Top 5 Sexiest Hairstyles For Men To Attract Women

Thinking of switching up your hairstyle in the New Year? Well if you haven’t thought much about which hairstyle to go for. Then there are some of the best hairstyles for men you should definitely consider trying. If you want a hairstyle that will impress your lady, then know that she likes. Some women love voluminous hairstyles, while some prefer a classic tapered look or a sexy laid back hairstyle. If you want to capture a lady’s attention, check out the sexiest hairstyles that will drive your woman crazy.


But before you decide which style to go for, you must also keep in mind your hair’s natural texture and face shape. A good haircut can completely bring your whole look together and give you a huge style upgrade. The top attractive hairstyles for men are shortlisted here.


The Quiff :

The quiff can be considered somewhat of an undercut with volume in front like a mohawk. You can identify it with a bulge of hair at the top. A quiff is created by brushing all the hair forward and styling it into a wave shape. This hairstyle is rising in popularity from 2018 since it’s a great contemporary look. Women love voluminous hair, and this gives you just that. Volume is created by brushing the hair in the front. Quiff has been one of the most iconic hairstyles for men.


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The Undercut :

Another trendy haircut that is currently trending is the Undercut. Unlike the quiff, the sides and back are trimmed or buzzed very short. This hairstyle definitely has a sex appeal to it. The undercut features longer hair on top and is swept onto the sides or the back. To make the cut even prominent, sometimes the sides and back are shaved. The undercut is very youthful and stylish. And works incredibly for straight to wavy hair. It is one of the best hairstyles for men this year, due to it’s rising popularity.


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The Buzz cut :

Next on our list is the evergreen Buzzcut. A lot of women find this hairstyle sexy. However, it does not suit every face shape. It is a short-all-over style, that is low-maintenance and clean cut. Many men switch to this look for a more low-maintenance and cooler look for warmer months. Using Clippers to cut very close to the head. They don’t require any effort styling the hair, but only with your outfit. It works well if you have a nice head shape. This is one of the best hairstyles for men and the safest looks to look handsome.


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The Man-bun :

If you have long layered waves, then you will find this hairstyle to your liking. Similar to the buzz cut even this one is a low-maintenance style. It’s messy, manly and has locks flowing out. The man bun is a modern classic and is currently trending in the top best hairstyles for men. Long hair or man buns is not a look for everyone. To achieve this style, just comb your hair with your fingers and make a bun and secure it with a hair tie. Pull out some strands with the end tail of the comb to loosen the bun for a more aesthetically messy bun.


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The Modern Pompadour :

The classic pompadour with a sleep modern invention is next in our list for best hairstyles for men. This is a highly popular choice for men, that attracts women. The hair is kept short on the sides of the head and voluminous on the top and swept back slightly. The hair is slightly shorter sides with a gentle taper or a scissor cut. They use To rework this classic hairstyle to suit contemporary style. The old-school and retro feel to the look make it popular this year.


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These are the top 5 best hairstyles for men. And you should consider trying one of these styles that fits your personality the best. Women love men with a neat-cut hairstyle. They find such men with confidence sexy. You can go with a bearded or non-bearded look with either of these hairstyles, that goes with your look best. Upgrade your appearance this year with the right cut.

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