5 Best Jeans Fit For Men With A Heavy Bottom

When it comes to jeans fit, there are a lot of options out there. Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable in all types of Jeans fits. Because of the different body types and frames, we need to pick a fit that is comfortable to wear and looks fashionable too. Whether your bottom is wide or your legs have a lot of fat or highly trained muscles, in both cases, you struggle to fit into right fit jeans. Here we come up with the best jeans fit for men with a heavy bottom.

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Yet another common dilemma both men and women face while finding the right jeans fit is when they have a heavy bottom. Before we get onto it, we must first know why it’s important to pick the right fit when you have a heavy bottom.

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Why Do You Need The Right Fit Jeans For Your Heavy Bottom?

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As we mentioned earlier, all men have different body types. We must know what fit jeans to wear according to our bodies. Whether it’s too tight or loose, if we pick the wrong fit we may face a few problems carrying it. Especially for a tight fit, men with heavy bottoms should be more particular while buying a pair of jeans. As it can be significantly uncomfortable.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you pick jeans if you have a curvy bottom. These points will help you make the right decision to find the right jeans fit for men with a heavy bottom.

  1. Say no to skinny fit jeans. 
  2. Even a slim fit may hamper the natural movement of your legs.
  3. Tight fit jeans may cause rashes on the skin (especially on the inner thigh area) due to friction of the fabric.
  4. A tight fit may tear your jeans while you stretch your body(during sitting).
  5. You tend to sweat a lot around the crotch area because of wearing a tight fit.
  6. Because of your heavy bottom, your jeans may not fit at the waist, if you size up. However, when you size down it may fit well at the waist but not at the hips. 
  7. Your jeans’ pockets(both front and back) are not handy when you go for a tight fit. This means that the more things you put in the pockets will make it look heavier than it is. Which makes the jeans fit for men with a heavy bottom bad.

If not skinny fit or slim fit, then what jeans fit men with a heavy bottom should opt for? Here are the best 5 for them.

5 Jeans Fits That Look Best For Men With A Heavy Bottom :

1. Regular Fit : 

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The regular fit is the ultimate everyday jeans, straight through the hip, thigh, and leg. It gives you a decent amount of space at the crotch and thigh area, which makes you comfortable in any situation. So if you are someone who has a big buttock or a muscular thigh, then these regular fit jeans are just perfect for you! Make sure to grab these jeans fit for men with a heavy bottom.

2. Relaxed Fit :

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As the name suggests relaxed fit jeans are meant for them who have thicker thighs. It’s an easy and comfortable fit from top to bottom that’s relaxed through the knee. It also gives enough room around the hip and thigh making your legs move freely. Relaxed fit jeans are the most commonly worn jeans which are mostly preferred by bodybuilders or plus size people who have bigger bottoms.

3. Baggy Fit : 

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You must have already understood by its name. Also known as loose fit jeans, have a baggy fit which gives you breathing space. This fit provides plenty of space around the thighs and butt so that it doesn’t stick to your thighs too tight. You can wear baggy denim for a long period of time as it won’t make you sweat. Out of different men’s body types, the baggy fit is ideal for big-boned men. However, if you don’t want to look bigger, you should avoid this kind of fit.

4. Athletic Tapered Fit : 

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What is tapered fit? These highly popular jeans are usually wider at the top but narrower at the bottom. Due to having a heavy bottom one must opt for this particular fit. It gives you an extra room especially at the butt area and gradually narrows down from the knee to ankle. Guys who have bigger waists and thighs and like a comfortable fit prefer these jeans. And not to forget, that this particular fit is in trend.

5. Slim Straight Fit :

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These jeans are slim throughout the thigh but with a straight leg. Among all the others on the list, we would recommend this one at the last. As we all know slim-fit jeans have less room as compared to other fits. If you can bear with some little discomfort at the thigh area any man with a heavy bottom can wear these perfectly. However, we would suggest you go for a bigger size to minimize the discomfort as much as possible. This way you can get a slimmer fit, but also have enough room. 

*Bonus Point – Custom Fit :

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We understand that not everyone prefers to go for custom-made jeans. But if you are not comfortable with any of the above fits that are available in the market, then it’s a good option. A custom-made will not only give you a better fit but also the option to make your own designs. If you have a design sensibility you can get your own designs done. There is an endless number of possibilities. And you can get a fit that is not only comfortable but also complements your body shape. 

10 Fashionable Ways Men Can Hide Their Heavy Bottoms :

Well, there are a lot of ways you can hide your heavy thighs and butt from anyone’s gaze. However, bodybuilders or fitness models like to flaunt their legs instead of hiding them. Here we are talking about plus-size men and especially men with heavy bottoms. Here are a few ways you can actually create illusions and hide your bottoms.

  1. You need to wear the above-mentioned jeans fits.
  2. Avoid skinny fit, or size up.
  3. Go for one size larger than your normal size.
  4. Don’t color block your outfit. By that we mean your top and bottom outfit should not have much contrast.
  5. Try to wear a neutral shade and if possible monochromatic outfit. That means try to coordinate your top and bottom.
  6. Never wear bright colored jeans. Opt for deeper tones. 
  7. Avoid wearing a contrast colored best. Match your belt with the jeans.
  8. Do not fasten your belt too tightly. It may accentuate your butt and thighs.
  9. Never put your wallet or phones in the back pockets. It will make look your butt heavier.
  10. Last but not least do not wear boxers or boxer briefs. They will make your butt and thigh look bigger. Instead, go for trunks.

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What Should Be The Material Of Your Jeans If You Have A Heavy Bottom?

No matter how much space your jeans give, they will still stretch at the crotch and thigh level at some point. You must have known that pure cotton made jeans don’t stretch at all. So while buying a pair of jeans you need to choose one wisely. A man with a heavy bottom should always opt for stretch denim.

So what is a Stretch Denim? It is usually a blend of 97-98% of cotton and 2-3% of Spandex. This gives you wonderful ease to move your legs and at the same time some support for those “trouble spots” you aren’t so fond of around the hips or thighs. While buying it make sure you check it by pulling the fabrics with your fingers. And you are good to go when you are trying to find the right jeans fit for men with a heavy bottom.

Conclusion :

There’s nothing wrong with having a heavy bottom, men with Pear-shaped figures are bottom-heavy. But if you don’t want to accentuate this feature of yours. Then we hope this guide will help you conceal your big butt with Fashion. By following these guidelines you can ensure that people’s gaze won’t go straight to your bottom. 

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