25 Mens Hair Color Trends To Impress Everyone In 2022

When it comes to hair color trends, why should women have all the fun? It’s 2022 and this is the year to try something new. And what better way to kick start the year than changing your hair color? You can find some exciting inspiration from our recommendations of mens hair color trends in 2022 and where you can find them!

Experimenting with new hair colors is a great way to look more attractive and fashionable. Typically a man with colored hair tends to look more fashionable than he is if it is done in the right way. So before you jump into this new aesthetic journey, we are here to show you some of the best mens hair color trends that you can try in 2022. 

25 Best Hair Color Trends To Follow In 2022 :

Let’s start by looking into some of the trendiest mens hair color trends that you can pick from. Pale pinks or blazing purples or a midnight blue color, take a moment to think about which hair color speaks to you! If color is not your thing, you can always go for a classic grey or blonde to keep that subtle yet still aesthetic look. Here we have for you a combination of bold bright colors, to dark and subtle colors without making too much of a dramatic change!

Before we get into the color, you can decide whether you either want a dramatic makeover with a global color or highlights or lowlights, depending on what sort of a look you think would suit your personality. But first, let’s go through the current mens hair color trends which are worth trying. Most of these colors have been made popular by celebrities, and mostly Kpop idols, as they tend to be more unique with their looks. Keep reading as we highlight the latest hair colors in 2022. 

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1. Auburn Hair Color :

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Auburn Hair color is probably one of the most common hair color trends that has survived through times. It is generally a brownish-red hue. It gives you a mysterious, captivating and even exotic look. A man with Auburn hair color cannot miss your sight, as the color adds for a strong contender. It’s not an all too bold color, and looks great when it is globally colored. 

Style Tip: Auburn hair color is often considered as a “cool tone” hence it has a more blue undertone. It suits skin tones that are neutral and a great hue for fair to medium skin tones. 

2. Chestnut Color :

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The next color that is quite popular among young men is the Chestnut color. It is a rich brown tone that gives any guy a classic look. It has a slight bit of reddish hues along with a deep brown tone. This color will give you a subtle change and won’t overpower your overall appearance. The difference between Auburn and Chestnut is that chestnut hair color is more brown and a warmer tone.

Style Tip: If you don’t want the color to be too plain or anti-climactic then add in some lighter highlights to add more character to the look.

3. Ombre Hair Color :

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The Ombre hair color is in style and has been a hot hair trend over the past couple of years. And if you are wondering if Ombre is still in Style in 2022, then yes, it is. From runways to magazine covers, you will see Ombre look everywhere. The best Ombre Hair color options are with beach blonde, light brown and natural browns. 

Style Tip: If you have a fair skin tone, opt for a subdued, ashy blonde tone. However, if you have a  darker skin tone you can opt for deep reds, copper, and bronze ombre. 

4. Brunette Hair Color :

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The next popular hair color among mens hair color trends is a deep brunette hair color. It has a dark brown copper shade with a rich, warm tone. When it comes to brunette hair, there can be many options, from honey brown to golden bronze, and light caramel. It depends on the depth of the shade that gives a more rich color to the shade. It can instantly make you feel confident even with a subtle color. 

Style Tip: If your skin is fair and neutral, this color can bring out your eyes. And if you have a warm skin tone, it will complement your eyes and bring out the natural warm skin tone. 

5. Ginger Hair Color : 

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Something about red heads that instantly attracts people. But Ginger hair color is not just suitable for women. It is yet another popular mens hair color trend that one must try. While women can opt for a more strawberry red shade, men can go for a more orangey ginger hair color that can complement their looks. For a color like ginger you have to make sure that you have the right undertone so it suits you. 

Style Tip: This hair color is mostly for those with a pale skin tone as it is a warm color. Ginger is a rare hair color, hence you can only pull it off if you are confident and have the right features.

6. Balayage Hair Color :

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One of the hottest mens hair color trends has to be the Balayage hair color. Balayage is technically a method where the hair color is gradually painted to give a more natural looking highlight effect. It’s different from ombre hair color as Balayage is more vertical, and it is a technique not a style. Balayage can also be done with different colors to create a gradual transition creating a gradient effect. 

Style Tip: Balayage has a more natural, and sun-kissed look to your hair. And it is less noticeable. So if you want a more subtle and natural look, this is the one. 

7. Dark Grey Hair :

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Take the salt and pepper look to the next level and go for a dark grey hair color. It’s not a loud hair color, but at the same time it is a trendy color that you can opt for. If you think grey hair is not stylish, you are wrong. It can instantly give you an attractive and fashionable look. It’s safe to say that this mens hair color trend is a gentleman-perfect hair color that can give you a dandy appearance. 

