5 Things A Woman Looks For In Her Ideal Boyfriend

Every woman has an “ideal type” when it comes to choosing a boyfriend. No, it’s not what you may think. While some may be interested in the physical traits alone, most women also look for deeper emotional traits in her significant other. Physical traits may attract her at first, but it won’t last if his nature appears unattractive.

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So here are a few things a woman might look for in her ideal partner, that may determine if she finds a man attractive or not.

1. Passionate


Irrespective of a woman or man, either partner looks for their significant other to have the quality of passion in everything they do. Passion goes a long way in attracting the opposite sex. When a woman sees a man driven by passion in his work or personal life, he comes across as extremely attractive. So if you are a passionate man, then you are a desirable male to any woman. 

2. Protectiveness


Based on surveys conducted, numerous women have preferred that their partners are protective of them. Being protective could mean various things, like offering a jacket when it is cold, to ensure her safety at all times. This shows a woman that her man is willing to protect her at any cost and will always be there for her.

3. Mutual Honesty


Honesty is the next quality a woman looks for in her ideal boyfriend. This quality applies to both partners. There is nothing more unattractive than a dishonest partner. When there is more trust between the two partners, the relationship becomes more intimate. Honesty also makes both partners more secure in sharing personal things with each other. It is the one trait that can make or break any relationship.

4. Chivalrous Behavior


Chivalry is a quality that seems to be fading away in this generation. However, every woman dreams to have a partner who is chivalrous. This courteous behavior of a man is something your partner secretly desires. Your lady could be confident, independent and a boss woman, but a little chivalry, like holding the door for her, can melt her heart instantly.

5. Little Jealousy


When we say jealousy, we don’t mean over the top jealousy and not trusting her. But a little jealousy can sometimes appear cute to your girl. Any girl would desire that her man feels a tad bit possessive about her. It shows her that he values her and can’t stand the thought of losing her. In most cases, jealousy turns up the heat in a relationship demanding mutual possessiveness between both partners.

These are a few traits a woman looks for in her ideal boyfriend. While these may not be serious characteristics, they are still qualities that can make you and your girlfriend much closer. If you are the kind of man who is a “one-woman man” then that trait will ensure your partner will be head over heels for you. Women tend to be emotional lovers, and in most relationships, these are a few qualities that can effectively make or break any relationship. 

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