5 Bollywood Actors Who Turned Youtubers

There was a time when it was tough for actors and actresses to get a break into Bollywood, but today you have so many platforms where you can showcase your talent for free. From Instagram to TikTok, of course, YouTube. But do you know YouTube is so important right now, that even Bollywood stars are even coming on to YouTube as ‘creators’, not actors and there are significant Bollywood actors who turned Youtubers.


Digital Media is at its peak right now, and digital celebrities are big things, not any less than any Bollywood stars. This article is about the Bollywood actors who turned Youtubers as well. And also, why did they.

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Why Bollywood Stars Are Coming On YouTube As Creators?


Bollywood is big. Definitely it is. But are platforms like YouTube is any less? No. Today, they are equally big, if not bigger. Both of the industry has a segregated viewership, and they are equally good. And to be honest, Digital is far better than Bollywood. It is convenient, people can watch anytime they feel like (No showtimes!). Also, it’s a little tough for everyone to manage time for a movie, but easier to consume a much shorter and crisp content on YouTube.

As a brownie point, Youtube also provides the privilege of engagement (Like, comment), so people feel much more closer and connected to digital celebrities than the ‘Bollywood’ stars.

There are BB Ki Vines, Technical Guruji, Mostly Sane, Mumbiker Nikhil, Ashish Chanchlani and so many more YouTubers who are doing really good in their career. The sole reason is that their content is engaging and really nice. For the same, brands are really relying on them.

As each one of them can endorse brands in a much better way than Bollywood stars. People feel more connected with the YouTubers, so their influence can do wonders for the brands.

On top of everything, Youtube has a massive reach at convenience. And there are few smart Bollywood actors who realized that at the right time.

So there could be a few possible reasons for the Bollywood actors who turned YouTubers, to do so.

1. Take Some Leverage Of YouTube To Promote Their Films.

This could be the most possible reason why a Bollywood actor can turn into a YouTuber. Taking the leverage of YouTube and discounting it to promote their films with the massive reach of YouTube is a great deal.

2. To Endorse Brands Better.

As you know, digital has better engagement, so any actor who will have a YouTube account and who is also active on it will get a much better brand endorsement than the actors who do not have a channel. Actors are just multiplying their brand’s earnings.

3. To Really Connect More With People.

Some of the Bollywood actors who turned YouTubers have come to YouTube with the sole intention of connecting with the people in a better way. They are not there to promote films or endorse brands. They really wish to entertain their fans and admirers. Also, in the same way, many just want to create good content.

4. Understanding The Future.

As already said, many smart actors and actresses came on to YouTube at the right time to get the reaped fruits. OTT and Digital platforms are the ultimate future of content and understanding it, many of the smart ones already hopped on the journey of YouTube.

These can be the possible reasons for the Bollywood Actors who turned YouTubers to do so. But let’s unveil who are the actors who turned YouTubers actually, and who are absolutely rocking as YouTube creators? We have handpicked the top 5 for you all.

5 Bollywood Actors Who Turned Youtubers :

 1. Alia Bhatt :

She is the queen of Bollywood, but she didn’t hesitate to hop on to YouTube even for once. Her channel is all about her vlogs. Sometimes she talks about what is happening in her life, sometimes she gives sneak peeks too. She loves to share things on her YouTube channel with her subscribers.

Alia Bhatt scored one of the fastest 100K subscribers on her channel, as well as extremely fast 1M too.

Her contents have it all. She has different playlists on YouTube, where one playlist has her own series named ‘In My Kitchen’ where she reveals some healthy food recipes which she loves. Also, it has a playlist which says ‘Brands I Love’, you know the purpose of this one.

Her fitness vlogs and QnA’s are also very sweet. One good thing, she is actually being a YouTube creator uploading videos at regular intervals.

2. Kartik Aaryan :

It has not been long since Kartik Aaryan has joined YouTube as a creator. He, of course, has his own team to look after his YouTube content. A person is there to shoot mostly where Kartik seems to spill some beans while being backstage of various events.

Kartik Aaryan’s YouTube channel has him all candid which is why people love the channel so much. Even while driving around his Mini Cooper or shooting for some interview, Kartik’s cameraman for YouTube does a really good job. One also gets a sneak peek of Kartik’s actual life and his itinerary.

Kartik is also very active on YouTube, but he mostly stays active for his film promotions. Since he has just joined, we can’t say anymore.

3. Varun Dhawan :

One of the most intelligent Bollywood actors who turned YouTuber. Varun Dhawan might get trolled on social media, but he exactly knows how the digital media runs. And he runs it quite well. His channel provides extremely entertaining, and engaging content.

His series ‘The Mango Man’ where he meets and has a fun session with other celebrities is extremely famous and engaging. So far, he has Bhuvan Bam, Charlotte Flair, and Sachin Tendulkar in this series. This is a series of people look up to.

Also, Varun exactly knows how the digital world works, so he doesn’t hesitate to endorse his associates like Breezer Vivid, Fossil on his YouTube videos. He also likes to put vlogs too. His YouTube channel is on par with any other Youtuber’s Youtube channel.

4. Jacqueline Fernandez :

Jacqueline is also one of the Bollywood actors who turned YouTubers, but less known. Her channel is not so active, but she puts on a video or two whenever possible

She mostly put up vlogs on her channel which creates solid engagements as usual. Also, she doesn’t hesitate to provide a glimpse of her life on the YouTube channel too.

Also, recently she is leveraging youtube for her projects like films and music videos. Overall, her YouTube channel is also on par with a normal Youtuber.

5. Priyanka Chopra Jonas :

Although her Youtube’s channel name is only Priyanka Chopra, and she is one of the veterans in the scene. She got on to YouTube before any of these actors did. Her first video itself on YouTube is 5-6 years back. And it seems, either she had some really good vision, or she had the sole purpose to connect with her admirers in a better way.

She has music videos, snippet videos of her singing some songs, her beautiful video contents like ‘If I could tell you just one thing’, vlogs, motivational speeches and much more. Her YouTube channel has one of the most versatile graphs ever. Though her youtube channel is inactive for almost a year now, let’s hope to see her back soon on YouTube.

These were the top 5 actors who turned YouTubers and still slaying like a boss. Hope to see more of the actors to hop on to YouTube in the upcoming future.

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