6 Main Causes Of Beard Hair Loss & Its Home Remedies

Fashion game changes with time, and that is how it has been. There was a time when people used to prefer the clean-shaven look, and now the time has arrived when we find a beard sexy enough. Most of the teenagers and middle-aged men are preferring to keep a full beard look and flaunt it. Although they look dope & sexy, their biggest enemy is hair fall & beard hair loss.

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Just like your hair, there are constant beard falls happening on a daily basis. And when it happens at an excessive rate, we find the thick beard disappear slowly. Today, we will discuss the causes of beard hair loss as well as the permanent solution to it.

First, we will understand the reasons you are facing the beard hair loss, and then we will move on to some potential solution for the same.

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Why Do Men Experience Beard Hair Loss?

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There are a number of factors involved in the process of your beard hair loss. Here they are.

  1. It can be just the natural process of your hair growth cycle, for which you have nothing to worry about.
  2. Micronutrient deficiency and aggressive diet.
  3. Not-so-tender care for beard
  4. Chronic Stress for a long time
  5. Major fall in the Testosterone & DHT levels
  6. Alopecia Barbae – A Medical Condition where you experience major hair fall

Now we will take on each point to discuss how and why.

1. Natural Process :

Your hair and facial hair, both follow a cycle. Anagen – Catagen – Telogen. Where Anagen is the growth phase & Telogen is the resting phase. Because of this, you naturally shed a lot of beard hairs on a daily basis, and you are not actually losing them as immediately the new beard strands are growing from the same ‘tube’ of the follicle. On average, you might lose 150-200 beard strands daily. So till then, you can consider it to be normal.

2. Micro Nutrient Deficiency :

There are a lot of micro nutrients like vitamins, minerals that are involved either directly or indirectly in the process of your beard/hair growth. Such as biotin, zinc, magnesium, Vitamin D, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin K2, vitamin E, etc. The enzymatic conversion is controlled through these nutrients and the beard hair follicles are maintained at full capacity. If the nutrients are low in level, your beard/hair growth will be negative.

3. Care For Your Beard :

You have noticed that whenever you are cleaning your beard, you go a little harsh on it. Either you are not using proper beard shampoo for the cleansing instead you are using the same face wash you use for the face or the same shampoo you use for the hair. The pH levels are hampered and you can experience major beard loss for the same.

Always use the correct beard shampoo, beard conditioner, beard oil for your beard. Also, when you are cleaning the beard, be tender. That is the best way to caress your beard.

4. Chronic Stress :

Stress plays a crucial role in your overall function of the body, and beard growth is just a part of the body function, so of course, it will be affected. When you are undergoing stress for a very long time your body will produce a hormone called Cortisol, which itself is a harmful hormonal for many reasons.

Cortisol will suppress the functions of DHT and Testosterone and for the same, your beard and hair growth will be hampered and they will slip into an indefinite telogen phase. But this doesn’t happen due to overnight stress, it only happens when you are experiencing stress for a long time continuously.

5. Fall In Testosterone & DHT :

The two major hormones which are responsible for healthy beard growth are Testosterone and DHT. They can be fallen short for various reasons in the body, and if they do fall short then, of course, the growth of your beard as well as the health of it will be hampered.

6. Alopecia Barbae :

Alopecia Barbae is an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammatory cells to attack the hair follicle. This results in round bald patches in various parts of the body, and the condition impacts about 2% of the population at some point in their lives. In most cases, Alopecia comes and goes with time but in very rare cases it clings onto you for a lifetime.

These were the most common reasons for your hair fall as well as beard hair loss. However, the reasons do not bring you any absolute solution at all. So the solutions are explained below.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Beard Hair loss :

1. Use Products Meant For Beards :

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The first and foremost thing to do is stop being lazy and get a separate shampoo for your beard. The shampoo for your hair and the face wash is not the ideal cleansing material for your beloved beard, so get it a proper beard shampoo, beard moisturizer, beard conditioner, and of course beard oil.

If you thought beard oil is only for growing a beard, you are wrong. Beard oils are very effective to nourish your beard with all the vital nutrients and moisturize the beard. It also strengthens the beard strands. Also, beard oil makes sure each strand can fight against the dust and pollution outside.

Use the correct grooming products. And use the right comb. Do not heat your beard to style, and do not use any kind of styling wax or spray on your beard, they are not meant for your beard.

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2. Get Zinc And Biotin Supplements :

Zinc and Biotin are two of the main elements which help your beard growth and sustainability. Since there are chances that both the levels may fall in the body, you must get some supplements for your beard.

3. Maintain A Good Diet :

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If you can maintain a good diet, and a great sleeping pattern, then you are already winning halfway. Diet is the main key to support your beard growth along with many other aspects of the body. Have food filled with Zinc, magnesium, Vitamins. Have greens in your diet.

4. Meditate :

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Meditation and Yoga can help you to improve your overall health, which includes better beards. Meditate every day to control your mind, so that stress can not get onto your nerves and cortisol can not play its role. Meditation will improve many aspects of your body and you will be able to feel energetic, perform better in day to day lives.

5. Garlic & Aloe Vera :

The natural healing properties of Garlic can be used to improve the symptoms of alopecia barbae.

While there isn’t any specific research for alopecia barbae, a small study found that garlic gel was effective in treating alopecia areata. People who used the garlic gel along with a corticosteroid cream showed significant improvements compared to the group who only used the corticosteroid cream. Apply a concoction of Garlic and Aloe Vera for better results.

These were the most definite and fulfilling solutions to your beard loss. You can easily eliminate the root causes of your beard hair loss with these hacks.


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Disclaimer: This article does not represent the views and opinions of medical professionals. It is solely based on research and reference by the author. It does not offer any medical suggestions or advice.

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