5 Ridiculously Expensive Things That Jeff Bezos Owns

By now it’s known to all, but if by any chance you were living under a rock, let us inform you that Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon is the richest man on the planet as of September 2020. Everyone might have tried to imagine the number of zeros in the net worth of such people like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos. Well, what do they do meanwhile? They buy things. And here are some of the obnoxiously costly things Jeff Bezos has gifted himself!

1. Blue Origin

The main motive of the Blue Origin is to make a sustainable way to space so that the future generation can build their future. Jeff Bezos has liquidated funds from Amazon to fund Blue Origin – the space program run by him, and it is truly fascinating. At an event in 2019, Jeff Bezos, while speaking to Amazon customers, said, “Every time you buy shoes, you’re helping fund Blue Origin, so thank you. I appreciate it very much.”

2. LA Home

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Los Angeles is a costly place but what can stop Jeff Bezos? His per minute income is more than many salary packages in the world. So Jeff Bezos bought the lavish Los Angeles House with just $245M which is just & ₹1800 Crores in INR.

3. Washington Post

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Well, if you had money, you would like to invest it and multiply. So did Jess Bezos when he got a chance to bid for the New York Daily Washington Post and he bought the entire media/publication house and its sublets. It costed him around $250M

4. A Penthouse Mansion Of 23,000 sqft

With a whopping $96M(Rs 635 crore), Jeff Bezos has bought the mansion in the air. Bezos bought four apartments in the Flatiron condo at 212 Fifth Avenue in NYC. The first three purchases were made for $80 million, then he bought another house for $16 million and combined all of them into one massive penthouse of 23,000 square feet, along with a 5000 sq ft of terrace.

5. Gulfstream G650ER

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While it can be thought of as a luxury to have a Private Jet, Jess Bezos has the best private jet(the Gulfstream G650ER) in the world that costs a raging $65 million (Rs 476 crore) due to necessity.

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