15 Best Trimmers For Men Under 1000 Rupees

It must be a daunting task to find ‘the perfect’ trimmer or the best trimmer for men amidst so many trimmers available in the current market. We get it, and that is why we have sorted the top 15 Best trimmers for men in India in this article for you. But first, let’s understand why trimmers are so important in a man’s life.

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Importance Of A Trimmer :

Trimmers are essential in the day to day life. Firstly, they keep your style game on point. Whatever shape you need, you can get it done in a jiffy. Secondly, neither you get late before going to the office nor get any cuts and nicks due to the haphazard shaving. Trimming is safer. There are different types of adjustable combs available with each beard trimmer and they will efficiently empower you to get your desired beard style.

Even when you are traveling, carrying your own trimmer is convenient and safer. On top, the trimmers are extremely portable and handy. There are so many superb benefits of trimmers for men, and here we sort the top 15 Best trimmers for men in India. So, keep reading.

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Product List:

  1. Philips BT1210
  2. Kemei KM 5017
  3. GADGETRONICS Beard Trimmer
  4. Nova NS-216
  5. Kubra KB2022
  6. Lifelong LLPCM13
  7. Nova NHT-1071
  8. Hoffen Rechargeable Cordless Trimmer
  9. HTC AT-206 PRO
  10. Techfire NS-2019
  11. HTC AT-522 Rechargeable Cordless Trimmer
  12. Kemei KM-609 Hair Trimmer
  13. Kubra KB-6166
  14. HTC AT-1102
  15. BONUM Professional Beard Trimmer

15 Best Trimmers For Men Under 1000 Rupees In India :

1. Philips BT1210 :

Whenever it comes to electronic gadgets, Philips is the name of a trust. And when it comes to trimming and shaving, trust plays a crucial role. Philips BT1210 is a great trimmer for everyday usage. It doesn’t take much time to get charged, hardly half an hour to provide you battery back up for days. The steel blades brush against each other with light strokes which ensures a deep and clean cut. Another best part about the product is it doesn’t need oiling. Ever. Also, 2 years of guarantee comes as an additional perk!

Key Features :

  • Detachable Head makes it easier to open up and wash out all the hair stuck inside.
  • No power socket also charges with USB. Charge from your laptop, adapter, or even with the phone using an OTG cable.
  • The stainless steel blades will make sure a nice cut as well as it makes it washable.
  • The Dura-power technology makes sure the battery lasts way longer, with just 30 minutes of charging.
  • Portability is great for Philips BT1210. It can fit in your pocket easily, so no extra worry while traveling.

Why you should buy this product?

You should buy Philips BT1210 for its outstanding precise trimming and longer battery backup.

2. Kemei KM 5017 :

In case you are looking for the best trimmers for men under 1000 rupees, then Kemei KM-5017 is your product. This cordless trimmer will ensure a skin-friendly trim at your convenience. Whether to trim, fade or clean shave with 0mm, this trimmer can get it all done. Also, there are fewer chances of getting hurt since the blades are round-shaped to safeguard you a little extra. This trimmer is efficient to provide you with a neat and precise trim withing a few minutes. There’s a selecting wheel that allows you to adjust the comb length up to 10mm.

Key features :

  • Go as low as 0.5mm to 10mm with the adjustable comb.
  • Need long battery back up? You get one month of charging with a single 10 hour charging time.
  • The detachable head can be rinsed in a sink and cleaned up. Extremely important to maintain hygiene.
  • Blades are extra sharp but rounded, so it is providing with clean and precise trim without compromising your skin.
  • The grip is extremely solid, which empowers you to trim in a more efficient way.

Why you should buy this product?

The 30 days battery backup is worth it, completely.

3. GADGETRONICS Beard Trimmer :

Another best trimmer for men under 1000 rupees mark. Gadgetronics is a brand that has curated much love over the period of a small span of time and they are providing a good trimmer at a convenient price. Gadgetronics beard trimmer has high precision blades. Applying too much pressure on the skin is not at all required as the precise trimming is easy with the blades. The comb is also a safeguarding factor.

