15 Best Adidas Shoes For Men In India Under 5k

Have you ever heard the name of Adidas? Just kidding! Of Course, you did. It is among the top brands, producing sporting accessories. You don’t need to be a sports enthusiast to know about Adidas. Adidas is considered a pioneer and it has set an unparalleled standard compared to its rivals in the market. Adidas has mastered this field with its ever-evolving technology and attractive designs. Don’t get confused among their numerous products. We have listed the 15 best Adidas shoes for men in India.

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Choosing the right kind of shoe is quite essential for your health. Shoes support our body weight. Therefore it is important to choose a shoe with the right design and right material. Adidas ranks first in both these parameters. Why buy anything else? Hit the list below and choose one for yourself.

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Product List:

  1. Adidas Edge Gameday Running Shoes
  2. Adidas Chaos Running Shoes
  3. Adidas Lite Racer Rbn Running Shoes
  4. Adidas Hoops 2.0 Basketball Shoes
  5. Adidas Tennis Shoes
  6. Adidas Solar Blaze M Running Shoes
  7. Adidas Trail Rocker Mid Trekking Shoes
  8. Adidas Running Shoes
  9. Adidas Skateboarding Shoes
  10. Adidas White Running Shoes
  11. Adidas Response Sr Running Shoes
  12. Adidas ENERGYFALCON Running Shoes
  13. Adidas Men’s Running Shoes
  14. Adidas Duramo Sl Running Shoes
  15. Adidas Frozetic Basketball Shoes

15 Best Affordable Adidas Shoes For Men In India :

1. Adidas Mens Edge Gameday Running Shoes


Adidas Men’s Edge Gameday Running Shoes are the best running shoes for athletes. The skin-friendly material and multidirectional support design provide absolute stability during flexible moves. The shoe is equipped with revolutionary Bounce Lite cushioning that delivers energetic reverse impact while running.

It makes the shoe one of the best Adidas shoes for men in India. The outsole has been made with turf-inspired technology to provide effective gripping on different varieties of surfaces. The upper textile material of the shoe provides excellent breathability and agility so that your feet never get stressed or tired.

2. Adidas Men’s Chaos Running Shoes


Experience unmatched comfort with Adidas Men’s Chaos Running Shoes. Its Knit-mesh upper material provides excellent ventilation for your feet. It is the sole of a shoe that determines its durability and performance. The combination of IMEVA midsole and 100% rubber outsole in this shoe provides excellent durability and flexibility like never before.

The inner cushioning of the shoe adds to the comfort it provides. They won’t let your legs stress out easily so that you can continue running for as long as you want. Take every step confidently, thanks to the lace-up closure system.

3. Adidas Men’s Lite Racer Rbn Running Shoes


Adidas represents innovative design and performance. The best Adidas shoes for men in India comes with some of the most attractive designs. This sports-inspired lifestyle shoe comes in different attractive shades. They enhance your personality and boost your spirit for exercise. The round toe design outsole is made out of superior quality foam.

It supports your body weight and relieves your feet from excessive stress. The upper textile material of the shoe is breathable and it perfectly ventilates the humidity that builds up in the shoe. The lace-up closure design wraps your feet tightly so that you get the perfect grip while you utilize every ounce of your energy. 

4. Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 Basketball Shoes


Are you a fan of minimalist design? Then the Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 Basketball Shoes is the shoe you are looking for. The minimalist design is combined with the iconic symbol of the brand the three stripes. It makes it look more sturdy and robust. The breathable upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic leather which makes it really durable and weather resistant.

The airy mesh collar design ventilates the heat generated inside the shoe. Die-cut EVA insoles enhance your comfort. 100% rubber outsoles ensure perfect grip on all kinds of surfaces. Have a look at the shoes and know why it has been considered as one of the best Adidas shoes for men in India.

5. Adidas Men’s Tennis Shoes


Adidas Men’s Tennis Shoes are designed for comfort and striking gripping capabilities on almost all surfaces. Crafted with synthetic upper, this shoe comes with unmatched comfort for your feet. For better breathability and extended grip, the toe areas of the shoe have been pierced to make perforations.

This unique design also features lightweight cushioning and shock absorbing full rubber outsoles. You won’t have any complaints about the durability of the shoe even after extensive use. The light strike IMEVA midsole relieves your feet from stress during hard workouts. It’s hard to find an alternative for this shoe.

6. Adidas Men’s Solar Blaze M Running Shoes

Explosive moves require extended stability and perfect grip. Adidas Men’s Solar Blaze M Running Shoes are among the best Adidas shoes for men in India with excellent stability and grip. This shoe is made for the long run. The upper air mesh cover and dedicated heel support protects your foot and helps you carry your bodyweight effortlessly.

The highly flexible midsole complements your efforts by providing much-needed bounce while running. No matter how much you run, your feet don’t stress out easily. Thanks to the energized inner cushioning of the shoe. Give more than 100% of your efforts with Adidas Men’s Solar Blaze M Running Shoes.

7. Adidas Men’s Trail Rocker Mid Trekking Shoes


Tread the roads of the mountain like you own them, with Adidas Men’s Trail Rocker Mid Trekking Shoes. It is one of the best Adidas shoes for men in Indian dedicated to trekking. Ideal for optimal grip on treacherous and wet roads of the mountains, the outsole is made out of high traction rubber.

