15 Best Modeling Poses For Male Models & Fashion Influencers

What are the best modeling poses for male models? Is a question that often pops up among men in the Fashion industry. In the current day and age, when social media is the big buzz, everyone wants to be a model, whether on the Runway or Print. And social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook have made it much easier to achieve your goal. But in order to become a successful model, one must work on his posing and ensure that he is making the right expressions.

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Before we get onto the different types of modeling poses, first let’s talk about modeling. If you are a beginner and are keen about becoming a successful male model, we would suggest you go through one of our articles, “beginners guide for how to pose like a male model.” This article has everything you need to know as a beginner in this field.

Once you are thorough with it, the next theory to go through is, “how to pose like a professional male model?” Now let’s talk about the 15 best modeling poses for male models. These are professional poses that one must master if he is serious about getting into modeling. These poses will definitely help you to become an expert. So keep reading.

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15 Most Popular Modeling Poses For Male Models & Fashion Influencers :

1. Contrapposto Or Counterpose :

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This is one of the most important poses male models should learn first. Counterpose is a relaxed, mellow pose which shows the model as calm and not stiff, but natural. The key component of this pose is to bring out the natural essence of it. However, this pose varies model to model as we all have different body shapes, and also because everyone will act differently. 

Therefore we all have our own ‘natural’ or ‘neutral’ poses. So first find out your own counterpose. In order to do that, start posing in front of your mirror(full-length mirror) and try different poses in the most relaxed way.

2. The Walking Pose :

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The walking pose is very popular among the male models. Everyone from professional models to Instagram influencers. This is also a very common pose for street fashion photography. 

  • While walking you can either stare at the camera straight-on or look away
  • Try to do a facial expression with narrowed eyes, looking past the camera
  • The most common walking pose is to have your one leg forward in mid-stride with toes off the ground
  • Extend your neck and push your chin a little forward and down. This makes your look more appealing
  • Your hand placement is very important. Run your one hand through your hair, keep your hand in your pockets, or adjust your blazer buttons, etc. Feel free to experiment with it.

3. The Action Pose :

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Yet another important part of modeling poses for male is the Action pose. Action poses mainly required for the fitness or sports brand’s ad. There are different types of action poses, from running, jumping to workout, etc.

  • The most common form of any action pose is a jump pose or an elevated arm or leg.
  • Extend your limbs or bend them at a near ninety-degree angle to create a powerful pose 
  • Softer and looser bends will give this pose a more approachable feeling
  • Experiment with how you can distribute your weight and extend your limbs in different ways
  • You need to practice this pose as much as possible before the final photo shoot.

4. The Laid-back Pose : 

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Like the counterpose this pose is also very relaxed and comfortable. And an essential among the modeling poses for male. But you can’t just plop down anywhere. There is a certain way to do it successfully.

  • Be relaxed
  • Let your hands fall, make your core tight and push your back and shoulders out
  • Try to make physical contact with the things around you, whether you’re in a chair, by a wall, or on a field.
  • The lean back pose is very popular among models. You should definitely try it
  • You can experiment with other things too.

5. Hide Your Face Pose :

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Yes, you heard us right. Hiding your face is one of the cool poses that you can try among the modeling poses for male. Turning your face away from the camera or covering it can actually draw more attention to it, as well as emphasize your body. 

  • Keep your face away from the camera or you can look  back slightly
  • You can cover your eyes any prop or your hands
  • You can cover your face completely or partially.

There is no standard guide for this pose. It totally depends on you and how you do it. So be experimental.

6. The Smize Pose :

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As the name suggests, it means smiling with your eyes. As a model, one must learn this skill. This pose plays a very important role especially for close-up or portrait shots. Let’s see how you do it.

  • Soften your eyes and look at the camera as though you are enticing it. Basically, it should look like you want to create a connection with the viewer through the lens
  • Let your eyes catch the source of light, whether you are looking away or into the camera
  • Always keep your gaze gently
  • Keep it natural.

