5 Desi Hip-Hop & Rap Singers Style To Watch Out For In 2020

When it comes to experimental Fashion, no one does it better than the Rappers and Singers of Indian music. Their eclectic style and wild sense of Fashion proves that these artists are no less than Fashion icons in Desi Hip-hop music. Here are some Desi Hip-Hop & Rap Singers Style that can inspire youngsters to dress fashionably in a unique way.

These artists have made some groovy music that we all can dance to at any time. Just like their dance floor breaking lyrics and grooves, their hip-hop Fashion is vibrant and funky! They never hold back when it comes to dressing loudly! Whether it’s street style or red carpet looks, these artists have nailed it. Keep reading, as we decode the wild styles of these talented artists that have come in the spotlight in 2020.

1. Emiway Bantai – The “Machayengey” singer’s Fashion, Boht Hard

Instagram: (https://www.instagram.com/emiway_bantai/)

Shahrukh Shaikh, or better known as ‘Emiway Bantai’ has come to fame after ‘Gully Boy’ movie, when he came into the limelight. Apart from being a Fierce rapper, Bantai is a Fashion gangsta too. This independent artist has an amazing sense of style. From bright colors to psychedelic prints, and chunky watches and glasses, he has made some statement looks. He is known to fashion his long braided hair and beard with most of his looks. He can rock any attire like a pro, even if it’s a simple outfit. Along with a pair of retro glasses and some cool kicks, Emiway has gone far enough to customize a pair of denim with his popular phrase ‘Bantai’. This rapper’s style game truly is, Boht Hard! In the list of Desi Hip-Hop & Rap Singers Style icons.  

2. Divine –  Our Gully Boy From Mumbai

Instagram: (https://www.instagram.com/vivianakadivine/)

Vivian Fernandes a.k.a  Divine, the original Gully Boy, is someone who’s Fashion is not only stylish but also comfortable. Whether it’s on stage or off stage, Divine likes to keep his looks simple and laid back. Started off as a rapper in the ‘chawls’ of Mumbai, Divine rose to fame with the song Mere Gully mein, along with his fellow Mumbai rapper Naezy. When it comes to Fashion, hip-hop artists are known to be the most experimental. This Gully boy has taken Indian hip-hop to ever street style. Divine’s dressing style is all about comfort. He styles his looks with tees and tracks, with a pair of fresh kicks and a cap to add an extra element to his outfit. Join the gully gang if you love his desi Hip-Hop & Rap Singers Style in the Streets of Mumbai!

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3. Raftaar – The Underdog Rapper of B-town

Instagram: (https://www.instagram.com/raftaarmusic/)

The Delhi Rapper, Dilin Nair, better known by his stage name Raftaar is an inspiration to many upcoming rappers in the country. Started off as a singer, Raftaar has recently gained fame as a rapper. Raftaar did many songs with Honey Singh like ‘Dope Shope’, he is next on our list of Desi Hip-Hop & Rap Singers Style. He has emerged as a fashion icon for street style ever since. He has not only received his due credit for his music, but also to his high street fashion. He experiments with contrasting styles, like plaids, patterns, and joggers, and is known to style his hair in an interesting way. And like every rapper, even Raftaar is always seen in a rad pair of sneakers.

4. Dilijit – The Punjabi Superstar & Fashion bawse

Instagram: (https://www.instagram.com/diljitdosanjh/)

Next on our list of desi hip-hop & rap singers style, is the Punjabi singing sensation Dilijit Dosanjh. He has won the hearts of many with his charming smile and personal style. His style can be easily mistaken for millennial trends. His innate sense of fashion makes him a fashion influencer. Despite being a brand snob, as he is often seen in Gucci and Balenciaga, you can still say that this man dresses impeccably. From formal looks to casual, and even ethnic wear, Dilijit’s style is always a standout. He is often seen in a mix of styles, with a chic vibe along with a hipster cool style. And he always accessorizes with his turban matching his outfit and his shades and silver chains. It’s safe to say that Dilijit Dosanjh is not only experimental in Punjabi music but also when it comes to his fashion. 

5. Baadshah – The king of Hip-hop & Fashion

Instagram: (http://instagram.com/badboyshah/)

We all love the Hip-hop rapper Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, a.k.a Badshah, not just for his music, but his wild Fashion too. He is known to create dance floor breaking lyrics, along with his groovy videos. Baadshah is a true sneakerhead, he has a casual and laid back sense of style. He is a total fashion fanatic and is a snob for brands.  From Versace to Balenciaga, he has them all. He makes the most casual tracksuits look incredibly stylish, with retro glasses, and chunky chains. His style is versatile, and whether it’s for a video or an event, he is always dressed impeccably. Fur coat over a blazer, or bomber jackets over an all-black ensemble, he makes it look cool just like his songs, filled with swagger!

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Whether it’s performing their music or dressing up, these artists have shown us that they are incomparable. It’s safe to say that they are no less than fashion icons in 2020. These Desi Hip-Hop & Rap Singers Style has definitely impressed us in 2019 and we are sure that they will bring some more rad looks in 2020.

The best part about these artist’s styles is that they are laid back, casual, yet luxurious all at the same time. They have a swagger about their personal style that attracts the Millenials. Apart from being rappers and hip hop singers, these artists can also include Fashion influencers in their Instagram bios, because in the coming year they will be no less than fashion icons in the industry. 

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