Style Tip: Go for a deep dark grey hair color with some highlights in ash grey for a more dramatic gentleman look

8. Rainbow Hair Color : 

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Achieving the rainbow hair color is not as easy as it may seem. It sure is a fierce mens hair color trend. And it is at the top of the fashion industry. The rainbow trend is also a strong way to stand up in support of the LGBTQ community. Apart from what it stands for, it’s also a pretty popular trend. 

Style Tip: You need confidence to pull off this look. And not everyone can carry this style. The rainbow hair color trend has a bold outlook and go for it only if you want a dramatic transformation.  

9. Mahogany Color Hair :

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Another classy hair color to try this year is the Mahogany color hair. It has a deep wood-tone that is great for those who want to stick to brown shades. It’s a dark rich reddish brown hue that gives you a subtle transformation. It;s woody tone is best suited for those with a fair or medium complexion. 

Style Tip: Despite its slight transformation it is a lovely choice for those with a medium skin tone and cool undertone. 

10. Pink Hair Color :

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Pink Hair color is at the top of our list when it comes to the hottest hair color trends in 2022. It is a bold choice of color, but at the same time it is fun and flirty. Only a few are bold enough to go for this color. Whether you go all pink or some subtle highlights, this is a color that will instantly transform your look. Just because it’s pink, it doesn’t have to be just for women! 

Style Tip: You will be surprised by how men with pink hair pull off their looks in a fun yet sexy way. But since it’s a bold color, try to opt for a more subtle shade of pink.

11. Blonde Hair Color :

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When we talk about mens hair color trends, it all starts with blonde hair color! Not quite literally, but the base color for most bright colors begins with bleaching the hair down to a light blonde color. Even while getting a balayage technique or highlights all over. It gives you a sleek look depending on the lightness or darkness of the blonde. Depending on your skintone you could go for darker roots for a bold contrast. 

Style Tip: If you have dark hair color, your blonde may tend to look rusty. Warmer blonde hues look best on those with cool skintones with a note of pink. 

12. Peach Hair Color :

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Similar to pink hair color, peach hair color may sound like a bold choice for men. But it does not mean peach hair is only for girls. As peach is a warmer hue, it looks best on pale and cool skin tones. Depending on how you style it can give you a fun yet youthful look. You can find pink/peach a popular choice of hair color among kpop idols and Korean actors. 

Style Tip: If you have a darker skin tone, the warm peach will complement your skin tone. However, go for a more pastel hue rather than a bright one to accentuate your skin tone. 

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13. Cinnamon Hair Color :

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Another brown hair color that you cannot miss out on is the cinnamon hair color. It’s a reddish-brown undertone that looks great on everyone. The rich brown gives depth, dimension and warmth to your hair no matter how you style it. If you don’t want to go too bold with your hair color, this is a great way to add some character to your hair. 

Style Tip: As the cinnamon hair color is a medium brown with warm undertones, those with cool and neutral skin tones look best in it. However even those with warmer undertones can try it. 

14. Mocha Hair Color :

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Do you prefer dark colors? Then the Mocha hair color is the perfect one for you. This is another mens hair color trend that you have to watch out for. Yes it’s another brown shade, however it has a medium to almost deep brown base, and you can also find black hair. Mocha hair color is dark brunette hair laced with highlights and lowlights. Thanks to the mocha hair you can add a lot of dimension to your hair.

Style Tip: Mocha hair color looks great on most people, and it’s so popular because it’s neutral, which means it works well for cool or warm undertones. 

15. Ash Purple Hair :

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If you have a lighter skin tone, you should try lavender or purple hair color. However if bright purple is not your cup of tea, then Ash purple hair is just the one for you. The ash in the purple can tone the warmth in your hair, and tackle the brassy orange tones. This way your hair will have a neutral shine. Similar to any pastel shade, even this hair color can be difficult to maintain. 

Style Tip: Darker skintones can also try ash purple hair, go for deeper richer purples. When it comes to purple, go for cooler purple for a cool undertone and warmer purple for warm skintone.

16. Amber Hair Color :

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Another warm hair color for those who love redheads! Amber hair color has been one of the popular mens hair color trends in 2020. The Amber hair color falls into the red color family and hence is a warm hue. This hair color has notes of reds, orange, and gold tones. The warm hue can add dimension to your hair and flatter almost any complexion.

