14 Best Anti-Aging Supplement In India In 2022

We all think of those days when we didn’t have to worry about aging skin, aching joints, or cognitive decline for granted. But as we get older, we all search for anything that can slow down these and other natural signs of aging. Well, no supplement can add years to your lifespan. Still, a certain anti-aging supplement can help slow down specific parts of our aging process. Anti-aging supplements are a set of topically applied products. They are designed to reduce or diminish the effects of aging.

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Many of the products seek to hide the effects of aging while the others claim to alter our body’s chemical balances to slow down the natural physical effects of aging. Some common symptoms of aging are, laxity (sagging), rhytids (wrinkles), and the various categories of photoaging, including erythema (redness), pigmentation (brown discolorations), solar elastosis (yellowing), keratoses (abnormal growths), and poor texture.

Traditionally, the anti-aging supplement has been marketed towards women, but products specifically targeting men are nowadays increasingly common.

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Q. What Causes Aging?

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Aging is natural still, it involves many complex processes.

  • Collagen Breakdown: It represents 75% of the skin’s dry weight. The quantity and the quality play a major role in the skin’s appearance. Slowing down the breakdown and degradation of collagen fibers is vital to skin youth.
  • Oxidation: This process starts with free radicals which are highly reactive small molecules that can damage virtually any molecule in the body, including the important cellular structures found in the body’s largest organ i.e, the skin.
  • Inflammation: This is the skin’s first line of defense against foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses. Inflammation also initiates the tissue healing process and limits the damage to skin cells caused by everyday chemicals and pollutants.
  • Photo Defence: Repeated exposure to ultraviolet light (UV radiation) from the sun accounts for almost 90% of symptoms of premature skin aging, skin damage, and skin cancer. The sun is carcinogenic and harmful to the skin.
  • Glycation: Sad to say sugar does make you age faster. Glycation causes the proteins of the skin (like collagen and elastin) to lose their ability to function normally and is well recognized and heavily implicated in accelerated skin aging.

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Surprising Benefits Of Anti-Aging Supplements On Hair & Skin :

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Some positive benefits of treating the effects of aging include:

  • Improved Self-Confidence: One of the greatest benefits of taking advantage of the anti-aging supplement is improved self-confidence. When a person looks younger, they feel good. Maintaining a refreshed, attractive appearance always helps a person live life to the fullest.
  • Dropping Your Insecurities: Erasing a bit of aging boosts up your social confidence. You know this instinctively, though scientists have tested it: Women in one study who, thanks to sun damage, looked older than they were felt somewhat anxious and ill at ease. After rejuvenating skin treatments, those insecurities evaporated.
  • People Treat You Differently: Countless studies show that attractive people are more likely to get job offers, promotions, and raises. They’re also assumed to be smarter and more competent. They may even get better medical care, surveys say that, consciously or not, doctors and shrinks prefer to treat attractive patients!
  • Positive Domino Effect: It has a positive domino effect on your health. When you feel better about how you look, your self-esteem gets a boost, which tends to make you more socially active. However, the more social connections you make and the more good relationships you build, the healthier you’ll be, psychologically and physically. That can be a powerful spark in the drive to do things like eat better and exercise more.

These are the key reasons why the anti-aging supplement is beneficial for your hair and skin. Now let’s move towards the 14 Best Anti-Aging Supplements In India In 2022. Scroll down to find the best for your hair and skin. 

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Let’s start with the list now:

Product List :

  1. GRADEONE NUTRITION Collagen Powder Supplement 
  2. Planutra Plant-Based Collagen Booster 
  3. Dr. NUTRA Plant-Based Vegan Collagen Builder Powder
  4. OZiva for Stronger Hair & Glowing Skin Combo
  5. HealthyHey Nutrition Collagen Gold Series
  6. Nirvasa Plant Based Collagen Builder For Anti-Aging
  7. Ayurveda Organics Plant-Based Collagen Builder
  8. Himalayan Organics Plant-Based Collagen Builder
  9. HealthKart HK Vitals Skin Radiance Collagen Supplement
  10. Cureveda Youth Anti-Aging powder
  11. & ME Collagen Booster 
  12. Nature’s Island Collagen Skin Formula
  13. PURECURE+CO Anti Age
  14. GOA NUTRITIONS Plant-Based Collagen Powder

