5 Best Marriage Proposal Ideas To Surprise Her

Wedding season is here and we know just how nerve-racking it can be to plan a wedding, or even to plan a beautiful proposal. Modern proposals are all about meaningful gestures, carefully planned. The best marriage proposal ideas are those that can capture the couple’s true feelings and relationship to make it even more memorable. 

In this article, we will talk about different types of marriage proposals that can help you go the extra mile for your girlfriend, and sweep her off her feet. Planning a proposal for marriage can be quite nerve-racking, especially if you plan a public proposal. If you are having the jitters just thinking about the proposal, then here are a few proposal ideas that can help you make the moment even more special by taking it the extra mile. Keep reading for some inspiring marriage proposal ideas.

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1. Public Proposal Ideas For Marriage :


Planning to propose to your loved one in a public/outdoor setting? Then there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make it happen. The place, the ambiance, and how to arrange everything to make it the most memorable day of her life. Let’s go by each step to master a public proposal.

  • Choose a Location: The first and foremost thing would be to choose a spot where you could propose, it could be a park or on a rooftop, or even in a cafe. You can even choose a place that is a personal favorite for you both.
  • Arrange for some music: You can set the mood by having a choir or a musician to perform at the location. You can add a personal touch by asking them to perform her favorite songs to set a romantic mood.
  • Speak to the staff: If you want to make it grand, here are a few marriage proposal ideas so you can arrange something big. You can speak to the staff to add notes or hold up a “marry me” sign. This way you will grab not only her attention but even those around you. 
  • Propose and perform: If you plan on singing for her, or performing a dance number, you could propose to her in the midst of it. You can even call out her name, or dedicate a song while you propose on the floor. 

For public/outdoor proposals, ensure that both you and your partner would be comfortable in that position. Because if either of you would get nervous or uncomfortable in the situation, it can end up ruining a beautiful moment. 

2. Destination Proposal Ideas For Marriage :


Want a more dreamy, intimate proposal for marriage? Then you must plan a destination proposal for your loved one. You can plan a romantic destination getaway for two. This is the proposal for you if you both love picture-perfect, intimate and fairy tale proposals. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Plan A romantic getaway: Plan a destination visit for you two. It could be a location that you always planned to visit or a romantic destination that is known for beautiful proposals. It could be by the sea, or by the mountains or even in a beautiful garden.
  • Take her to the destination: Singapore? Paris, or Italy? Find a romantic and favorite spot to plan your surprise marriage proposal ideas. Go around on Vespas, tour the city, and look for beautiful places to do it in. It can be an intimate spot.
  • Propose in a beautiful spot: Set everything ready, take her out for dinner or to watch the sunset. You can get down on one knee in a picture-perfect location. Have everything ready, roses, wine, and candles, and you would surely get a yes from her. 

3. Marriage Proposal Ideas At Home :


Not all for big marriage proposal ideas? Then don’t worry we have a few proposal ideas for you that you can do at home! These homemade proposals are just as romantic and intimate. But don’t make it boring or clumsy, plan it all out, just like you would if it were a grand proposal. Here are a few ways you can do it.

  • Do it in front of family or friends: Some people prefer to have their close ones around during a special proposal. You could plan a gathering, with a few people, watch a movie or have dinner together. You can get down on one knee and propose to her.
  • Prepare a Candlelight dinner for Two: Make it an intimate and romantic night for her. Surprise her with special lights and decoration. Prepare dinner and set up the table for date night. You can slip the finger on while you are holding hands, or drop the ring into her drink. You can even propose over the desert! Trust me she will be surprised.
  • Surprise Her when she walks in! Switch off all the lights and set a trail of candles or lights from the door to you, with a trail of rose petals. And at the end, you will be waiting, down on your knees with the ring in your hand! You are sure to get a jaw-dropping reaction from your partner. You can even add balloons and photo memories decorated around the house. 
  • Do it in Bed, in a romantic holiday: You can take her to a romantic location, spend time cuddling in bed. Surprise her by slipping the ring on while spooning your darling. You can celebrate the moment by opening a bottle of champagne with strawberries, or even some more extra loving back in bed!

4. Foodie Marriage Proposal Ideas :


Is your partner a foodie just like you? Has food brought you both even closer together? Then there are a few marriage proposal ideas that are perfect for you if you both are foodies. From planting the ring in a cupcake, or proposing with frosting letters, it’s delicious and romantic all together. Here are a few proposal ideas in foodie style.

  • Get a Cake baked especially: The classic foodie style is to get a custom cake with the proposal for marriage, written in frosting. You can ask the pastry chef to write “will you marry me?” and present it to her with some chocolates and flowers.
  • Put together some treats for her: You can put some of her favorite treats together in a box, and present it to her. It can have chocolate, fruit cake, along with other goodies she loves, and add a ring box to the set, with a beautiful ring to surprise her.

5. Marriage Proposal Ideas Through Technology :


In today’s day and age, marriage proposals ideas can have an interesting twist with technology-driven proposals. You can use the internet or media to propose to your bae, and she will be really impressed too! By techie proposals, we don’t mean texts or chats, it can really undermine and spoil a proposal. 

  • Curate a playlist for her: Why not use music to express your love, you can add a proposal song to the playlist, and give her an unexpected proposal while the music plays. If you are good with music, you can even perform for her, and end it with a romantic proposal.
  • Set up a web page: Create a website and show your bae that you want to tell the world wide web how much you love her! You can propose on the website, and even share the link to your family and friends. How about using a live stream to invite others to celebrate post-proposal!

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Conclusion :

These are a few ways in which you can give your partner a memorable proposal of marriage. These extra measures will only prove to her your love and how much you value her. No matter how you do it, keep the emotions raw, and make sure to make her feel loved and treasured, if you succeed, you are sure to get a YES!

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