4 Upcoming Careers That Are Taking Over The Future

You all think about ‘Which is the best career?’ or ‘Careers that are taking over the future’. It’s obvious to think and worry about your career. Especially for the guys of ’80s & ’90s, they all had a very limited and stereotype sort of career choice. But from the year 2020, there is a broad range of choices to choose a career from.


Your career will not only depend upon how good you were in studies at school anymore, but it’s also going to depend upon how presentable you are, how uniquely you can think, and how incredibly you can execute your plans. There are a lot more tips in this article along with top careers that are taking over the future.

Why Career Options Are Drastically Changing?


Before we hop on to the part where we discuss Careers that are taking over the future, it’s important to know why at all the career options are changing for you.

  • Previously, there was a huge demand for manpower in various sectors. It’s very obvious that every guy had this conversation with his dad once about how hard they used to work, and now everything is happening behind the computer screens. Right? Well, they have seen an evolution, a very significant one in the working world.
  • You too are going to witness another remarkable change in the industry. Do you remember how computers caused many people to lose their jobs in the early 2000s in India?
  • It was the Dot Com Bubble which hit its high in 1997 all across the globe. Tech companies like IBM were gorging some real profit, every tech guy was. It became mandatory to learn the computer to be in the rat race. So people who knew how to handle or work on a computer were in demand. Now, after two decades things are completely changed again.
  • Now Computers are learning all by themselves. Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization has already brought a revolution which is still on process. AI requires most minimum input from a person, to perform tasks. Now things are getting ultra-automated.
  • The way ‘Hey Siri’ & ‘Okay Google’ are doing tasks on your behalf, that’s incredible, and that’s actually a very small picture you are looking into. Things are happening on a much larger scale. Soon computers will not require people anymore.
  • Currently, a massive percentage of the working class is performing their whatsoever work on Computers, what’s going happen when AI takes over massively? Most of the people will need a mandatory career switch. And people who are opting for new careers will have loads of options to choose from. Careers which are unique, based on pure skill and knowledge. Also based on more practical knowledge and less theoretical knowledge.

That is why career options are drastically changing and will continue to do so. It can also happen like Sci-Fi movies where we all are surrounded by Alpha Robots. But that has time, for sure. As of now, let’s have a look into the top Careers that are taking over the future & tips and tricks to succeed.

Careers That Are Taking Over The Future :

1. Social Media Influencer :


Yes, you have read that right. Social Media Influencing is on its heights. Actually, let’s understand why it is so popular career choice now, step by step.

Previously people used to market their products or services with the use of print media, television, hoardings, banners & free sampling. Then the internet came, and Google Ads became the most powerful tool to give your brand some exposure. Along with video ads run on Google, YouTube. Then ads started to be integrated on Instagram and now, on Facebook videos too. Can you see the constant shift towards narrowed advertisements? Where advertisers are making sure no ads are being wasted, every ad is reaching a potential customer? They started using cookies and cache to target the ads even better.

To take it one step ahead, and to bring even more personalization to the product & service marketing, now marketers use Social Media Influencers. It’s definitely one of the top few Careers that are taking over the future.

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Q. Who is a Social Media Influencer?


A person who has a stable and organic reach on the social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, blogger, Facebook and more, and who can influence other people in a large number to make a better lifestyle with or without a particular product or service in their lives is called a Social Media Influencer.

So technically, any person who can influence a set of people with something or the other utilizing the social platforms is called Social Media Influencer. In today’s time, YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world after Google.

Anyone who has a query now prefers to watch a video instead of reading a blog. That’s why Lifestyle Vloggers & Bloggers are able to make a fortune now. Not only lifestyle, but you can also pick up any genre and justify it. Do you want to buy the iPhone 11? The first thing you will do is going to YouTube and search iPhone 11 features or unboxing. Soon, hundreds of videos with more than 100K views will pop up.

So brand deals come handy if you have a good connection with your audience. That’s why even successful websites like Phone Radar is stepping onto YouTube. Also, there is a healthy ecosystem built up surrounding YouTube and other Social Media Influencing businesses, where there are Influencer Managers who act as a bridge between Social media Influencers & the brands.