14 Best Anti-Aging Supplements In India In 2022 :

1. GRADEONE NUTRITION Hydrolysed Collagen Powder Supplement 


The GRADEONE NUTRITION Hydrolysed Collagen Powder Supplement contains collagen together with vitamin E, and C that help in promoting radiant and anti-ageing skin. It improves elasticity, and hydration to make it soft. Collagen includes Biotin (vitamin H) in your daily regime to help prevent brittleness while assisting in keeping hair and nails stronger and promoting their growth.

The hydrolyzed marine Collagen powder infused with curcumin supports bone, and joint health by repairing tissue, and cartilages that are stressed during workouts. Collagen helps our joints, tendons, and ligaments to glide and move effortlessly. With age, our collagen production depletes, which makes our joints stiff and painful. So it promotes healthy joints.

Key Benefits:

  • Collagen assists in the quick growth of nails and hair.
  • It hydrates the skin, it reduces wrinkles and dryness making its Anti-ageing benefits truly remarkable.
  • It preserves the conditions of our cartilage thus preventing degenerative joint disorders as well as degenerative bone disorders.
  • Collagen increases the level of HDL the “Good” cholesterol which lowers the risk of heart conditions.
  • It also protects the brain cells from amyloid-beta proteins.
  • Promotes faster metabolism that helps in weight loss.

2. Planutra Plant Based Collagen Booster


The Planutra Plant Based Collagen booster is one of the best anti-aging supplement as it contains the most important nutrients needed to ensure the health and vitality of your skin health. It maintains skin elasticity, radiance, and texture and also repairs your hair and nails.

Most importantly it contains natural-based collagens like tulsi powder, amla powder, wheatgrass powder, guava powder, lemon powder, rose petals, orange powder, and spinach powder. It is 100% pure and free from harmful collagens.

Key Benefits:

  • It comes with a mix of 6 Health Blends with collagen support.
  • Helps in skin rejuvenation, natural collagen building, and others.
  • It is rich in Biotin so it reduces dark circles on your skin. 
  • It supports hair growth and improves your scalp health.
  • Contains antioxidants that help in retaining moisture in the skin.
  • It improves skin firmness and is anti-inflammatory.

3. Dr. NUTRA Plant Based Vegan Collagen Builder Powder


The Dr. NUTRA Plant Based Vegan Collagen Builder Powder is known to boost collagen production in our body. The pollutants present in water, air, food, stress, and over-exposure to the sun deplete our collagen storehouse which is vital to replenish. It is the major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscles.

This anti-aging supplement is made from over 20, nutritious, plant-based whole foods with special ingredients, chosen to help support your body’s collagen production. It helps in nail growth and strengthening while reducing the frequency of broken nails. It boosts connective tissue production within your cartilages, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones to improve mobility and increase your flexibility.

Key Benefits:

  • It improves your skin texture, glows, and overall skin vitality.
  • Prevents your hair from dryness, dullness, breakage and improves growth.
  • Improves your nail strength, texture, and shine.
  • Helps in lightening your skin and improves UV protection.
  • Offers antioxidant support and helps in achieving healthy skin.
  • Reinforces your skin barrier by preserving water and hydration.

4. OZiva Plant Based Collagen Builder Powder


The OZiva Plant Based Collagen Builder Powder comes enriched with Vitamin C and Biotin. It supports glowing skin, and encourages stronger hair growth. It works perfectly to build up and maintain your nails and their shine. It is perfectly free from Gluten, Soy, and other harmful chemicals.

The OZiva Plant Based Collagen Builder Powder boosts connective tissue production within cartilage, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones to improve mobility and increase your body flexibility. It is an excellent antioxidant and helps in keeping your skin hydrated.

