5 Men’s Easy To Manage Hairstyles To Follow When Growing Hair

Admit it! growing your hair long is a task in itself! Many of us have thought of growing our hair long. It definitely looks good when a man grows his hair long. Yes, sometimes it takes time to adjust in the eyes of his friends and family, but once done, it really looks good. But, what happens during the growth process, in those months where your hair is at an uncomfortable length? Here are men’s easy to manage hairstyles to follow when growing hair!


Growing your hair long will never be out of vogue. But you should know exactly how to manage it and stop looking messy even when your hair length is growing.

5 Men’s Easy To Manage Hairstyles To Follow When Growing Hair :

When your hair is short, it looks decent. When your hair is long, it looks sexy. But when your hair is growing from being short to being long, it gets tough to manage your hair. You can’t just let your hair be at that time, it looks dumb and untidy. You need some proper styling hacks to look stylish even when your hair is at a difficult length to manage. Here are 5 men’s easy to manage hairstyles to follow when growing hair.

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1. Slick Back Or Sweep Back :


This hairstyle is as easy as it sounds. You can just finger-comb your hair back and it’s done. Why this is one of the best hairstyles to keep while you are growing your hair long? Firstly, your hair doesn’t grow rapidly, it takes time, so it is mandatory that you will need to shuffle hairstyles in every 4 to 6 months. The slick back is the style that is easy, handy and on the go.

On top of that, it gives you the needful illusion that your hair is longer than it is usually. Provided you have 3” to 4” long hair on the head, you can opt for the slick back. Before reaching that, you can continue with your previous style. You can also go for a messy sweep back hairstyle that can be casually done with fingers only.

2. Undercut :


You all might think that we are here discussing about growing hair and now all of a sudden talking about undercut? A hairstyle that requires your side hairs to be trimmed at 2-0 mm sized adjusting combs? Yes. Don’t worry, we still want you all to grow your hair long, and we have got your back.

Do you want to grow your hair long? Then you should understand one thing that your hair grows half a inches in a month. But also, your top hair takes more time to grow. Whereas your side hair can grow at a much higher speed, and so does the hair at your back portion of the head.

So your goal should be to grow your top hair above 6” to 7”, and till then you can continue to have an undercut hairstyle. This will make you look really stylish. Just do not forget to hand comb your hair once a while and set it accordingly. Once your hair outgrows from 7”, then start to keep side hair.

3. Side Part :


Yes, again an extremely basic hairstyle to follow but very much stylish. When you are growing your hair, and as advised if you are growing the top hair first, then this will look extremely sexy on you. Because your sides will be trimmed to a shorter size. (Make sure your hair partition is done right by the hairdresser!)

Now, when you will try to side part, it will cover up either left or right part of your head with the medium-sized hair at the top. And one side of the undercut will be exposed. Which will make you look really cool, and it will get even easier to tackle your hair. The side part is a style that can go along with any face shape.

4. Tuck Back With A Hairband :


At a certain point, while growing your hair long, your hair will not cooperate with you. It will not act accordingly as you try to set them. And this is the most difficult phase while growing your hair long. So don’t brainstorm. Simply make a hairband your best friend. Go for simple black hairbands, unless you want something more in vogue.

A hairband will keep your hair back and hold it there. This award phase usually happens when your hair is around 10 inches. Using a hairband can be the smartest idea, and it will look good too. Once the awkward phase gets over, now you can slowly step towards styles you thought to keep when your hair is long.

5. Pony Tail :


At a phase when the hairband is not working fine, remember, ponytails for men is never out of fashion. This is the perfect time to tie a small ponytail with a rubber band. But make sure your hair strands are not pulled very tightly, it will affect badly the follicles and your hairs may get broken.

A pony will provide a clean and tidy look on your face, even when your hair is not at a manageable condition. That is why a ponytail can be the last style amongst the men’s easy to manage hairstyles to follow when growing hair.

These were the 5 men’s easy to manage hairstyles to follow when growing hair. There are more. But these are our top picks which are hassle-free, does not require much maintenance, and still looks awesome.

Here are a few hairstyles you can follow when your hair is grown long enough.

  • Long Textured Waves
  • Man Bun (Yes, the one Jason Mamoa does)
  • Half-up
  • Long Braids
  • Afro Braids
  • Long & Straight
  • Long Undercut

There are many, as usual, but these are our top picks! Now, when we are talking about long hair and men’s easy to manage hairstyles to follow when growing hair, let’s also discuss a few hacks and tips for men to follow while growing long hair.

Tips To Follow While Growing Long Hair :


1. Do Frequent Visit To Your Barber :

The first thing you might think when you are growing your hair, is why should you visit your barber? Because you will require minor trims for healthy hair. When your hair grows, it gets split ends. Split ends are basically when the end of your hair splits into two parts. That is unhealthy and definitely style-friendly. However, minor trims every three months or 2 months can make sure your hair is healthy to grow.

2. Choose Your Hair Products Wisely :

When your hair is short, you can use shampoos frequently because the scalp gets exposed to heat, dirt and all. But when your hair grows long, you should cut the number of times you do shampoo. Also, stick to a softer shampoo as hard shampoos bring damage to the hair.

Similarly, adding conditioner to your shampoo routine can really benefit you. It safeguards your hair and keeps it moisturized. So the damage which is done by shampoo is balanced.

You can use coconut oil to nourish your hair and scalp. Coconut is the sole source of many important nutrients required in our body. Using coconut oil can turn out beneficial before the day of shampooing.

3. Diet :

An extremely important part, which is diet. The hair grows because the dead cells are pushed through the hair follicles when the new cells take over. These cells are made of amino acids and many other nutrients. Your body will need a lot of healthy vitamins and proteins in order to form the new healthy cells, which will push the old ones out (Hair).

Spinach, cabbage, carrot, fish, chicken, nuts, berries, Apple, Oranges, Almonds, leafy greens, eggs should be included in your diet.

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4. You Need To Sleep :

When you are sleeping, your body is basically in the most pro-active mode. Your testosterone levels are boosted, cells are being repaired, and growth hormones are at their peak. So cell development also happens during the first two stages of sleep.

You should minimum get 6 to 7 hours of peaceful sleep.

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5. Hairbrushes :

Choose your hairbrushes very carefully. Firstly, do not brush your hair when they are wet. They bring the most hair damage possible. They break the hair cuticles(Protecting system of each hair strand), so your hair strands get vulnerable.

Do not even rub a towel to dry your hair, they will do the same. Use a blow dryer, with low heat, at a minimum of 1 feet distance. Or one hand distance.

And getting back to the hairbrushes, always choose wooden hairbrush instead of plastic ones.

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6. Let Your Hair Breathe :

When you are tying that ponytail, do not make it too tight. When you make it tight, it creates pressure on the front side of your scalp hair and it damages the follicles. Basically it weakens them. So avoid that. Also, don’t use caps much unless you need them. Let your hair be free. Let it breathe.

Tips To Take Care Of Long Hair :

  • No Bleach
  • No Color
  • No Highlights
  • Take Spas
  • Opt for good Hair products
  • Don’t use heat to dry
  • Don’t brush when it’s wet
  • Shampoo your hair twice a week
  • Trim it often
  • Change style with Length
  • Exercise

The most important advice when you are growing hair is patient. Your hair grows only 1/4th inches a month. So it will take time. While you are growing the hair, embrace the time.


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