Top 5 Must-Read Books For Young Entrepreneurs

Books empower you with knowledge, wisdom & lesson and help you to craft a better version of yourself. Each book teaches you something or the other, nourishing you with new exposures towards life. There are some must-read books for young entrepreneurs, which will help them to excel in their businesses.


Who doesn’t want to be a business tycoon? Well, loads of us do not as they feel much secured in their 9 to 5. But most of the young people want to do something of their own. Especially, in this era where work culture is changing, not drastically, but steadily. Recently in Japan, they had reduced working days to 4, and immediately they had hiked in their productivity.

Handling a business requires a lot of qualities and virtues. In this article, we will talk about why young entrepreneurs are needed, what good books fill you with, and what are the must-read books for young entrepreneurs.

Who Is An Entrepreneur?

Well, there’s a big debate around what is the pronunciation of ‘Entrepreneur’. Is it ‘Awn-truh-pruh-nyow’ or anything else, well it’s the first one without any doubt.

An entrepreneur is someone,

  • who creates a new venture or business, businesses, or business model,
  • who crafts the maximum layout of the business,
  • who bears the maximum risk and enjoys the maximum return,
  • who also brings new ideas, solutions, innovation, goods, services to the table, by which a large number of people gets benefitted.

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An entrepreneur is someone who creates something new or reinvents something all over again. Who can bring a solution to a problem and make a profit out of it.

The motivation for young Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur runs his entrepreneurship through various stages, and each stage plays a concrete role in the venture. Firstly, he needs to pool another talent because an entrepreneur is not a one-man-army. He needs his people as a team to work towards his vision.

He needs capital too, which he arranges through various sources which shall be discussed soon. There are some must-read books for young entrepreneurs to understand the peripherals of an entrepreneur, which shall also be mentioned in the later part.

Who Is Not An Entrepreneur?

This is also very important to clear out. People who have half knowledge about the idea of ‘Entrepreneur’ need to get clear that who is not an Entrepreneur.

1. Self Employed Vs. Entrepreneur. No, if you are self-employed, you are not an entrepreneur. Both are different things. A self-employed person needs to have all qualities all by himself to conduct and accomplish work. He works for his own amounts, that’s true. But an entrepreneur will not have all the qualities all by himself, rather he will have the quality of leadership to accumulate more talents under the same goal to achieve it as a team. Both are different.

2. Your Own Boss? Technically, maybe you are your own boss when you are an entrepreneur. But that’s not a ‘yes’. It doesn’t mean that you can walk in and walk out anytime you feel like from the office or workplace. It doesn’t provide you with such flexibility, but it needs your shoulder for much more responsibility. That requires much more dedication, time & discipline.

Most of us have a different definition of ‘Boss’, so if the definition of Boss is a hardworking team leader who holds himself responsible, taking risks, working hard, clearing obstacles from the way of his ideas, then yes, you are your own boss, else no.

3. Has to be rich. Nope, not true. An entrepreneur needs to have rich ideas that are thinking of years ahead. Which can bring a solution to an existing problem to the table. Which has unique innovations. If an entrepreneur has a solid plan, then he necessarily needn’t to be rich. He can pick up funds for his startup. – Source

Sometimes, people won’t believe in your ideas, then there are other ways of arranging funds. C’mon, an entrepreneur can think of an innovative idea but he won’t have an idea to collect funds to empower it?

Why Being An Entrepreneur Is So Cool?


Now when we have a clearer picture, who is an entrepreneur, let’s move ahead to the next part where we unveil why being an entrepreneur is so cool? What’s so special about it?

1. Problem? Solved. All the successful entrepreneurs have taken advantage of some issue, some problem in his time. Mark Zuckerberg utilized the situation of lack of connectivity between friends and created Facebook. Paytm was founded by Vijay Sekhar Sharma to utilize the problem of not being a digital-cash country. Airbnb started out with the problem of accommodation in a city where every hotel was booked due to a local event, and two guys rented their drawing room, an Air Bed & Breakfast for a day (The name Airbnb makes sense?)

You can see, every entrepreneur has brought a solution to a problem. They know how to think out of the box, or sometimes in the box which is neglected by 99% of the people. How can they not be cool?

2. Helps The Economy & Society: An entrepreneur helps the economy in several ways. Firstly, if his startup is successful, he makes loads of money, and he pays taxes. His employees make good money and pays taxes. Here, he is creating employment on one hand, and also with the money Govt. is receiving is being reinvested in the economy for various projects and future growth of the country.