Synthetic mesh covers the upper part of the shoe, making it highly breathable and comfortable. The lightweight and durable EVA midsole make your workouts effortless. You can rely on the comfort provided by the internal cushioning. Pack your bags and put on Adidas Men’s Trail Rocker Mid Trekking Shoes for some adventure.

8. Adidas Men’s Running Shoes


Choosing the correct shoe is very important to protect yourself from injuries that are related to any kind of workout. These Adidas Men’s Running Shoes are designed simply to give you all-around comfort. It is one of the best Adidas shoes for men as it is lightweight and cushioning.

Durability and traction are ensured by the rubber outsole. Specific sport or exercise shoes can improve comfort. The mesh upper provides breathability, as well as EVA midsole, which gives premium cushioning. These shoes always make you comfortable that keeps you focused on your goal.

9. Adidas Men’s Skateboarding Shoes


Skating is a combination of leisure and sport. You can have your style by grabbing Adidas Men’s Skateboarding Shoes which is one of the best Adidas shoes for men in India. Regular shoes are not able to give you maximum grip to balance skateboard. Adidas shoes make an impression as it crafted with Mesh and Synthetic that gives extra comfort.

The toe area is perforated that provides breathability with an extra grip and comfort. The IMEVA midsole is for shock absorption and lightweight cushioning. Grab these shoes quickly and have an extreme adventure experience.

10. Adidas Men’s White Running Shoes


The best Adidas shoes for men in India, no doubt adds to your personality. Particularly this shoe which comes in a classy white color will make you want to wear it again and again. The high-density rubber sole is the main attraction of this shoe. It will stabilize your movements with its excellent grip on all kinds of surfaces.

The textile upper covering with synthetic mesh ventilates the heat within the shoe and keeps you comfortable. The round toe feature of the midsole helps to distribute the body weight evenly so that your feet don’t get stressed easily. The lightweight yet effective inner cushioning is made for shock absorption. It also makes the shoe more durable.

11. Adidas Men’s Response Sr Running Shoes


The next shoe on our list is one of the most popular Adidas shoes for its design and comfort. Adidas Men’s Response Sr Running Shoe will grab your attention easily. The iconic three stripes on each side of the shoe look insane especially if you go for the white variant. The inner cushioning of the shoe provides unmatched comfort.

It also helps to keep your feet stress free during extreme workouts. The rubber outsole with extended support at the back provides a springy feel while you run. The intelligent section cut-outs under the outsole are ideal for even weight distribution. Grab this piece of beauty before it gets out of stock.

12. Adidas Men’s ENERGY FALCON Running Shoes


If you are still looking for the best Adidas shoes for men in India, your search will definitely end with  Adidas Men’s ENERGY FALCON Running Shoes. The revolutionary supportive free-motion design of this shoe allows natural movement of your feet. To reach your goals faster and in a less stressful way.

Have a great time wearing these shoes, thanks to their pillow-soft interiors. The perfectly designed midfoot support panel fits your feet naturally and helps you balance your body weight during workouts. The signature Adiwear outsole makes this shoe more durable than anything else. So enjoy the comfort and don’t forget to share the feedback with us.

13. Adidas Men’s Running Shoes


Here is yet another running shoe from Adidas. This uniquely designed shoe fits your feet better than many other shoes. What makes it one of the best Adidas shoes for men in India? The laces of the shoe run from one end shoe to another. It helps you get a better grip even on slippery surfaces.

For added comfort, you get a mesh synthetic upper. It helps to vent the heat build-up inside the shoe. No matter for how long you wear this shoe, your feet will stay fresh. Durability is redefined with a full rubber outsole. The comfortable sock liner and inner cushioning keep your feet stress free.

14. Adidas Men’s Duramo Sl Running Shoes


Adidas Men’s Duramo Sl Running Shoes are ideal for fast activities. Like most other shoes from Adidas, its lightweight design is made for absolute comfort. The round toe design fits perfectly to your feet. Walk, jump, run or dance without a worry. Your feet are not going to feel tired easily.

The shoe is equipped with neoprene heel support for extended comfort. You also get a cloud foam midsole and orthoclase sock liner for better grip. The signature Adiwear outsole takes care of the durability of the shoe. No matter how rough you use it, it will accompany you for a lifetime. It makes it one of the best Adidas shoes for men in India.

15. Adidas Men’s Frozetic Basketball Shoes


Among the best Adidas shoes for men in India, we couldn’t help but include the Adidas Men’s Frozetic Basketball Shoe. The high-density rubber outsole material is specially made for the explosive moves of the basketball ground. The ortholite sock liner provides long-lasting comfort and antibacterial properties to prevent bad odors.

The extended collar of the shoe provides additional grip on your feet. It helps to keep the shoe in place while you jump to grab or hit the basketball. The midsole is made out of supreme quality foam to support your body weight especially when you jump and land on your feet.

Bottom Line:

Shoes play a vital role in our personality and grooming. If it is from Adidas, you already have an added advantage. We all are great fans of Adidas shoes. Without wasting any more time, choose one of the best Adidas shoes for men in India and enjoy the comfort it provides. Stay tuned for more articles like this.

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