Also, social media celebrities are felt much closer than the movie stars, so influencing a product through them is always more effective.

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Q. Expected Income from Social Media Influencing?

Mm.. It will depend on several factors. The only tip is to transfer your followers and subscribers from one platform to another, so in case one platform shuts down in the near future you will have back up. Also, be extremely honest & transparent with your followers, they are smarter than you. If you have a good connect, fetching ₹50K a month will be easy (Brand deals+Google AdSense). If you are really good at your influencing, 50L or 1Crore deals will also come easily to you.

2. Digital Marketer :


Of course Digital Marketing is a big thing now, and of course, it going to be even bigger in the next few years only. Most of the digitalization is still about to happen across the globe, so doing a digital marketing course from a reputed & trusted institution can really shine your career up.

As already said, marketing is now mostly dependant on digital means. Every business is either having a website & social media existence or they are getting on board sooner or later. It has become mandatory out of peer pressure and change in preferences of people. So Digital Marketing is about to bloom even better.

Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, Google AdSense, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ad Campaigns, all comes under digital marketing. It’s a broader spectrum that covers entire areas through which marketing can be done online. Digital Marketing is the most potent tool for any business, start-up to grow now. There’s basically no other way except sheer luck. Basically, it’s one of the topmost Careers that are taking over the future.

Q. Where to learn Digital Marketing?

There are loads of institutions that are teaching valuable lessons on digital marketing. The biggest and most trusted one in India is Digital Vidya. Google has its own course of Digital Marketing where an entire curriculum has been covered. Except that, Udemy is a good option. Edx & Coursera are also nice options. If you want to go abroad and study, then North-western University, Emory University these all are good choices.

Q. What is the expected salary in digital marketing?

A fresher can make anywhere between 15K to 20K INR. With a year of experience or two, It will be around 25K to 35K depending on how good you are. But it is suggested to do freelancing where you can take 2-3 projects together generating you pay around 50K a month easily. With experience, it will be around 1L.

Tip to remember:  When you know digital marketing, always try to create a brand out of yourself on Digital Platforms so it can generate your business and income (active & passive both). If done correctly, be your own boss.

3. AI & App Developer :


A brutal fact is robots and machines have taken the jobs of factory workers. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence will take away the jobs of Office workers. Now, AI’s perform even more efficiently than a human being. Last year in Google I/O, there was a visualization of how you can now ask Google to take an appointment on your behalf and Google Assistant calls and books your appointment while talking in a very normal human voice.

Such things can any day make you feel about how insignificant you can become in this world. AI may reach the human-level by 2029. And the year 2045 can witness an entire Sci-fi script as reality. So definitely another topmost preferred option from Careers that are taking over the future.

Q. What is the salary of an AI programmer?

 After learning Machine Learning and Data Science overall, an AI developer or programmer can make anywhere around 4L to 24L per annum in India. Also, big MNCs will even give 1Crore per annum too. It all depends on how good you are with your work.

4. Cyber Security :


Of course, when the entire build-up is mostly based on the internet now on, securing the elements will be one of the major tasks to get done. That’s why Cyber Security will always be in demand at any cost. If you know how to protect a digital asset om the web, your amount can be priceless. Many companies and MNCs pay in crores an annum just for the sake of the safety and security of their websites & other platforms.

We are actually questioning our entire economy and peripheral activities directly or indirectly, also other networks too. If you are working for the Govt. as a cybersecurity expert, you are doing no less than protecting the country from the enemy.

Q. How much money you can earn?

It can be anywhere from 3L an annum to 36L an annum depending on your skills & experience. If you are good, your price will actually be priceless.

As we can see, with the digitalization hits the world there are hundreds of new career opportunities available for you to choose from. Make sure you know what you want from you. Then choose from any career along with Doctor, 3D Printer and more. But in short, it’s going to depend on more than your practical knowledge than the theoretical knowledge you have, for sure. So focus on that. These were the top Careers that are taking over the future.

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