5 Major Shaving Mistakes That Most Indian Men Do

Shaving comes with its own set of challenges. If you know the right ways of shaving, bingo! You can get any style with your facial hair! But to know the right ways of shaving you must eliminate the wrong ways of doing it. So here are the 5 major mistakes which you make while shaving! These are most common, and we are here to give you a friendly reminder and en route you to the right way. 

1. Shaving Against The Hair Growth

We have weird tendencies to shave our beard towards the flow of the beard and once done, we also do it against the flow. Also, there are myths that all teenagers must have heard that if you shave against the growth, your growth increases. No, it’s pure fiction. You should always shave towards the growth of your beard. 

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2. Rinsing Face With Chilled Water Before Shaving

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Opening the tap and splashing some water on your face before shaving your beard off might feel really nice, but your beard will not agree with your feeling. When you splash chilled water, the pores get shrunk. As a result, the beard doesn’t get softer. And gives you a rough time while shaving. Always use hot water to rinse your beard before shaving. 

3. Not Using Aftershaves 

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Aftershaves are there for a reason. When you shave your beard, your skin becomes tender enough with minor negligible cuts (often!). Aftershaves make sure you do not catch any infection due to those, at the same time it rejuvenates the skin and helps it to stay healthy. 

4. Overusing A Razor 

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If you are using a razor that is not reusable, use it and throw it. Simple. But even if you are using a razor which is reusable, make sure to use it till 12-14 shaves only, a razor’s life is not more than that. Don’t strain it. 

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5. Being Impatient While Applying Shaving Cream

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Most men do not pay much attention to the shaving cream process. But a good shaving cream rubbing session only paves the way to a great shaving experience. They soften the beard strands, moisturize, and prepares the skin for a smooth shave! 

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These are the top 5 common mistakes while shaving! So try to avoid them and have a great shaving ahead! 

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