5 Smart Office Outfit Ideas For Indian Men In 2022

If you are among them who think office outfits are too boring to wear and it should be spiced up, then this article is totally for you! It is very much necessary to revamp the outfit culture from the ‘white collars’, it’s time to get ready for the bigger games. Here, we brought you the best smart office outfit ideas for Indian men.


Let’s change the game with 5 smart office outfit ideas for Indian men. Before we unveil the outfit ideas, let’s understand why you need to game-up your outfits?

Why Outfits Are So Important For Your Professional Life?


We all are judgmental to some extent, some of us judge aloud and some of us win the battle with the devil inside the mind only and do not express. Now tell us the first thing you judge a person with or the first thing of a person that impresses you? It’s their outfit, it’s their fashion, it’s always their fashion.

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Be it however we say that, looks and fashion don’t matter, we all know the first impression is always coming from that. Not only that, but there are also many other ways in which your outfit brings you positivity and confidence. So before we root for our top 5 smart office outfit ideas for Indian men, let’s understand how exactly your outfit will bring positive changes in your professional life.

1. It Boosts Your Confidence. It is scientifically proven when a person wears the favorite piece of clothing from the wardrobe, he can have more confidence about himself which will anyway affect the work. When you can wear the clothing that you like, fits you well, and, make you look good, it will immediately boost your confidence.

Suppose you are going to conduct a meeting, and you are wearing a suit which you love, you will notice you are behaving with much more confidence than the normal. This process is called Dopamine Dressing.

2. Increases Your Focus. If you are wearing something that you don’t like, suppose a loose fitted or tight fitted piece of clothing, and you are working, then chances are high that you will continuously think about how others are looking at you and judging. You can’t help, your subconscious will work in that way. Thus, you will lose your focus from work.

But when you will have your fashion sorted, you will be much more relaxed and you will be able to focus on your work better. You will allow your subconscious to be less self-aware.

For the same, you can work on loads of new fresh ideas and make huge career growth in a positive manner.

3. The Halo Effect. What is the Halo effect? There’s a proven theory that if you dress up well, and look like a gentleman, the people around you will automatically assume you are powerful and an elite person in the room. In a study, participants were given a task to identify the most influential and powerful people while seeing a picture of a group of people, and they all chose the people who dressed well. This is called the Halo effect, which can very much be used in your favor.

You can wear some smart office outfits and nail all the meetings. It will automatically bring you a sense of power. Your fashion is able to influence the ideas of people on how they see you. A well-dressed man will always be tagged as a ‘Smart’ one, be it even how un-smart you actually feel of yourself.

4. Not The Least, Comfort & Fashion. The main purpose of fashion should be two things. Firstly, it should be comfortable. No fashion should feel like pain just for the sake of looking good! As well, your fashion should also depict your personality. Having them both on board, smart office outfit ideas for Indian men can turn out to be extremely beneficial for you to find the right and suitable office fashion for 2022 & further.

Here are the top 5 picks of our smart office outfit ideas for Indian men.

5 Best Office Outfit Ideas For Indian Men :

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1. Polo Tee Shirts With Pleated Trousers :

Of course, tucked in. Else what is the beauty of pleated trousers? A polo tee shirt in itself can make you feel much more confident as it brings some touch of aristocracy in your fashion. Polo t-shirts are very much synonymous with important people playing gold across the turf. And pleated pants have a ‘CEO’ feel to it. If you pair both, it makes a brilliant and smart office outfit ideas for Indian man.

2. Full Sleeve Shirts & Formal Trousers :

This is the most common office look among Indian men. Most of the people dress up in this way only. And definitely, it is one of the smart outfit ideas for Indians. You can always wear either a solid color or a check shirt and pair it up with formal bottoms. A sky blue shirt and a grey bottom would look very nice on your body. Add a belt(tan brown) to make your look even better. The belt should act as a color breaker of the top wear & bottoms.

3. Half Sleeve Shirt With Chinos/Trousers :

Chinos are the ultimate versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Are they formal? Yes. However, you can wear them as casuals and to a party as well. Spicing a dark-colored chino with a half sleeve shirt will be the wisest idea to look smart in 2022. The top should be lighter and the bottom should be darker. Like if you are wearing a solid peach half sleeve shirt, you can pair it up with dark blue bottoms. There should always be some color contrast.

4. Blazers With Chinos :

Not typical suit or tuxedoes, but a sporty blazer with a chino will make you feel like the Rockstar in the office. It is one of the important picks of smart office outfits for Indian men. They look appealing as well as fashionable, extremely. Chinos have a versatile nature so it will always get paired beautifully with a sporty blazer.

5. Blazers And Jeans :

The smartest pick from the list, a blazer with a pair of jeans. You must have seen western employees wearing the same to their offices, and it is one of the coolest & smart office ideas for Indian men too. You can also opt-in for a black denim jacket for the option, or icy blue as well. All the denim will look extremely nice with a blazer.

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These were our top picks for you to look the smartest and coolest this summer in your office. You already know what are the benefits of indulging in fashion you like, so what are you waiting for?

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