5 Best Hair Conditioner For Men To Get A Healthy Hair

Even after using the best shampoo for your hair, taking good care of it, and doing everything you feel is necessary to keep your hair healthy, if you don’t use a hair conditioner, you are damaging your hair unknowingly, every day. So what is the best hair conditioner for men?

We will come to that for sure. But before we jump on to the best hair conditioner for men, let’s understand what is the importance of using one so that you don’t miss out applying one from the next time when you shower.

Q. Why It Is Important To Use Hair Conditioner?


You all are familiar with the importance of shampoo because it is well fed by the advertisements. Yes, the shampoo will cleanse your hair and remove the oil, dirt, and dust particles stuck between the strands, even your dandruff which is basically dead skin of your scalp. It is extremely important to use shampoo to wash your hair and maintain good hygiene.

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Now, when you use a shampoo, in the process of killing the bacteria, removing the dirt and oil, it damages your hair. The shampoos have such element which causes a little harm to your hair in order to get it clean.

Who does the damage control? Yes, a conditioner. As the name says, it conditions your hair. It nourishes your hair with all the vitamins and minerals, all the nutrients it lacked, and lost in the test of weather change, wind, dirt, and other causes. Basically, a conditioner is there to rejuvenate your hair.

Many people think, the only purpose of using a conditioner is to make the hair smoother. Wrong. The hair becoming smoother is just the outcome of it being nourished well with vitamins and minerals. All the elements it lacked before.

As a result, it becomes easier for your hair to combat situations like blow dry, wind, dust. That’s how it works.

Q. What Is A Hair Conditioner?


A conditioner is used after shampooing your hair to improve the feel and texture of your hair while doing all the above-mentioned things silently. The friction between the hair strands becomes smoother, as a result, you feel easier to style or keep your hair.

Not only that, but men also have a tendency to lose hair more than women. Applying hair conditioner after shampoo just minimizes the chances of hair fall too.

It hydrates your hair. No, the water which falls upon your hair while bathing doesn’t hydrate it. It washes the dirt away. But, conditioner hydrates your hair from within, and that is as important as it sounds.

It moisturizes your hair and makes it stronger to face the outer world in the sun and wind.

Q. How To Use A Hair Conditioner?


Using a conditioner is very easy, but most of you get it wrong. When you are done shampooing, you need to apply conditioner, at least 15ml of it for the best result. May vary if you have an extra volume or less volume.

  • Take the conditioner in your palm, then apply it all over your hair. Message your hair, but not the scalp. There’s no harm if the conditioner trickles down through the strands and reaches your scalp, but there’s no need to message the scalp either.
  • After applying it, leave it there for at least 7-8 minutes. It will do its repair, conditioning, and nourishment. In the meantime, you can enjoy your little concert in the shower or wash your other areas of the body.
  • Then you must wash your hair with clean water and remove the conditioner. Otherwise, it will just feel heavy, unnecessarily. The work will be done in 7-8 minutes.
  • Once done, you can enjoy your smoother hair and all the above-mentioned benefits added to it.

Now as we are done discussing everything you might need to know about conditioner, let’s move onto the picks of best hair conditioner for men.

We have picked conditioners from all price ranges, so that you get an option at every price range, low to high.

5 Best Hair Conditioner For Men :

There are many conditioners in the market, but we have handpicked the most benefitting one to bring the best results to you.

1. TIGI Bed Head For Men Clean Up Peppermint Conditioner :


Well, it had to be in the first place, as it is the best pick. Yes, it’s pricy, but it’s worth it. TIGI Bed Head is a famous name in the world of styling products, and it will not turn you down.

It is designed to provide you with a refreshing and delightful experience.

It has proteins, peppermint, ginseng root extract, which will together improve the hair volume, and quality. It will repair your hair as well. It cost ₹1000 for 200ml.

2. L’Oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Conditioner :


As we said, we will provide you with an option for each price range. This one will cost you just ₹200, and it is also a very good product to use. It is specially designed and marketed for Indian men. It has six nutrition oils in it to repair and nourish your hair. Also, it is one of the rare conditioners which can be used on the scalp. A very good choice for everyday use.

3. TRESemme Spa Rejuvenation Conditioner :


As the name speaks volume, TRESemme is a name you can trust. It is filled with proteins, vitamins and essential nutrients for your hair to shine on.

Also, if you ever want a mini spa at your home, this is the conditioner you need to bank upon. The price is extremely reasonable, it costs just ₹220 bucks. And it is extremely helpful to rejuvenate your hair.

It is one of the most popular hair conditioners for men.

4. The Forest Essential Hair Conditioner :


It is loaded with Amla, Honey, and Mulethi, all these ingredients together are capable enough to bring back the lost shine to your hair. It rejuvenates, it repairs and definitely helps you to combat wind and dust.

It is a luxurious ayurvedic brand, so you can trust it by 200%.

Soya Protein, Sweet almond oil, pure coconut oil, Haritaki, herb, and Reetha are also a few of the main ingredients.

5. Kama Ayurveda Conditioner :


It is loaded with lavender oil. Soya bean extract, gooseberry, almonds, and other pure essential oil are just bonus to take your hair on a vacation. The lavender and patchouli nourish your hair deeply.

It also helps you to restructure and repair the damaged strands.

These were our top picks for the best hair conditioner for men. You can have any of them and enjoy a healthier and smoother hair from your next bath.


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