Style Tip: If you don’t want to go all out with the red hue then you can keep it limited with reddish highlights. It will still add dimension to your hair.

17. Beige Hair Color :

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If your hair’s on the lighter side you can go for a subtle hair color change with the Beige hair color. Beige hair color looks great with a mix of blonde highlights as it gives more dimension to your hair. This is yet another mens hair color trend that is best suited for those with lighter skintones and neutral undertones. 

Style Tip: If you have an olive or dusky skintone, and want to try a lighter hair color, you can opt for the beige hair color with blonde balayage highlights to add more depth to your hair.

18. Champagne Hair Color :

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If there is one thing we love more than champagne, it’s the subtle champagne hair color! It is one of the few blonde hair colors that looks good on every skintone if styled right. If you want a dramatic change but still look classy then champagne hair color is the way to go! It is one of the popular mens hair color trends from 2020. And you will see a lot of celebrities opting for this shade atleast once in their career.

Style Tip: Unlike the typical blonde, the champagne hair color is a cooler undertone and suits warm and cool skintones. It is neither ashy nor warm and is a fun color!. 

19. Fuchsia Hair Color :

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We spoke about pink hair color, but let’s take it up a notch. Fuchsia hair color will probably be one of the most dramatic hair colors to try.  It’s not a popular choice of color among men, but this hair color keeps coming back in trend once in every few years. It has a bold fierce look, that can grab all the attention from the room.

Style Tip: If Fuchsia is a bright and bold choice of hair color that you are still hesitating to try, you can start by having fuchsia highlights.   

20. Flaxen Hair Color :

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This is not a hair color you might have often heard, but however it is yet another among the mens hair color trends in 2022 you should know. The Flaxen hair color is a pale and yellowish-grey color. As the name suggests it looks like the color of straw or unspun dressed flax. This color, unlike the champagne hair color won’t suit many skin tones.

Style Tip: check if your skin has a cool or warm undertone before you try this color. As it suits pale and neutral skin tones better. 

21. Hazel Hair Color :

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By popular voting, one of the most attractive hair colors on men is browns and blacks. So next on our list is Hazel hair color. You will find a majority of American actors feature this hair color. This is a common color but can complement a majority of skin tones. Hazel hair color and brown eyes are the most natural-looking combination, especially for olive skin tones.

Style Tip: Hazel hair color can easily flatter fair to medium skin tones. This hair color will give you that mysterious and sexy appeal. 

22. Crimson Hair Color :

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If browns give you a classy look, Crimson hair color will give you that sexy look. Crimson hair color can be seen on a lot of celebrities at least once in their career. The crimson is sure to give a fiery spin to your entire look. This hair color will add warmth to your skin tone, so if you have a pale skin tone it will help add some glow to your facial features. 

23. Olive Hair Color : 

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If you have warm undertones, then the Olive hair color is most likely to suit you. It will bring out your eyes and complement your skintone. Since the color is more close to dusky warm skintones; it will accentuate pale cool undertone skintones. This is one of the popular mens hair color trends for men from 2020. 

Style Tip: If you add some highlights, and caram,el tones to the hair color it will add more dimension to your hair color. 

24. Cappuccino Hair Color :

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As delicious as the beverage is, the cappuccino hair color has a gorgeous look. It is a rich dark brown or even chocolate brown hair color that is a more traditional color. It is a common color that can be seen among men. If you are bored of your black hair, this is one subtle yet not too dramatic way to add some interesting touch to your appeal. 

Style Tip: Add some modern colors to the brown cappuccino color to add more modern touches to the otherwise plain shade. 

25. Mint Hair Color : 

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Mint green has been a popular choice of color when it comes to fashion and hair trends in 2020. It’s a bright color similar to pinks and peach but it has a more pastel and aesthetic vibe. It is a cool color and looks best when neutral undertones try this hair color. Another popular trend is ombre mint hair color, with black and dip dye effect.

Style Tip: This color might not suit warm or olive skin tones, however, if you add it as highlights it can suit you better. 

Bottom Line: 

These are a few mens hair color trends from 2020 that you should try in 2022. This article combines a few bold hair colors along with a few subtle hair colors. Depending on what you feel comfortable with, you can opt for that hair color. But remember, no matter what hair color you try, the best thing to wear is confidence.

With confidence and a little bit of fashion, you can experiment with a hair color that is best suited to your taste.  Hair color is one of your best fashion features to experiment with, and it takes less time. It might not be a bold move but it will still manage to upgrade your entire look and appeal with just little tweaks.

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