5 Ways To Layer Up Your Summer Fashion Outfits

When you think about summer fashion, you might think you need to wear something very light so that you don’t feel hot under the sun. However, that is not how it should go. Layering your fashion during summer will keep you more stylish and in-trend. You will feel less hot in these layers of clothing.

Also, layering your clothes in summer will make you look ultra-cool. You will look like very fewer people, so it will be easier to catch eyeballs. There are many ways to layer your fashion this summer, and we have handpicked the most stylish ones for you.

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5 Best Ways To Layer Your Summer Fashion Outfits :

1. With A Shacket :

A Shacket is a half-way fashion piece for men between a shirt and a jacket. It is an ideal layering outfit that goes throughout the year and adds glamour, especially as a summer fashion outfit. It is a well-fitted shirt with a few handy pockets and is very lightweight. Shackets do come in a variety of designs and men get few options to choose from depending on their mood and taste preferences.

The stripped Shacket tops the preference list as it is casual, making it perfect for a weekend gateway and wearable for any holiday. Taking an extra jacket is never an option while on a holiday as Shacket does its dual job and saves loads of luggage space. Men main pair the stripped Shacket with a pair of loafers which would give them an extremely sophisticated and relaxed look.

A simple pair of blue jeans and a white shirt will surely add glamour to the look and the stripped Shacket will enhance the vibrancy. One can also wear it loose with the buttons open and add a cap to create a perfect summer fashion look. Out for a breakfast or sightseeing trip with family or a night out with fellow mates, this outfit will make a stand in the crowd.

2. T-shirt Under A Camp Collar Shirt/normal :

Shirt- collar shirts are also known as Cabana Shirts Cuban Shirts Cabin Shirts or Lounge Shirts They are loose, short-sleeved, button-front shirts with a one-piece collar and can be easily worn open or closed at the neck region. They are usually made from very plain and single-colored fabrics and tucking these in the trousers is not a good option as they shadow the cool look and make a man little conscious of his walk.

Depending on the season one may choose to sport a camp collar shirt. The weather is warm and he is in the mood for something light, choosing a simple camp collar along with a pair of shorts is the go-to look. The trendiest summer fashion look would be wearing a t-shirt under these shirts as layering will add to the casual statement and bring out the best.

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The look can be complemented with a pair of denims or shorts or chinos to look cool. The strips, linens, checks, bohemian prints, straight fits, vintage prints, forever camps, and slim shirts are the most noteworthy variables of a camp collar.

Trying this look at first might be a little intimidating but it eases the pre-set sense of fashion and surely makes an impact.

3. Cotton Or Linen Waistcoat Or Blazer :

 When it’s all about layering, cotton waistcoats or blazers are the hottest trends for men, especially as summer fashion outfits. Waistcoats have been evergreen favorites and have been considered as sartorial saviors.

The outfit structure and lines fit the body frame and enhances the look. Various texture options along with color and print choices are available for men to choose from. Cotton or linen waistcoats are a perfect choice to be worn on a monochrome shirt as they personalize the style.

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These linen waistcoats can be easily carried off with a similar color of denim, chino or even trousers ensuring the most impactful look. When it comes to styling the look more formally or giving it a more relaxed feel,  pairing it with a t-shirt or a short-sleeved shirt or even a fruit sleeve shirt with its sleeves rolled up, is never a bad choice. Fashion is all about being super comfortable and confident in what he wears it will elevate his personality and bring instant attention.

4. Denim Jackets :

There’s no doubt about the fact the denims are a man’s best friend. Be it for any occasion, denims will always be his first choice over a lot of outfit options. Denim jackets are very cool and trendy and they create a super cool casual impact as Summer Fashion statements as well.

Denims do have various color options as the gradient changes giving a different look and creates a new image. It’s perfectly fine to wear it with any colored shirt. A white shirt is the best choice for these jackets as the elegant classic draws instant shine on him.

One can easily go ahead and pair it with a pair of black jeans, chinos, tailored fit trousers and joggers. The black jeans with its distinct shade focuses to eradicate one’s imperfections very smoothly. On the other hand, pairing it with a chino or joggers creates a very cool and casual look and falls under the category of a smart choice.

 Trousers create a completely different statement and need a man to be very confident to sport that look. Denim jackets can also be worn on top of hoodies or shirts as they and be sported for casual meetings and outings.

The best part about these jackets is that they can be worn by men belonging to different age and size groups. Young boys can sport these in a trendy or sporty manner. Whereas a senior will look sophisticated if teamed with proper bottoms.

5. Cotton Cardigan :

The word cardigan is mostly associated with warmth, cozy and comfortable winters. People have the idea that cardigans are always supposed to be worn during winters as they protect us from the harsh weather. The assumptions are somewhat correct but fashion trends are changing with time.

The old concept of the cardigan is now changing as cotton cardigans are conquering the market. These cotton cardigans are trendy and comfortable as Summer Fashion garments. Neutral colors like beige are a favorite and safe choice. They enhance the beauty of a man and bring is on the forefront.

It’s best to say that little checks or prints with deeper shades should be worn with neutral cardigans. Full sleeves are a win here as the sleeve may be kept in its place or rolled up to add glamour. Loafers or formal shoes adds to this trendy style of layering.

These are all the top pick of summer fashion 2020. All of these styles will make you cool and keep you in comfort. Also, it will help you to absorb sweat and decrease the temperature of your body. So which are your favorite ones from the list?

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