7. The Freestyle Pose :

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As the name suggests, a freestyle pose gives you the complete freedom to do whatever you want to do but in a playful way. It’s the most common among the modeling poses for male. Try different things and let happy accidents occur. Don’t worry, this pose meant to be perfectly imperfect. Above are a few freestyle poses that are popular these days.

8. The Dramatic Pose :

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When it comes to high-fashion, a model needs to push his boundaries. Hence, comes the Dramatic pose. It requires some sense of drama and seriousness. Frankly, there is no standard way of doing it. It totally depends on the model, the mood, and of course the theme of it. It’s not suitable for all modeling assignments, however. Above are a few dramatic poses that will help you to understand the essence of it.

9. The Sexy Pose :

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A sexy pose is a combination of a few other poses like the counterpose, or the laid-back pose, the smize, etc. It basically accentuates your masculinity, the body, the curves of your muscles, and your jawline. But there’s more to a sexy pose than just taking off your shirt. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular poses among the modeling poses for male models.

  • Square your shoulders and extend your neck
  • You need to interact with your body
  • You can play with your outfit or your hair or neck. Basically, you need to bring out the sexy version of yours and look more appealing
  • Flex your body while posing
  • Practice to Smize. Any pose can be sexy just by adjusting the look in your eye.

10. The Couple Pose :

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Whether in the modeling industry or on social media platforms, people often work together or collaborate. Posing with another model is a bit different than posing solo. Especially posing with a partner or someone you share chemistry with can make it look even better.

  • First, get comfortable with your partner
  • Try an arm over around her waist or hold her hand
  • To increase the chemistry or increase the intimacy, face your partner, and look into her eyes
  • Wherever you are placing your hands, make sure they don’t look unnatural
  • Tilt your head towards your partner. It can change the mood and accentuate the closeness with her.
  • You can try a walking pose with an arm over her shoulder or a hand in her back pocket.

11. The Cross Arm Pose :

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This is something that all male models love to pose. And is quite popular among modeling poses for male. You’ll find it on professional directories to profile pages all over the world. The cross arm pose is easy and simple, especially for men who might not be used to posing professionally. Depending on the facial expression, this pose can evoke all sorts of moods, from corporate to hi-street. So feel free to try out this pose in different situations.

12. The Wardrobe Adjusting Pose :

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The wardrobe adjusting pose is very common. This pose helps any model to go with the situation and pose at the same time. From rolling up the sleeves to adjusting your cufflinks, fixing the tie, popping your collar, or touching your watch or cap, there are a lot of things you can experiment with. This pose particularly serves two purposes. First, it helps to create a relaxed, casual atmosphere, and second, it draws attention to the details of the outfit.

13. Tossing The Jacket Pose :

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You’ll find this pose mostly in fashion magazines and editorials. A simple pose that can make a huge difference in the picture. So while you are standing or walking just use you one hand to drape your jacket or sweater over your shoulder. Especially for walking poses, you can use some nice flowing or billowing clothing in order to increase the essence of the picture.

14. The Hand On Hip Pose :

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This pose is very common among women, but like any pose, it can work just fine for men as well. However, it is not common among modeling poses for male models. You can do this pose in two ways. Either, you place your one hand on your hip and the other one on the back of a chair or, place both of your hands on the hip. A furrowed brow and narrowed eyes work better than wide-opened ones.

15. The Hand-clasp Pose :

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This pose exudes humbleness and approachability. The hand-clasp pose usually executed when you are in the sitting position. However, you can incorporate it with a standing pose, if you are leaning on something like a railing. This pose is very effective for close-ups showcasing men’s accessories like watches, rings, bracelets, cufflinks, etc. 

The Bottom Line:

These are some of the most popular modelings poses for male models. Whether you are a beginner or a professional this guide will definitely help you stand out in a crowd and completely take over the ramp. And they aren’t as complicated as they may seem. With practice and time, you can own these poses. 

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