Also, most of the entrepreneurs who make billions usually donates their money towards philanthropy and social causes. Which makes a huge difference to society. Definitely, an entrepreneur is cool.

3. Of Course, For Their Services & Goods! Above everything, of course, an entrepreneur brings something new to the table which benefits loads of people. It can be a good or a service, but it helps people.

When people had a problem with traveling, Uber was invented. People had a problem with having foods delivered, Zomato & Swiggy made if easier. Mostly, the young and new-age entrepreneurs are using the motto of digitalization, as things are better that way.

So this was all about who is an entrepreneur, and why is he so cool! Now, let’s talk about some must-read books for young entrepreneurs! But, before that, we have one last scoop where we understand why books are so important!

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How A Book Fill You From Within?


A book can be written at any time, but once it is written, it immortalized. Its values and virtues are going to stay forever, not only in the pages but in people’s minds.

  • Provides you with perspective: A book provides you with perspective. You have your own set of ideas and ideologies, but a book can bring you the perspective of other people. Mostly, it is about the author who wants you to feel a certain way. Who wants to provide you knowledge. And knowledge empowers you. It helps you to get a clearer vision in life.
  • Wisdom: Books provide you with wisdom. It helps you to understand things from a different perspective, sometimes all the perspective. It helps you to witness your life from a birds-eye view, which helps you to clear a lot of fog. It also helps you to overcome a certain problem, as we know, no problem is new, somewhere someone has been through the exact problem you are going through, maybe a vintage version of the problem, and shared his experience in a book. So a book provides you with wisdom.

5 Must-read Books For Young Entrepreneurs!


Here you go!

1. 4-Hour Work Week By Timothy Ferriss :


Who doesn’t want to live a lavish life where they don’t need to burden himself with work? This book teaches you morals, this books teaches you how to do big in life without working hard, but instead working smart. This book teaches you the 80/20 rule, as well as empowers you with loads of strategies. The author thinks way out of the box, so his strategies may seem impossible at some points, but they all are possible. Undoubtedly this is one of the must-read books for young entrepreneurs.

This book takes you along on a bumpy crazy ride, which teaches you success requires loads of gear shifts and path changes, it’s not a straightway. It challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and do something new, fresh, & unique. It has its own dream lines which empower one to create his own protocol of success.

This is a life-changing book that impacts your business heavily. Most importantly, it’s a book that teaches you how to automate your business, or rather business model!

2. Radicals & Visionaries by Thaddeus Waro :


This is a life-changing book that talks about entrepreneurs of the future.

It tells your stories about loads of entrepreneurs all across the world and you get to learn from their mistakes and success. Each story is about 4-5 pages, so each day spending a few minutes, you can get to learn about a new entrepreneur who created history.

The best part about this book is a quick read, that’s why it’s one of the must-read books for young entrepreneurs.

You get inspired & you get a bunch of ideas from this book to implement in your life. You can challenge yourself to think bigger, do greater goods in life. It gives you a motivational boost.

3. Keep Any Promise by Karim :


Keep any promises brings justice to its name as the books come with two parts. One part has stories that deal with people and their problems, and how they overcome it. But the best part relies on the second part, where it has an exercise, yes an exercise to do to change your life. The exercises are actually life-changing and it has the power to change your business completely if you do them correctly.

It comes with a workbook that empowers your excel, rapidly & steadily.

4. Go Giver by Bob Berg :


As the title says, it empowers you with the attitude of ‘Go giver’ and eventually ‘Go getter’ in the long run. Your company is run by the employees, and this book teaches you about leadership, unity, teamwork.

This book helps you to be a better and efficient leader whom your team needs. It inculcates a mindset of compassion, loyalty, and trust among the team.

It makes you realize that to achieve your goal, you must help others to achieve their goals as well.

5. Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki :


If you ever want to reinvent yourself, this is the book. Enchantment tells you about how there are only two kinds of people involved in a business, eaters, and bakers. Whereas eaters want a bigger and better portion of their existing pie, and bakers are focused on creating new pies for them.

This book is a must-read for young entrepreneurs because it helps you to keep your mind focused and motivated in a world full of entrepreneurs.

It helps you to rethink and reinvent yourself and your innovations, which is quite a big challenge in entrepreneurship.

These were the top picks and must-read books for young entrepreneurs to empower their minds. All set to create am an empire?

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