5 Effective Ways To Remove Semen Stain From Anything

Did you feel embarrassed before googling it, “How To Remove Semen Stain?” Of course, you did. You are getting embarrassed just typing about it, now imagine how embarrassing it would be to talk about it openly. So, let’s keep this private. Before making you more uncomfortable, let’s just jump right into the easiest ways to remove semen stains from anything in just a few minutes. 

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Cum Stain, Semen Stain, or Sperm Stain call it whatever you may, it refers to these pesky spots that often find their way into your wardrobe. And you know how hard it is to get rid of them. Here we have come up with a few effective ways to get rid of cum stains easily without letting anyone know.

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5 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Cum Stains Easily :

1. Use Some Good Detergent :

A good detergent always helps to remove any kind of stains. Before the patch or patches dry up completely, soak the garment into water. After a while take it out and put some detergent directly on it and gently rub for sometime. The stain will start to disappear slowly. Once it is completely gone, give it a thorough wash.

Note: Never use hot water, as the heat will make the semen coagulate and make it stick to the fibres of the fabric. Always use cold water for the best results.

2. White Vinegar Also Works :

The next one you can opt for is White Vinegar. Vinegar is usually acidic in nature. When you put it on the semen stains the acid dissolves the organic compounds in it and slowly the patches go off. This can totally be applied on those pairs of boxers, that bedsheet, and pillow cover.

Note: Never put too much of white vinegar.

3. Opt For A Bleach :

Sometimes the cum stain is too stubborn to remove by using the above methods. This happens when you try to remove a weeks or months old stain. In such a case opting for a bleach is a good idea. There are plenty of fabric bleaches available in the market. Be careful while using one.

Note: Bleach is corrosive and not colour safe. So be careful about bleaching coloured garments.

4. Try Boric Acid :

Boric acid is also known as Borax. This is available in any supermarket or grocery shop. Using boric is not difficult. Just make a thick paste of it using a little amount of water and directly apply it to the semen stains. Leave it for 30 minutes and rub it off. Also, don’t forget to wash it thoroughly. 

5. Spot Treatment :

Well, this technique is similar to doing a bleach. You can get a number of spot treatment compounds in the market. Just directly put it on the stain for the mentioned time(on the package) and then wash it off. 

Note: Be careful while using it. May cause damage to a certain type of clothes and colored garments.

So far we have only discussed the 5 easiest ways to remove cum stain from our wardrobe. What about that furry carpet, that super comfy mattress, or those upholsteries that you accidentally drop your semen on. How to clean them? Don’t worry! Here we have covered everything.

Q. How To Remove Semen Stains From Any Kind Of Fabric?

1. Semen Stain Removal From Washable Fabrics :

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For any kind of stain the faster you treat it, the better the outcome is. For most fabrics washing immediately with a good quality detergent will be enough to remove the semen and prevent staining. It is advised to use cold water because the higher temperatures can coagulate the protein in the semen and set it into the fabric fibres, causing a permanent stain.

2.  Semen Stain Removal From Silk And Wool :

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For both new and old cum stains on silk and wool, the best way to treat them is to prepare a pre-soaking solution of water containing a good detergent and leave to soak for sometime and then wash it off. For delicate silk and woolen stuff use a less detergent solution.

3.  Semen Stain Removal From Carpets :

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Carpet stains usually come off easily, but it’s always best to act fast and clean the stain before it dries. First, sponge the stained area with cool water and detergent solution. Next, clean it with some plain water and dab with dry paper towels to remove as much moisture as possible. Lastly, leave it to dry naturally. In case there’s any stain left, just use a soft brush to remove it.

4.  Semen Stain Removal From Mattresses :

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Getting rid of cum stains from mattresses is a little tricky. You can just use a good quality mattress protector to avoid this. In case the stain has seeped through the bed sheets onto the mattress, the area can be spot cleaned. 

First, damp the area with a sponge or a piece of cloth. Then spot clean with a good stain remover. Gently sponge with water to remove any detergent residues. Blot dry as much as possible and then keep it in airy space to dry completely before making the bed.

5.  Semen Stain Removal From Upholstery:

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The cleaning process of upholstery materials varies. Each material has different types of stain removing guidelines. It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean cum stains from your sofa or chairs.

As a general rule first, use some cold water and blot the stain gently. If the stain doesn’t go off, then use a weak detergent solution or an upholstery cleaner. Try not to over-wet the upholstery and lastly, blot dry to remove as much moisture as possible.

Bottom Line:

As a bottom line we would like to say that, the best way is to just ‘Do It’ in the bathroom. You have easy access to water, so by chance anything happens, you just wash it off when the stain is still fresh. Besides, you don’t have to get embarrassed in front of your girlfriend or friends, or family. 

Q&A :

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Q. Are Sperm Stains Permanent?

No, sperm stains are not permanent unless you wash them with hot water. Semen contains protein and when you use hot water to wash, it coagulates the protein and sets it into the fabric fibres, causing a permanent patch on the fabric. So always wash sperm stains with cold water only.

Q. How Long Do Sperm Stains Last?

Cum stains can last for months or years. They get worse and impossible to remove with time. They can also contaminate other things in your laundry. So it’s better to wash them separately.

Q. How To Know If It’s A Semen Stain?

Semen stain can be detected by sight, or by touch (feeling for crusty residue or crunchiness in fabrics). It absorbs ultraviolet light (UV) and re-emits that energy as visible light. Also, it smells like ammonia, bleach, or chlorine.


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