Top 5 Eid Outfit Ideas For Men To Look Best

The blessed month of Ramadan is upon us, and who doesn’t want to look best on the day of Eid? Everybody loves to dress up well, especially when it’s an auspicious day of celebration. In today’s world, modern men are not far behind women when it comes to dressing up for family gatherings or religious occasions. When it comes to eid outfit ideas for men, most men are paying attention to their wardrobes and are keen on dressing well for the occasion. They want to stay up to date about the latest styles and trends. Even men want to look fashionable in these events. No one wants to compromise on their dressing style because style makes a significant impact on one’s personality.



In India, most of the people prefer to wear traditional Muslim attire kurta and salwar on the day of Eid. Because Indian men look best in traditional ethnic wear. With that being said, salwar kurta is the best option for Eid as it looks very appropriate and traditional. But in order to stand out from the crowd, one should experiment with their look, even if it’s a plain kurta or kameez. So, here in this article, we will be discussing the top 10 eid outfit ideas that will help you to look your best.


5 Best Eid Outfit Ideas For Men  :


1. Kurta And Shalwar For Eid Namaz :



Let’s start with the most worn and much shopped for eid outfit for men in India, a shalwar kurta. You can wear a Kurta and Shalwar at time of namaz. It gives enough ease to your body to move and bend freely and keeps you comfortable throughout the day. You can pick any color from the color palette but we would recommend that you avoid bright or flashy colors. However, most of the people prefer white and any pastel colors shalwar and kurta for namaz. Pastel kurtas are best during this summer. You can accessorize this look with a classic timepiece and pair of Kolhapuri shoes or sandals.


2. Nehru Jacket With Kurta And Churidar :



Talking about eid outfit ideas for men, this is probably the most recommended outfit to wear on Eid. You can wear a contrast Nehru jacket over your kurta and churidar. If you want to keep it simple, you can layer your kurta with the same or similar shade Nehru jacket to give it a monochromatic look. You can pick any kind of jacket in any color but we would recommend you to pick solid darker colors as it makes you look very classy and sophisticated. Also, you can add a leather strap watch with classic brogue shoes. A pair of shades(optional) also can go with the entire look.


3. Pathani Kurta With Churidar :



If you are fond of rich and elaborate kurtas with shirt collar aka Pathani kurta, this is the best time to wear them. These types of kurtas come in different colors, patterns, and variations. There are a lot of options available on Amazon. So pick any color which you love the most and pair it up with a contrast(optional) churidar. For this look, we recommended you to wear a Kolhapuri chappal(sandals) with it. This outfit itself looks so complete that you don’t need to accessorize it, as it is very elaborate as it is. Keep it simple.


4. Embroidered Kurta With Trousers :



Embroidery is an important part of Indian crafts. Embroidery from every state or region has a flavor of its own like ‘Chikankari’ from Lucknow, ‘Phulkari’ from Punjab, ‘Kantha’ from Bengal, etc. Wearing an embroidered kurta on Eid can be the best way to stand from the rest of the crowd. You can wear trousers or a churidar or shalwar to pair it up with the kurta. And traditional Peshawari chappal will go perfectly with the look. This is a traditional attire and even older men feel most comfortable with this style of dressing for eid, as it can be worn with ease and is classy.


5. Striped Kurta With White Trousers :



People just love patterns, whether it’s vertical or horizontal stripes. You can bring this modern style even to your eid outfit. You can pair a classic striped kurta with a pair of white trousers and a pair of good moccasins. This look is very simple yet gives a classy look. From young boys to old men everyone can wear this. You can add a few accessories like shades and a leather watch just to make this look better. This is probably the most modern eid outfit ideas for men. You can even wear this to work!


What Footwear Should You Wear On Eid?



Now that we have discussed some options for eid outfit ideas for men, let’s move on to the next best thing. Any outfit is incomplete without the perfect pair of footwear. We all notice people’s footwear in the very first glance. Similarly, even others notice and judge you based on your footwear choice. But also, it is important to pay attention to your footwear because it completes your whole look. To avoid going wrong with your shoes, here are a few best options for shoes that you can incorporate with your look.


  • Kolhapuris
  • Peshawari chappals
  • Mojaris
  • Classic formal shoes


How To Accessorize Your Look?



Shoes and clothes are not enough when it comes to eid outfit ideas for men. Even accessorizing is equally important as picking up the right pair of shoes. However, it’s totally optional but if you do it properly, it enhances the look.


  • Men’s bag: To carry your Phone and wallets.
  • Shades/Sunglasses: To keep your eyes protected from the harsh light.
  • Wristwatch: A gentleman always wears a watch.
  • Bracelet: It’s optional.
  • Taqiyah: A must carry on Eid.


Grooming Is Must :



Lastly, apart from a good outfit, you should also pay attention to your grooming. Messy hair and rough stubble can create a poor impression, let alone be disrespectful for the occasion. In order to get a 10 out of 10, you have to pay attention to your hair and beard grooming before you step out. Get a decent haircut done, Shave/trim your beard, Clip your nails and wash your face either with a face wash or face scrub. Put some moisturizer and sunscreen at least 10-15 minutes before going out. And lastly, don’t forget to put your best cologne(Ittar).


These eid outfit ideas for men is everything you need to know to be ready for Eid, to look your best. Give your modest wardrobe an oomph and start your shopping and keep your look ready to stun on the day of Eid. We hope that you and yours have a blessed Eid. Most Muslims love to celebrate Eid by dressing up and wearing some of their best clothes on this auspicious day. They like to look and smell their best when they go out to meet their friends and relatives.


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