5 Simple Ways To Groom Thick Eyebrows At Home

Eyebrows are the last thing on earth a man can think of trimming! “What? Am I a Girl?”, is the most common thought in most men’s minds when they think of ‘Eyebrow’ trimming. However, it is very necessary to groom that every man with thick eyebrows should follow. Just like your moustache and beard, your eyebrow also grows in centimetres but the growth rate is comparatively slower.

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After some point, the uneven eyebrow line doesn’t look good on your face and it’s a must that you trim it and shape it well! So let’s get to know how!

Step 1 – Grab A Toothbrush

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Wet your eyebrows while dabbing a tissue or just with some water drops on the tip of your finger. And wet both the brows. Once done, take a toothbrush and move it upwards-vertically. It will only give you an idea about the length of your eyebrows and how uneven they are!

Step 2 – Use Scissors And Moustache Comb

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A moustache comb is the best instrument to trim out your uneven eyebrows. Again, brush the brows upwards and then try to figure out your natural eyebrow lines at the top. It won’t take long. Once done, use the scissor to trim your brow following the natural up-line of your brows. Take it slowly.

Pro Tip: Study your natural eyebrow lines very well before starting!

Step 3 – Or Use A Trimmer

Well, if you have a bushy pair of eyebrows you can also use a trimmer to shape your eyebrows. The same process repeated, just use the trimmer instead of the scissor. But, careful!

Step 4 – Wash Your Face

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Once done re-shaping your brows, wash your brows extremely well with water. After the wash you will find out the exact look you achieved once the cut strands are washed away.

Step 5 – Put Moisturizer

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Take a few drops of Aloe Vera Gel or any kind of moisturizer and apply it over your brows to keep them softer and protected. They will also make your brows shiny! You will look good.

This was the step by step guide to groom your thick eyebrows at home. Stay groomed, stay stylish.

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