This trimmer has a  USB cable out of the box for more flexible charging using your laptop or any USB port. You can not use the trimmer while charging. Right after unboxing, charge the product for 8 hours straight to have the optimum results. The battery back up is average. It can go up to 45 Minutes at a stretch.

Key Features :

  • The precision blades make sure that no extra pressure is required. Get your desired style without much of a hassle.
  • You can charge it from any USB source, so convenience is at its peak.
  • You can use it for a straight 45 Minutes.

Why you should buy this product?

For the low price and excellent features.

4. Nova NS-216 :

Nova is a brand which has been around for quite a time and one can trust this brand for their products and after-sales. Nova NS-216 is made with stainless steel which ensures a clean beard trim. The washable head is another reason to get this product when hygiene is concerned so badly. Nova vouches for its durability, and one will not regret it. If you are at home or on vacation, with this trimmer in handy, you don’t have to worry about looking untidy with your beard as this trimmer is easily rechargeable.

Key features :

  • The blade moves from 0.2 to 0.8mm which is ideal for super-precise cut.
  • It can go wireless for over 30 minutes, so battery is not a concern.
  •  High grade stainless steel makes it durable, even company guarantees upon it for 1 year.
  • The design is pretty sleek, which makes it easier to grip, which further ensures excellent beard styles.
  • The battery take 8 Hours to charge, and it can be easily charged from a power source.
  • Removable batteries will give you less hassle.

Why you should buy this product?

One of the best trimmer for men under 1000 rupees having a removable battery.

5. Kubra KB2022 :

Kubra KB2022 is one of the best trimmers for men under 1000 rupees. Kubra can be a not-so-renowned brand but their product will make you feel ‘wow’. Within the price bracket of ₹1000, they are providing with a beard trimmer that has three detachable comb heads of different sizes. It has a cordless facility that can run up to 45 Minutes. Extremely light weighted and easy functions. With this product, you can opt for different styles at ease. Oh, it doesn’t make noise too!

Key features :

  • This trimmer can be used with or without cord. You can use it while charging too!
  • The trimmer can go cordless for more than 45 Minutes!
  • 3 different removable comb heads bring you options.
  • It has a push-up button which makes it safer to use.
  • USB cable is used to charge, which makes it convenient to charge from a laptop or any adapter.
  • Blades are made of stainless steel, greater durability, and smooth cut.
  •  Removable Rechargeable batteries. Even if you are unable to use USB to recharge, there’s an option.

Why you should buy this product?

It can be used while charging the device and also it can go cordless.

6. Lifelong LLPCM13 :

In case of toggling between a clean trim or a stubble, you need options of different comb sizes. Lifelong brings you 3 different sized comb heads to ensure you can shape your stubble as well as a precisely trimmed beard. It takes up to 8 hours to get fully charged and once done it can go Cordless for 45 minutes. This ensures that even while you are traveling, you do not need to compromise upon your style. It is aggressively priced at ₹700, which is a grab-on deal!

Key features :

  • It goes Cordless, up to 45 Minutes. Easier to maintain your beard while traveling too.
  • USB cable takes up to 8 hours to get it fully charged.
  • There are 20 different length adjustments available with this.
  • It can go as low as 0.5mm and as high as 10mm, which makes it flexible enough to maintain any kind of style at ease.
  • The detachable stainless steel blades are fine for a clean trim. Also, it ensures the hygiene.
  • Aggressively priced at ₹700 only.

Why you should buy this product?

Lifelong is a trusted brand. This product can offer you 20 different comb sizes to tame your beard at convenience.

7. Nova NHT-1071 :

Yet again, Nova is a trusted brand when it comes to providing us with the best trimmers for men. They all are priced at very reasonable numbers and they all are efficient. The NHT 1071 is packed with turbo technology which optimizes the power consumption to ensure that your trimmer lasts 5 times longer as compared to the ordinary trimmer. Also, it ensures a USB charging which makes it convenient for you to charge the trimmer even with your mobile charger, in case of an emergency. With the titanium blades, it also has 9 different adjustable lengths too.

