5 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Beard Dandruff

Dandruff and hair fall are complementary and they cause huge problems in our hair & skincare routine. We often go out of the way to cover up this problem, and there are many successful ways to handle hair dandruff which are talked about. The less talked about topic is ‘Beard dandruff’, and we must come to the rescue.

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Many of you face dandruff in your beard on a regular basis, and looking for a permanent solution! We are happy to tell you that, here are your permanent solutions!

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1. Use Beard Shampoo

There are sayings that a man can complete his entire cleansing process with only one soap and water. Well, that’s true but not suggestive! Most of us use the same hair shampoo and face wash to cleanse the beard, but we must use a good beard shampoo. Hair shampoos can be too harsh on the beard, and they might cause unhealthy strands!

2. Use A Beard Conditioner

Using a beard shampoo isn’t enough for your beard care routine. If your beard is dense then the roots need conditioning too. Make sure you also use a good beard conditioner too and provide your beard with the healthy nourishment.

3. Say ‘No’ To Wax

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If you have a long enough beard, then you would definitely want to flex it with some wax and styling. Well, that is one of the root causes of your beard dandruff and it’s time you stop using it. Especially the hair wax is not at all meant for the beard.

4. Beard Oil Is A Must!

Beard Oil is not only to promote the growth of your beard but it also safeguards your beard from the rough and tough nature. Also, it strengthens your beard strands to fight the dust and pollution. Beard oil nourishes the strands with vitamins and nutrients. So it is also a must. One must use beard oil every night in order to avoid beard Dandruff.

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5. Maintain A Hygiene

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Last but not least, one must maintain a proper hygiene routine to promote a healthy and dandruff free beard growth! Keep your bush clean!

These simple beard dandruff treatments will work just fine for most of you. If they don’t then we would recommend visiting a dermatologist. And lastly, take good care of your beard and always keep it clean and nourished. 

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