5 Mens Vintage Fashion Trends That Should Be Back Again

Fashion trends that keep coming back in style, is a phenomenon that is called “Fashion Cycle.” In simpler words, it is a trend that first rises, gains popularity, and eventually fades away. Today what we see is the modernized version of mens vintage fashion trends. From Edwardian Shirts to Retro Prints, there are a lot of vintage trends that are reviving right now. 

However, there are a few trends that are underrated. In Mensopedia we shortlist 5 mens vintage fashion styles that should be revived in trend again. Despite the fact that these trends already exist, we are cheering for these trends to revive evidently, like men’s cropped trousers. Keep reading to know all about these trends.  

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5 Men’s Vintage Fashion That Should Be Back In Trend Again :

1. Bright Colors :


Unlike the present-day trend of pastels, the mid to late 60s was full of bright colors, like yellows, oranges, blues, greens, etc. It’s safe to say that such colorful outfits are also fun to wear. From colorful retro knit shirts, t-shirts, and polos which are typically paired up with colored trousers to get a 60s casual look. Sometimes different hued trousers would be worn in order to experiment with the look.

Now men’s fashion is more into neutral or pastel hues. From bigshot Fashion Designers to Retail Houses all are making their collection lines in neutral and muted tones. However, neutral tones are considered as being Classy. But what’s wrong being a quirky guy and stand out in the crowd? You can always style bright colors in a sophisticated way too! This is definitely an underrated mens vintage fashion trend that deserves a comeback.

2. Bell Bottom Trousers :


Bell-bottoms are a style of trousers that become wider as they flare down below the knees, forming a bell-like shape of the trouser leg. These trousers come from the late 1960s and are one of the most iconic trends of the decade and were very popular among both men and women. However, bell bottoms are still quite a trendy thing among women’s fashion. 

Modern men are more into straight fitted clothing rather than something that gives a vintage look like these bell bottoms. But we predict that this style can be adopted again as a mainstream fashion trend with a bit of alteration. The bottom flare can be reduced to a few inches so it doesn’t look as exaggerated as it did in mens vintage fashion.

Bell bottom trousers look best paired up with tucked-in shirts or t-shirts, a pair of shades, and some cool kicks. Believe us, there would be a lot of ways to style them according to any event.

3. High Waist Pants :


As the name suggests high waist pants are trousers with a waistband that is above your waistline or navel. These high-rise pants or trousers were especially common in the 1970s, and very popular among women as well as men. However, for men, the rise of the waistband was not that high as compared to women(3 inches higher than the navel). For men, it was at the navel level or not more than a half or one inch above.

Gladly, the high waist trend is finally back but not evidently. This trend is mostly being adopted by fashion enthusiasts, bloggers, and celebrities. Hopefully, it will be accepted by the mass soon. We can say that the low waist trend is not preferred much, and men are opting for a normal waist. They can be best paired with a formal shirt tucked in. We hope that the high waist mens vintage fashion trend returns.

*note: High waist trousers are considered to be the best way to hide your love handles and make you look slimmer.

4. Knee-High Boots :


Back in the Edwardian era, knee-high boots fashion was very popular among men. Men used to wear them during hunting, riding, or any kind of sports activity. They were best paired up with a Norfolk jacket with belts, and Knickerbockers. We wish we could still wear those outfits. Though this trend is more functional, we predict that a more modern and stylized version of the same can make a major comeback from the mens vintage fashion trend. Don’t you think so?

In some parts of the world men still do wear knee-high boots. But it’s a trend that is not quite evident in men’s fashion. We believe these boots have the potential to be back in the trend once again. However, this trend might not be suitable for most regions. But despite their restrictions, this trend deserves a comeback. They can be paired with slim-fit jeans or stonewashed jeans to add a more vintage vibe. Would you agree this could come back?

5. Broad Shoulder :


Broad shoulders or exaggerated shoulders were big back in the day. Shoulder pads were a common Mens vintage fashion trend. Unlike women’s shoulder pads, and power suits, the men’s shoulder pads were designed to make an illusion of a wider torso or a wider shoulder.

This was a popular trend in the 80s for mens suits, it gives a very retro vibe. Though not many would like to pull off this look. It could be subdued a little with lesser padding to still look retro. Do you think this mens vintage fashion trend deserves a comeback?  How about pairing this look with a sleek back hairstyle and retro glasses?


These are a few among a number of underrated mens vintage fashion trends that deserve a comeback. From patterns to silhouettes and even colors, modern men’s fashion should bring back some exciting vintage trends from the past. Though some trends have made a comeback, like Gingham checks, to Dad-fitted Jeans, Retro glasses, and acid wash jeans. We hope that the 2020 spring/summer fashion will introduce us to many more Vintage Fashion trends. 

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