Why We Love Ranveer Singh’s Style, And You Should Too!

Ranveer Singh is definitely a heartthrob in Bollywood, but it’s not just his good looks that people have loved, it’s also his vivid sense of fashion. The newly-wed (to Deepika Padukone) handsome, has been known for his sense of fashion and has always fallen victim to the Fashion Police. He is unapologetic for his style statements and that’s what has caught our eyes. Think of something that is conventional fashion, and you will see that Ranveer Singh’s style sense is something completely different and off-beat. But here are a few things we specifically love about his style.


Full Of Energy & Surprises :

When we talk about Ranveer Singh’s style, even in his weirdest outfits, he seems to be effortless and confident and not to forget, full of energy. Every time he walks in, all eyes are on him, thanks to his lively personality that brings energy into his entire look. His energy is so infectious that we start to roll with it. Have you seen his floral ensembles? It’s going to hit you like an energy bomb.


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Classy in his Own Way :

He’s not going to do the typical dapper looks. But Ranveer Singh’s style will bring a bit of quirk into it that suits his image and personality creating his own statement. From draping a skirt onto a formal trouser, and wearing the goofiest accessories, he has made his place in the fashion world with his, unique charm.


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Never Boring, Always New :

Ranveer Singh is never going to limit his options, and we can be sure of that. He is the one male celebrity in India, who never fails to hit the news regarding his outfits for public appearances. Whether it’s a sly comment or just appreciation, he has managed to impact many mindsets when it comes to fashion.


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Quirky, whacky and Over the top!:

Unapologetic for his style, Ranveer’s stylist Nitasha talks about Ranveer Singh’s style, and how he is being noticed since he is so different and refreshing to look at. Floral or polka dots all over, or even a jazzy gold two-piece. He has been there and done most of it, and with confidence, that does not come easily. But his quirkiness has definitely won our hearts.


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Updated? Maybe, But Fashionable: Yes!

Fashion is a way of doing something, and a popular trend. There will be trend followers and trendsetters, and we think Ranveer is definitely a trendsetter. He creates bold and fashionable pieces that stand out and encourage us to try something new too! He is daring and extravagant, wacky, but still manages to steal our hearts and words are not enough to describe his style.


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Fashion is a way with which you can express your individuality. Ranveer Singh is not an average stylish man, he has created a statement for himself and even coined as one of the best-dressed men. So lastly, let your outfit do the talking!! And be confident in whatever you wear, and you will get to Ranveer’s level. So what are you waiting for? Update your wardrobe and dress with no limits!!

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