Key features :

  • 9 different adjustable lengths to ensure flexibility while trimming stubble to opt for a clean-cut; anywhere between.
  • The trimmer has a unique feature that lifts up the strands and then cuts it off. As a result, it is 35% faster than other trimmers.
  •  It’s easy to clean, so hygiene is sorted with this one.
  • From 2mm to 18mm, this beard trimmer from Nova is for greater styling of beard.
  • Turbo technology ensures battery life. Power efficiency is a great reason to buy this product.

Why you should buy this product?

The turbo technology ensures power efficiency and the beard uplifting mechanism ensures faster trimming.

8. Hoffen Rechargeable Cordless Trimmer :

This tiny beard trimmer is one of the best trimmers for men under 1000 rupees. It comes with many kinds of stuff in the box, like a lubricating oil which ensures the smooth experience of trimming. Not only that, but it also comes with a cleaning brush too, which will help you to clear out the clutter after having a nice trim. The only downfall of the product is, it gets heated up a little during the operation. The proper hygiene will be made sure with the removable blades.

Key features :

  • It takes 8 hours to get fully charged and it lasts up to 45 Minutes while operating.
  • There are 9 different comb sizes to choose from and each one has a safety lock.
  • This product is great for wired usage while plugging it in a power source.
  • The lubricating oil and cleaning brush comes out of the box, ensures less hassle.
  • Stainless steel blades are very quick to provide great trim.
  • It has an exact blade, so one needs not to pressurize it upon the skin, enjoy a hassle-free experience of trimming.

Why you should buy this product?

It comes with a cleaning brush and lubricating oil out of the box.

9. HTC AT-206 PRO :

This is a cordless trimmer from HTC, a brand that you rely on. This trimmer is a useful piece. This trimmer ensures ease of usage, and the handy design makes you comfortable to try out new styles with confidence. To look dashing you can trim your beard on the got. This trimmer is not only for trimming, but it also ensures other grooming and hygiene purposes of trimming body hair. Its stainless steel blade and free-floating head will ensure you a neat and clean trim without compromising on your skin.

Key features :

  • It’s not a trimmer for only beard, it is a complete body grooming package in one single device.
  • From 0.8 to 2mm, this trimmer is for precise cut and trim. In case you need it for stubble, you can go for other options.
  • It can go for 30 minutes of wireless charging.
  • The stainless steel is washable, but make sure to not spill water on the motor.
  • A handy trimmer with a brand warranty of HTC for up to 1 year.

Why you should buy this product?

One of the best trimmers for men under 1000 rupees, provides a hassle-free experience.

10. Techfire NS-2019 :

This trimmer from Techfire is an  Advanced Trimmer that is built to deliver skin friendly trimming results for a longer period of time. You can style your beard with precision and flexibility. It can go from as short as 1mm to up to 10mm. Also, it is specially designed to omit all types of Knicks and cuts. So you can enjoy a precise yet safe trimming experience with this one. It takes up to 2.5 hours to complete one quick charge which supports 3 hours continuous usage.

Key features :

  • It takes only 2.5 hours to get charged and it lasts up to 3 hours. A great battery back up which can last up to 10 days minimum.
  • You can use it while charging and also use it as a Cordless device. Both options are handy.
  • This precise trimming device is extremely light weighted, so it will not daunt your hands.
  • The blade can go up to 12 mm and it can also go as low as 0.8mm, ensuring a 360°  cut with various style options.
  • The ceramic titanium blade provides you with a gentle and smooth haircutting experience.

Why you should buy this product?

It’s also one of the best trimmers for men at a convenient price, which has a good battery backup.