Key Benefits:

  • Comes with packed qualities of Vitamin C which enriches your skin from within.
  • Contains Biotin which makes your hair stronger and healthier.
  • Helps against signs of aging as it is an excellent anti-aging supplement.
  • Free from Gluten, Soy, and other harmful chemicals.
  • Supports glowing skin, and encourages stronger hair growth.
  • Boosts connective tissue production within cartilage, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones.

5. HealthyHey Nutrition Collagen Gold Series


The HealthyHey Nutrition Collagen Gold Series is the perfect anti-aging supplement to achieve healthy skin, hair, and nails as it comes with Type 1 & 3 Collagen which are the main proteins that give our skin elasticity. A collagen boost always helps improve hair strength, nail growth and gives you healthy-looking skin.

It consists of Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C which inhibit skin wrinkles and improve skin condition. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles and makes you look younger by improving the overall health of your skin. This formula reduces marks by maintaining your skin’s moisture and elasticity. It reduces your risk of bone fractures and improves your mobility with a supplement that helps give bones and joints their flexibility and boosts strength.

Key Benefits:

  • Type 1& 3 collagen supports your joints and bones.
  • Biotin along with the collagens make your hair stronger and healthier.
  • The presence of Hyaluronic acid gives you the best anti-aging formula for your skin, nails, hair, joints, and bones.
  • It is free from anti-biotics.
  • It is micro- bio-free as well as free from harmful heavy metals.
  • Reduces your risk of bone fractures and improves your mobility.

6. Nirvasa Plant Based Collagen Builder for Anti-Aging


The Nirvasa Plant Based Collagen Builder is a natural plant-based collagen builder perfect for skin health, maintaining skin elasticity, radiance, and texture. It is suitable both for women and men. It is 100% plant-based collagen to boost your collagen production, make your skin healthy, and add to its elasticity, texture, and hydration.

It contains an anti-aging blend of ingredients like Strawberry powder, Ginger powder, Green tea extract, Acai berry, and more which helps slow down the aging process and makes your skin appear younger, firm, and elastic. It contains Guava powder, Lemon powder, Sea buckthorn, Orange juice, Spinach powder, Amla powder that enriches your skin with biotin, vitamin C, potassium, and dietary fiber.

Key Benefits:

  • It contains the essential nutrients that nourish and rejuvenate your skin.
  • Plant-based collagen helps you get rid of wrinkles, dark spots, and other signs of aging.
  • Makes your skin more elastic and keeps it hydrated.
  • Perfectly suitable for both men and women.
  • Enriches your skin with biotin, vitamin C, potassium, and dietary fiber.
  • Boosts your collagen production, to make your skin healthier.

7. Ayurveda Organics Plant Based Collagen Builder


The Ayurveda Organics Plant-Based Collagen Builder encourages collagen synthesis which is essential for younger-looking skin because when you lose collagen, it makes your skin less supple. You can enjoy a radiant glow and youthful skin with these capsules that safeguard against aging nourish your skin, hydrate skin cells, and promotes blemish-free skin.

It encourages your collagen production as collagen is an important part of bones because it provides a structure to your bones, strengthens them, ensures bone density, and discourages cells that focus on bone breakage. It is proven to enhance your skin’s moisture and elasticity and helps in anti-aging. Ayurveda Organics Plant Based Collagen builder anti-aging supplement provides nutritional sources like vitamin c and biotin in an all-in-one collagen supplement.

Key Benefits:

  • It helps skin cell repair for tighter, firmer hair.
  • It supports keratin production for stronger, smoother hair growth, 
  • Improves the appearance of cellulite by restoring the normal structure of dermal tissues.
  • Boosts connective tissue production within cartilage, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones to improve mobility and increase flexibility.
  • Helps to strengthen the brittle nails and rejuvenates the health of hair, the radiance of the skin, and the strength of your nails.
  • It helps in quick absorption for maximum benefits.

8. Himalayan Organics Plant Based Collagen Builder


The Himalayan Organics Plant Based Collagen Builder is a perfect amalgamation of plant-based ingredients that acts as a boon for your hair health, The capsules ensure the healthy growth of hair and makes sure that adequate levels of collagen and nutrients nourish your scalp bed, hydrate hair roots, strengthen hair follicles, discourage breakage and promote strong healthy hair growth.

