5 Best Online Eyewear Brands In India 2020

Gone are those days when we had to go out to shop, now everything you want can be brought to your doorstep with a few simple taps on your smartphone. In the last decade, E-commerce has boomed so much, that actual stores started to suffer a little. From clothing to electronics, from vegetables to meat, all can be ordered online. Eyewear? Yes, that too. And in this article, we will talk about the best online eyewear brands in India that you can rely on!


Eyewear typically needs perfect fit, be it your funky shades or power spectacles. So over the time these 6 brands outdid themselves each year and brought the best possible online eyewear shopping experience you can ever get. Let’s unveil.

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What Is So Cool About Online Eyewear Brands?


Well, the first and foremost thing which might come across your mind while choosing the online eyewear shop over typical physical eyewear shop is, ‘why this, why not going to a physical shop?’. We understand your concern, and here we are going to tell you what is so cool about these online eyewear brands in India.

  • Right where you are!

You do not need to get out of your house, book a cab or drive your car, or even walk to the nearest eyewear shop available to you. You just need to take your smartphone or laptop out, launch the brand’s website, and you can try each and every frame available on their e-store powered by smart Artificial Intelligence.

It will scan your face so well, that you can virtually wear the spectacles or power glasses, or even shades and the camera will provide you a live mirror view where you can check exactly how you would look with the same Eyewear, from every angle possible. It saves the most precious thing in today’s era, which is ‘time’.

  • Apt accuracy

The smart AI-powered software efficiently shows you how exactly you would look if you wear the Eyewear. You can save screenshots and share with your friends and family, and later come back to your cart, and place the order. Your spectacles will be delivered at your own doorstep asap. The rate of accuracy is superb.

  • Thousands of varieties

In a physical store, it will actually not be possible for you to keep on trying all the spectacles you like. You might think you are taking too much time and it might be irritating, even if the store-men don’t say anything.

But here, you can take a day or two, to fix the glasses you would like to buy. Take time, be slow but steady, and win the race. Enjoy thousands of varieties at the doorstep.

  • Up to dated styles

It takes a little time to update the mannequins and other stocks. In simpler words, it takes time to sale previous stocks and gear up with the new stocks of the Eyewear, which can be even more stylish. But online, you can be up to date with the sexiest and newest eyewear fashion. So, be in style.

These were the basic and common reasons why online eyewear shopping is so cool today. But it also depends upon the brands and their service and product quality. On the same basis, we bring you the best 5 online eyewear brands in India.

5 Best Online Eyewear Brands In India You Must Know :

1. Lenskart :


Since 2010 Lenskart is one of the most popular online eyewear brands in India. Technically, it was one of the very first online stores which made eyewear go online like garments. Lenskart is formed by an ex Microsoft technician, who had the vision of eliminating the avoidable blindness from India. He believes there are 15million blind people in India which is the largest number in the world.

Lenskart made the optometrist accessibility easy in India. A few clicks on your smartphone and you can bring an eye-check up to your doorstep. You get your reading glass’s power right at your home, so you do not need to take even a step ahead making time from your busy schedule.

Then, sitting at home only, you can try on thousands of glasses, frames, sunglasses, specs using your smartphone, laptop or tablet using a smart virtual AI.

Add them to the cart to get lucrative discounts, sometimes Buy one get one free offer on frames.

Lenskart changed the entire game of how the best online eyewear brands in India should work. Lenskart also has physical stores all across the nation and you can get there whenever you want eyewear at a reasonable price. They also provide offers like Buy 2 at ₹999 which is definitely a great deal to grab on.

2. GKB Opticals :


GKB Optical was a company which is in service since 1959, at Agra. But with time, it never shied away to develop its strategy and be the number one in the game.

GKB offers a Crizal lens, amazing frames, and superb offers. From RayBan to D&G, GKB has served 60+ top-notch brands to the people.

GKB Optical brings the online ‘Try-On’ feature the same as Lenskart and using this tech you can see how exactly you will look in the specs.

Their sunglasses provide 100% UV ray protection. In fact, the best thing about GKB optical is the EMI feature just from ₹1000. So even if you do not have money right now but you desperately need a glass, you can count on GKB.

Also, GKB provides you with a solid 1-year warranty on all its product. You can get any product of GKB and rely on the quality.

3. Titan Eye Plus :


When it comes to Eyewear and Watches, which company comes to your mind? It is Titan. Titan Eye Plus has physical stores as well as it is one of the best online eyewear brands in India on whom you can completely rely.

Their products are top-notch. They provide warranty too. Yes, it is true that their products require a little budget but it is all worth it. You will rarely have any complaints after buying eyewear from Titan Eye Plus.

Titan Eye Plus has over 550 physical stores in India. Their try-on feature is really cool and they also provide some amazing discounts online. Titan is the name you can believe when it comes to eyewear.

4. Eyedo :


Another important name in the list of best online eyewear brands in India is Eyedo. From Jim Parker to RayBan, it has got all. Eyedo is an online eyewear brand that started the internet journey recently, but it has been in the market for over 25 years now.

So definitely it is trustworthy and they have some amazing collection and offer running all the time on the website.

5. Coolwinks :


If you are looking for a youthful and fashionable eyewear brand then that can be Coolwinks. Their collection is really cool and they also provide some amazing discounts on the website.

They promise that every week you will find something trendy on their online store also, they provide free shipping to your doorstep.

These were the best online eyewear brands in India in 2020, and all of them have some amazing collections. So which one you are going to visit for your next eyewear?

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