step out, and wash your hair regularly. You can’t expect to ask a woman on a date with bad breath or stinking of sweat. Use an enticing scent, and clean pressed clothes. Keep your hair and beard trimmed and well maintained. Only when you look groomed and clean, will any woman notice you!



3. Hit The Gym, And Get In Shape :

Another important pointer to attract your potential date before Valentine’s Day is to get fit! You’ve still got time to drop those extra inches around the waist! You don’t have to be buff and muscular necessarily. But you can work with weights or run on the treadmill to improve your overall physique. When you hit the gym, not only do you get fit, but you will also get a new found confidence. You can also work on your diet and get in shape. Doing this will make you more physically appealing to your potential date.



4. Improve Your Style Game :

Want to be noticed? Then use your style and charm to make your woman weak in her knees. You don’t need to deviate too much from your dressing sense. But all you need to do is improve it! Ensure your clothes are neatly pressed. Shop for some trendy outfits that can accentuate your look. Wear nice clothes, that fit you well, and suit your aesthetic. You will feel confident and it will bring out your charm. Apart from your clothes, even wear some accessories like a watch, tie or glasses. And most importantly, don’t forget to wear good shoes!



5. Engage With Your Potential Date :

Look Good? Feel Good? That’s it, almost there towards finding the perfect date for Valentine’s Day. Next comes conversing with the girl you are interested in. Be polite, witty and charming with the woman you are interested in. Don’t pass on cheap pick-up lines or make insulting comments. This will only scare her away. Be the real you, and she will find you charming for who you are. In order to win the woman over, you need to be a gentleman. Talk to her in person first before conversing over the internet. You want to find someone who interests you and who finds you interesting.



6. Express Your Interest :

Don’t do it right away! You might come across as being too desperate or clingy! Play it cool and engage in a conversation that is light and friendly. Want to land your date? Then make sure you express your interest for her. Do little things to impress her. Ask her friends what she likes, and grab her attention by doing it. Little gestures can show her that you are really interested in her. If she feels like you are desperate and trying to score a date, she might not want to hang out anymore. So if you want to ask her out on Valentine’s Day, then steal her heart first!



This is your guide to land an amazing Girl before Valentine’s Day. Be classy, be romantic, and be real. Brush up your confidence and be sweet to your potential date. Before you know it, she will be your girlfriend! Start prepping today onwards and charm her from the beginning of Valentine’s week, and by the end of it, she will be yours!


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