The Himalayan Organics Plant Based Collagen Builder strengthens nail cuticles for beautiful nails. The product is developed finely, keeping in mind the concept of holistic wellness. These capsules are devoid of gluten, soy, dairy, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, artificial coloring, and harsh chemicals. These capsules are vegan, sugar-free, and cruelty-free formulas for all. It promotes a healthy structure, strengthens bones, supports joint health, nourishes hair, and hydrates skin.

Key Benefits:

  • It contains the extracts of wondrous herbs and fruits that may help with managing collagen levels and thus support skin, hair, muscles, and joint health.
  • It is a hydrolyzed collagen peptides supplement that supports keratin production for stronger, smoother hair.
  • It gradually improves the appearance of cellulite by restoring the normal structure of dermal tissues.
  • Formulated for both men and women.
  • Improves the collagen levels within cartilage, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones to manage mobility and flexibility.
  • Made with a blend of fresh, wholesome fruits and veggies that are truly nourishing for your body, mind, and soul.

9. HealthKart HK Vitals Skin Radiance Collagen Supplement


The HealthKart HK Vitals Skin Radiance Collagen Supplement is a comprehensive formula containing ingredients that help maintain skin, hair, and nails health. It contains marine collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Biotin and is available in a delicious orange flavor.

The antioxidants and Vitamin C and E help improve your skin radiance and clarity by inhibiting melanin production as it causes skin dullness. Collagen supplements can increase dermal collagen density to enhance your skin health. It contains Biotin which helps in hair protein keratin production that contributes to healthy hair growth.

Key Benefits:

  • Vitamin C and E improve the skin’s radiance and add clarity by restricting melanin production.
  • Induces collagen production, which supports skin strength and elasticity and helps avoid skin wrinkling.
  • The collagen supplement for women and men contains hyaluronic acid which is also known as nature’s moisturizer.
  • It helps achieve soft and smooth skin by retaining skin moisture.
  • The supplement also contains Biotin which helps in the production of keratin and supports healthy hair growth.
  • Helpful in strengthening soft and brittle nails.

10. Cureveda Youth Anti-Aging powder


The Cureveda Youth Anti-Aging powder is derived from Gotu kola to help improve your skin’s elasticity and control the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It works on your skin-gut axis for healthy, and youthful skin. It helps to prevent premature aging, skin sagging, and hair thinning as it is a perfect anti-aging supplement.

It provides a complete nutrition package for men and women who have collagen depletion leading to existing low skin elasticity and wrinkles. It consists of Giloy, which is a herb with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects which helps to rejuvenate your skin tissues, purify the blood, control dark spots and promote general wellness.

Key Benefits:

  • Comes with a subtle taste of cacao and chocolate.
  • Has no added artificial colors and flavors.
  • Free from soy, wheat, dairy, or gluten.
  • Helps in improving digestion for better absorption of nutrients.
  • It helps to improve your skin texture, control fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness.
  • Helps to flush out toxins and maintain all-around energy.

11. & ME Collagen Booster


The & ME Collagen Booster is a plant-based solution to boost collagen synthesis and skin elasticity. It contains Hyaluronic Acid which is a natural moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated.

All-natural ingredients such as ayurvedic herbs, pearl powder help build collagen in your body and gift you radiant and youthful skin. It prevents external aging by reducing the damage from harmful UV light and oxidative stress.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps you in achieving acne-free and youthful glowing skin.
  • Has no artificial flavor and color added.
  • Made up with scientifically proven ingredients by health experts.
  • Does not contain whey, soy, or other added preservatives.
  • Helps in hydrating your skin and repairing skin elasticity.
  • Helps in reviving the lost glow in your skin.

12. Nature’s Island Collagen Skin Formula


The Nature’s Island Collagen Skin Formula is one of the best anti-aging supplements as the product is designed for people who are looking to give an extra edge to their skin, hair, and nail health and lead an active life by reducing the signs of aging. It makes your hair strong and imparts shine, improving the overall texture and helping in making the fragile nails stronger.

