5 Tips To Flirt With A Girl Without Being A Creep

Ever wonder what it takes to flirt with a pretty girl? Well, the art of flirting with a girl is something every guy needs to master. Flirting comes naturally to some people, but it can be pretty daunting for most men to flirt well with a woman. Some men even take days to even approach a woman of interest. It’s definitely not easy to flirt with a woman. You get nervous, and palms are all sweaty and you stutter while talking. But one of the best ways to get to know a girl, when you intend to date her, then that’s flirting. To be able to flirt, you need to be cool and relaxed. We will help you, with some useful and simple ways to flirt better with the woman you want to pursue.


1. Approach Her With Confidence :

Interested in someone? Then straight up approach her. First, maintain eye contact, and smile at her, this will show her that you are interested. If you are sly and creepy, she will definitely not give in. You need to relax, keep cool, and not be anxious when you are around her. First look at her, if she glances back, or seems interested, then it’s a green signal. Go up and start a conversation when flirting with a girl and once she smiles back or glances at you. This shows that she is interested too. Keep the conversation light and casual and don’t forget to smile. The best way to healthily flirt with a woman is to be natural in it throughout.



2. Maintain A Good Body Language :

Apart from a smiling face and eye contact while flirting with a girl, the next thing that is important is your body language. It’s possible that out of nervousness, one tends to clam up and seem uninterested. Some signs of disinterest are crossing your arms, turning your body away from her, looking at your feet. Avoid doing that with a woman you are interested in. Face your body towards her, and use eye contact. Keep the convo light and ask her questions about her interests and her life. Even your body plays a role in showing her that you are interested in her. Hold her gaze, and show her that your focus is just on her.



3. Initiate Gentle Touching :

One important part of flirting with a girl is to make loving gestures. By touch, it doesn’t mean inappropriately touching her. If you touch her inappropriately, it can only make her uncomfortable. Don’t force yourself onto her. By gently touches, we mean caressing her hands, or pushing her hair behind her ear, or brushing your leg against hers gently. If she reciprocates or enjoys the touch, it means she is comfortable and is attracted towards you. If she likes you, she won’t move away. In case she moves it away, immediately stop, as she might not be ready, if not interested. The last thing you want to do is make her uncomfortable.



4. Make her Laugh! :

While flirting with a girl, keep in mind to keep the conversation light. One best way to make her comfortable is by making her laugh. Humor is the best way to get close to a girl. When she laughs, you both instantly connect and feel more relaxed in the conversation. Every woman wants a guy who knows how to make her smile. We don’t want you to do a stand-up comedy to make her laugh. You can make her smile with natural and easy humor, in a light-hearted discussion. Keep the convo going. Think of things to talk about and make it rather funny. She’s bound to be interested and listen if you make the topics interesting.



5. Make Her Feel Good with compliments :

When flirting with a girl, you cannot forget to appreciate her. Compliments are the best tips for how to flirt with women. You need to ensure that she knows that you find her attractive. You can start with something simple, like telling her that she looks good that day. While giving her compliments, make sure that they are thoughtful and sweet. And say it like you really mean it. If you make cheap comments or use filthy language to talk about her appearance, you will come across as sleazy or a pervert. Sometimes you can even get her a cute and thoughtful gift to show her your interest.



These are a few simple ways to flirt better with a woman. The trick is to remain confident and be genuine. Be interested in getting to know her and what she’s passionate about. Lock your focus on her, and get your flirt on. Light and casual conversations with cute punchlines and compliments that make her flush. With these tips in mind, you can definitely win over the woman you like.


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