5 Most Popular Mens Kpop Fashion Trends In 2022

Kpop music is not only a popular genre of music from South Korea, but it is also a lifestyle. South Korean pop culture has prominently grown globally, and Kpop fashion trends are grabbing attention from all around the world. These Mens Kpop stars have a vivid sense of Style that is currently taking over the top trends. The South Korean Fashion scene gets a lot of its influence from Kpop Idols. 

Kpop Fashion is changing the Fashion world, with it’s quirky and notable trends. From styling, every possible color, bold silhouettes and fits, and accessories Kpop idols do not restrict themselves to try every wild trend. If you are looking to add something wild and chic to your wardrobe.

Here is your ultimate guide to Mens Korean Idol Fashion, inspired by Kpop culture. In this article, we bring to you some of the most notable fashion trends set by the most popular Boy groups in Kpop music.

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5 Popular Mens Kpop Fashion Trends :

When we speak of Kpop Fashion trends in 2022, it’s all about making it big. From colors to bold looks and accessories. For Kpop idols, it’s either go big or go home. Their onstage performances are not only extravagant but so are their outfits. Kpop idols often change their look, from hair and clothing depending on the current concept/theme of the upcoming album.

Now talk about dedication! They change their appearances, with vivid hair color or clothing, for all the members to match, for their album shoot or performances. Here are some of the most distinguishable styles and trends in Boy groups.

1. Vivid Choice Of Outfits :

When it comes to onstage or their video song looks, Kpop idols are all about bold colors and looks. They never restrict themselves when it comes to the color of the outfits they wear. A Kpop idol will never shy away from wearing a Hot pink, or a Bright cranberry Red Ensemble. Their music, and performances are made justice with their choice of colors, styles, and hairstyles.

As a matter of fact, they stand out and can be classified as someone who loves to experiment with colors. They also wear dark and neutral tones, but it completely depends on the mood and vibe of the song’s theme. Men’s Kpop Fashion trends are all about bright colors or Extravagant accessories on dark looks.

Style Tip: If you are hesitant to try bright colors like Kpop idols wear, you can always start small, you can pick an accent color for your whole look. Like bright colored shoes, or a funky-colored jacket.

2. Unconventional Hair Color :

It’s not surprising to find your Kpop idols change their hair colors for their song launches or onstage performances. Kpop music is always Fast in Fashion and ongoing trends. And not only do they explore the colors of their clothing, but even their hair. From, pink, to blue, or even orange, they try the most unconventional hair colors you can think of.

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These idols have a unique sense of aesthetic, and if the vibe of the song demands certain colors, they are sure to pull them off with an attitude to kill for. Mens Kpop fashion trends in 2022 are all about changing hair colors to signal their fans that a new album is dropping!

Style Tip: Most of the idols don’t always sport unconventional hair colors unless an album release or performance is nearing. But if you would like to experiment with hair color, you can go for something more subtle.

3. Embellishments & Jacket Styles :

It’s obvious that while performing on stage, the temperature would be 100 degrees, but kpop idols are dedicated to dressing fancy for their fans! From layered outfits, Jackets with embellishments and high necks, they never compromise. They bring their A-game to the outfits the members wear as per their latest album release.

All members have a similar aesthetic going on, from colors, patterns, and details, but each look is unique in its own way. If you thought, ruffles or frills were only for women, you are wrong. Kpop idols can master any trend in their own Stylish way. You can say that details in Mens Kpop fashion trends are Bold and you will find every outfit has the most prominent details.

Style Tip: Don’t restrict yourself from adding embellishments or design details to your outfits. South Korean Fashion can be considered as the most forward and stylish for men. It’s all about how you carry it. 

4. The Desirable & Sultry Makeup :

If you are wondering why Fangirls go crazy over their Mens Kpop idols performing, you can say that it’s due to their sexy and sultry looks. From the wet hair look, dark eye makeup, and accessories, and black outfits, they can look extremely mysterious and manly. These looks are especially popular for their stage performances.

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The deep dark looks can entice their female audience base, which is mostly over 75% of their audience. From body shimmer, silver earrings, and deep maroon eyeshadow, all together make up for a popular look among Mens Kpop fashion trends in 2022.

Style Tip: If you are not all about the makeup, then you can skip it. You can still get the wet look, by using some gel on your hair and letting some strands down on your forehead. You can fashion an all-black outfit, with a single earring on one side to get this look. 

5. Bold Accessories & Asymmetry :

Coming to yet another distinguishable detail in Mens Kpop fashion trends in 2022 is the accessories. You will never see a Kpop idol without an accessory. Whether it is a dangle earring, hooped, or steel punk clip-on earrings, you will not miss it. In most cases, you will see that they fashion an earring on only one side, leaving the other bare.

Asymmetry is another Fashion trend in Kpop that must be given special notice. From their chains to outfits, you can find a hint of asymmetry in their aesthetic. This is another gender stereotype they have broken, that earrings are restricted to women. Their punk sensibility with their vivid Fashion creates a unique style. 

Style Tip: Earrings for men on one ear is a trend that has significantly picked up. If you don’t want to go too bold you can go for a more subtle look, and opt for accessories that are probably not as flashy, to begin with. 

Mens Kpop Fashion trends have significantly changed the Fashion game around the world. Popular Boy groups have set trends that are now a significant aesthetic followed by most Kpop boy groups. They are known to break gender stereotypes and Explore Fashion for what it is. They can be seen sporting some of the most bizarre yet bold styles. If you always found the Kpop fashion to look a bit too much, then yes, it is what it is. And it is known for its vividness. And the members carry these looks with utmost grace and attitude. 

There must be a reason why a vast chunk of their audience is female. Apart from the music and visual masterpiece they put up, there is a significant amount of effort that go into their costumes and makeup. Their Fashion is inspiring and always theme and concept based connected to their specific music.

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