The combination of fast-absorbing marine collagen peptides with Biotin, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E improves skin health and helps to recover lost collagen below the skin. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines by improving the hydration and elasticity of the skin. It is carefully crafted to be a treat for your taste buds as it tastes like a cool summer drink or a smoothie.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves skin texture, glow, and overall skin health.
  • Works against hair dryness, dullness, breakage, and overall hair health.
  • Known to improve nail strength and nail health.
  • Presence of Vitamin A, E, C helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • Helps in improving skin elasticity and gives a nourished glow.
  • Hydrates your skin and controls the early signs of aging.

13. PURECURE+CO Anti Age.


This anti-aging supplement is packed with rich antioxidants and nutrients that help heal and nourish your skin resulting in better moisture retention accelerated new cell growth, improved cell repair, and protection against damage by free radicals. It smoothens away untimely wrinkles and fine lines, unsightly pigmentation, open pores, and sagging skin to reveal plumper, and dewy skin.

The PURECURE+CO Anti Age is 100% vegetarian, non-GMO, and free of gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, shellfish, and nuts. The ingredients are highly nutritious and possess remarkable healing and rejuvenating qualities. There are no taste enhancers, chemical preservatives, or colorings just the goodness of nature in pure and potent form.

Key Benefits:

  • It takes a holistic approach towards signs of aging for men and women.
  • Controls aging, smoothen wrinkles and fine lines on your face, remove sun spots and keep skin supple and smooth.
  • It works below the surface to help reduce joint pain, enhance heart health, increase immunity and improve vision.
  • Has zero chemical taste enhancers, preservatives, additives, colorings, or fillers.
  • It reduces inflammation and related joint pain, combating muscle loss, boosting immunity, and improving vision.
  • It is a concentrated herbal preparation based on a traditional Ayurvedic formula.

14. Wellbeing Nutrition Pure Korean Marine Collagen Powder


The Wellbeing Nutrition Pure Korean Marine Collagen Powder is one of the best anti-aging supplement as the ingredients are unflavored, easy to mix, and enzymatically processed to keep your peptides intact. Collagen production in our body declines as we get older, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, and less elastic skin. Increasing collagen levels help your skin look firmer, smoother, and more youthful. It can also help maintain sleek, shiny hair and stronger nails. Help clear up skin problems with natural marine nutrition to help you age gracefully. 

After age 25, our collagen levels start to drop by 1.5% per year. As collagen decreases in our bodies, our tendons and ligaments move less easily, causing stiffness and swollen joints. Adding marine protein peptides help your joints move more easily and reduce the risk of joint deterioration. It is also essential in maintaining healthy bones.18 Amino Acids including glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline ensure complete absorption making it more potent and efficient. 

Key Benefits:

  • Known to improve your skin elasticity while also reducing fine lines and other signs of aging.
  • Works on hydrating and lifting your skin for a natural glow from within.
  • This protein powerhouse also strengthens hair follicles, protects against hair damage, and prevents age-related hair loss.
  • It works on fortifying your nail health, reducing breakage, and promoting nail growth
  • Works on strengthening your bones and reduces risks of joint deterioration.
  • Boosts metabolism because of its complete amino acid profile including glycine, glutamine, and proline which promote a healthy gut and increase energy levels.
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Bottom Line:

Anti-aging supplements are gradually gaining popularity nowadays. They are rich in vitamins, biotins that effectively reduce lots of hair problems including damaged hair, dandruff hair fall, and skin problems such as wrinkles, dry skin, dark spots. They also make the hair and skin soft, shiny, and smooth without any side effects.

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We have already discussed the 14 Best Anti-Aging Supplements In India In 2022. You can choose the best one for you. But, before you purchase any product we’d recommend discussing it with a professional. We hope that you find this article helpful. If you like it, share it, and stay tuned for more. 


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Disclaimer: This article does not represent the views and opinions of medical professionals. It is solely based on research and reference by the author. It does not offer any medical suggestions or advice.

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