5 Reasons Why Couples Break Up & How To Avoid It?

Have you never been in a long term relationship with anyone? Does your relationship keep breaking up? Then don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you or her, the problem is with how you are handling the relationship. In this article, we break down some of the most common reasons why couples break up. It’s never too late to work on your relationship before breaking up. 

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Relationships can be difficult and often stand the test of time. When the behavior is intolerable or the couple is not strong enough to make it through, these relationships often crumble. In some cases, couples who are together for a long time also call it quits. However, issues can always be worked through, unless the person involved has done something unforgivable. If a simple argument can make you consider breaking up, then we think all you need is some relationship advice!

Keep reading to decode some of the reasons why couples break up and call it quits and how to avoid or deal with it. 

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5 Common Reasons Why Couples Break Up :

1. Dishonesty :

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Dishonesty is one of the biggest reasons why couples break up. Relationships are all about loyalty and communication. If your partner is dishonest with you, or vice versa, then the relationship is bound to end.  In a marriage, it is considered to have broken the sacred vows you make to your partner. If you even consider cheating on your partner then it shows how little you value your bond with her. 

On the other way, if your partner has been cheating on you. It shows that your mate has risked your relationship together to have a one-night stand with another man. Only in a weak relationship do partners resort to cheating. When both partners have a strong bond and intimacy, they will never consider cheating on the other. To have a healthy relationship built on trust, cheating, or lying to your partner should never be an option. 

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2. Lack Of Communication :

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Silence is Golden, but never in a relationship. Partners should always talk and communicate their feelings with each other. From sharing little things like what you did throughout the day, or to sharing deep thoughts, everything is healthy. Without good communication, no relationship can last the test of times. A lot of marriages that don’t share good communication can end in divorce. 

Healthy Communication is mandatory in a relationship. Long-term relationships are all about long talks, sharing, and growing together. There may be a lot of clashes or fights, but communicating it with each other and fixing your issues will cherish the bond you have. If either of the partners or both shut down to each other, the relationship won’t work, and this is another reason why couples break up.

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3. Being Unsupportive :

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At times in a relationship, you or your partner can feel down, and thrive for the support and attention of your significant other. In that case, you should both be available for each other. If you are in it for the long run, then you should learn to be there for your other half. And expect the same from your partner too, ensure she makes you feel that you are worth her time and energy. 

Whether it is you consoling her, or her consoling you, a little support can go a long way to build the bond you both share. In many cases, reasons, why couples break up could be due to lack of support. If you feel like you cannot rely on her, then the relationship will not last. It’s all about compromise and being there for each other.

4. No Physical Intimacy : 

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As important as an emotional bond is, lack of physical intimacy can be a turn off to either partner. This is another common reason why couples break up when their sexual needs are not satisfied. It may not be the same as the first time. But occasional intimacy every once in a while can keep the spark burning in a relationship. 

Physical intimacy can potentially make or break your relationship. Not just sex, when we say physical intimacy, it can be kissing, or holding hands, or even an amorous hug. These acts will show you and your partner both that they are still attracted to each other. If you want to make the long term mark. Don’t put a hold onto the moments of intimacy you share. Never withhold affection and attention when your partner is demanding it.

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5. No Understanding :

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Fights are common in any relationship. It is normal to have disagreements in a discussion, it only means that you both have different opinions and that’s completely fine. But what matters most is coming to a common understanding. Especially in a relationship when partners are involved together on more than just personal grounds, it can lead to clashes. 

In such situations, one of the partners needs to ensure that the anger is not misdirected. As the more, you have in common together, the more room for arguments. But you should always draw a line between your personal and professional relationships. To avoid damaging your relationship and become one of the reasons why couples break up, you must both listen to each other and understand. 

The Bottom Line:

These are a few common reasons why couples break up. It may be easy to break up and leave things. But it is just as difficult to stay and work things together. As long as you both know you want to stay together for long, you should pay attention to cherishing each other in a long and loving relationship. If the damage is already done, then we may not guarantee that you will win your partner back. But it’s always best to be more attentive to these common reasons that can provoke a break up. 

If you are already in a loving relationship without such misunderstandings, we recommend you to keep going and solve your troubles together. As in the long run, a loving and romantic relationship will help you in life too. 

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