5 Major Reasons To Buy OnePlus Nord

Since OnePlus had announced its all in one flagship, things have been really spiced up in the smartphone market. OnePlus Nord is indeed a perfectly balanced ‘OnePlus’ device. OnePlus claims it has handpicked top features from all its devices and summed up Nord. OnePlus said Nord is pretty much you could ask for in a smartphone.

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Well, it is not true to some certain extent since the 5-megapixel depth-sensing camera and the 2-megapixel micro camera is of no use at all. Also, the plastic body at this price range? Not really appreciated. But, still, there are 5 reasons you can buy OnePlus Nord for sure! Let’s have a look at them.

1. Oxygen OS

First and foremost, OxygenOS is the cleanest and smoothest operating system currently in the market followed by iOS. Oxygen OS will not feed you ads and unnecessary applications on your device. It serves your purpose pretty smoothly.

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2. 90Hz Super AMOLED Display

One thing OnePlus has sorted for you all, lag-free experience for a very long time. With a 90Hz screen refreshing rate, your phone will shift screens seamlessly, and eventually, it will seem faster than most of the devices. Also, the super AMOLED display makes sure supreme display quality along with lesser battery consumption.

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3. 30W Out Of The Box Warp Charger & Battery

30W Out of the Box Warp Charger will sort your life. In less than an hour, you will have enough juice in your phone to run a day. If you are a heavy user, then also your phone will run for a good 24 hours. If you are a moderate user, happily two days. The screen on time is almost 7.5 hours continuously.

4. Great Network Receptor

Even in the places where the mobile network struggles to reach, OnePlus Nord will smoothly access the network and your calls will be happening seamlessly.

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5. Camera

Definitely the quad-camera set up is not up to the mark, but definitely it is a good camera set up. Do not expect an OnePlus 8 camera in it, but it’s a good camera during daylight.

That’s all! In case it serves your purpose, what are you waiting for? Book your Nord right away! A great flagship device in 2020.

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