5 Bollywood Actors Who Actually Went Bald For Movies

Bollywood is a place of amusement and excitement, and artists do not hesitate to try out different things at all. When Director Shoojit Sarkar was looking for a character for Vicky Donor, Ayushman Khurana had amused him saying “I have already donated sperm before!”, and Shoojit Sarkar fell off the chair. This is just an example.

There are movies where the actors have to look bald, and in the time of ‘Prosthetics’, nobody actually ‘needs’ to go bald. However, there are actors who actually went Bald for the movies! Let’s have a look at those brave hearts! (Pun intended!)

1. Akshay Kumar

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The title of ‘Khiladi’ suits him the most as he doesn’t shy away from performing on challenging characters at all. When ‘Housefull 4’ happened and the character of Bala demanded a bald look, Khiladi Akshay Kumar went all bald for the character! Nothing shocking though, it’s just another sporty ‘stunt’ for our Khiladi.

2. Shahid Kapoor

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The famous adaptation of Hamlet is done in Bollywood in the name of “Haider”, which beautifully portrayed the situation of Kashmir as well. Shahid Kapoor played the role of the main protagonist and he didn’t shy away from going bald either. We must mention, it was an extraordinary performance by the entire cast!

3. Ranveer Singh

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Ranveer Singh is the epitome of grace & performance. In the movie Bajirao Mastani, he went Bald for all the scenes. Also, the report says that he shaved his head every morning before the shoot to maintain the flow of the scenes. Such dedication, much wow!

4. Sanjay Dutt

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The role of Kancha Cheena demanded Sanju Baba to get bald, and he didn’t shy away. The KGF 2 needed him to be bald, he again didn’t shy away. He is an actor who dedicated many decades of his life towards cinema and he keeps on amusing us with his looks. 

5. Aamir Khan 

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Who doesn’t know Ghajini? Aamir Khan performed one of the best roles of his entire career in the movie and his hairstyle is known to all! Btw, the movie Ghajini is an adaptation of Nolan’s ‘Memento’. 

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