11. HTC AT-522 Rechargeable Cordless Trimmer

HTC, yet again the trusted name is back with another extraordinary product in this list. HTC has priced its trimmer aggressively so that every buyer can think of buying this trimmer. It costs around ₹599 and this makes it a reason to buy it. Firstly it is cheaper than a meal for two, secondly, the brand value of HTC is really liable. This trimmer ensures ease of usage too, and the sleek and friendly design makes it comfortable to try out new styles with belief. To look neat you can trim your beard on the go. This trimmer is capable of more.

Key features :

  • The rechargeable cordless batteries are a saviour when traveling.
  • Stainless steel blades will make sure superfine cuts and seamless beard styles.
  • It is aggressively priced at less than ₹600  and that is unbeatable. You get a brand’s weight and good product hand in hand in just 599.
  • Ranking in the top 100 Health and personal care gadget, it provides you with a smooth trimming experience.

Why you should buy this product?

It is only priced at ₹599, an unbeatable offer.

12. Kemei KM-609 Hair Trimmer :

Kemei KM-609 Clipper is a unisex hair trimming device, available with multiple heads for various types of shaving and trimming to provide you with a superb experience. The device comes with the chargeable batteries and a charger with the hair trimmer. The precise trimmer is made up of the steel blades that give you an exact precision. Kemei is a renowned brand in India for its superb sales services.

Key features :

  • Battery Stand very handy and the charge lasts up to days.
  • It takes a Charging Time of 8 hrs which is sufficient enough for a  Running Time 60 of minutes.
  • Detachable comb head will only make sure the hygiene is never compromised.
  • There is a Cleaning tool inside the Box available to clean your trimmer and keep it efficient.
  • The stainless steel blade helps you cutting various length, it makes it easy to take down the blade and still not fear Knicks.
  • The push-type switch makes it easy to operate.

Why you should buy this product?

Definitely, one of the best trimmers for men which ensures a precise cut.

13. Kubra KB-6166 :

Kubra kb- 6166 is 100% water-proof. This is a unique selling point for this gadget. The rechargeable cordless trimmer is one amazing product, which will make your life much easier and saving your time. Since it is waterproof, this trimmer is designed to use dry or with water, foam, or gel for a refreshing smooth skin experience. You can shave it dry while you are in a hurry or even shave while you are in the shower. That is an amazing thing.

Key features :

  • This trimmer is 100% waterproof.
  • One can use it with shaving foam or without shaving foam; dry. In both ways, it works efficiently.
  • This product is capable of being used while charging also, with an 8 hour charging time it will run for 45mins cordless.
  • It comes with a charging dock.

Why you should buy this product?

This product is 100% waterproof which allows you to shave or trim even while showering.

14. HTC AT-1102 :

HTC is a  trusted name and it’s another product of this brand in this list. Definitely, one of the best trimmers for men, HTC has priced its trimmer aggressively too. It costs around ₹665 and this will fit anybody’s budget who are trying to buy a trimmer. It is made with stainless steel which will allow a smooth and refreshing trimming experience in a jiffy. The brand- HTC is really liable. You get the backup of a 1-year warranty. This trimmer ensures ease of usage as well, along with the sleek and friendly design. You can grip it well and try many styles.

Key features :

  • Once charged, it can go up to 45 Minutes of Cordless experience.
  • The push-type button ensures safety.
  • The comb length can be easily changed.
  • The trimmer is slim and trims itself to grip.

Why you should buy this product?

The sleek design provides you with a better grip.

15. BONUM Professional Beard Trimmer :

This cordless trimmer is an excellent piece and it comes with great battery performance. Get this trimmer to enjoy hassle-free trimming experience at home. It is easy to use. This beard trimmer ensures safety along with a smooth cut, thanks to its solid design.

Key features :

  • Box Contains Trimmers, Wire, Oil Bottle, Cleaning Brush and Cutting Head
  • Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer with Adjustable Trimming Range
  • It comes with a 12 months warranty in India

Why you should buy this product?

The excellent design will provide you with a better grip, and you can get various styles on your beard.

These were the top 15 picks from our side. Each one of these is one of the best trimmers for men and each one of these are uniquely capable of something or the other. Grab on from the best budget-friendly trimmers!

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