13 Best Homemade Scrub For Glowing Skin – For All Skin Types

If you know anything about skincare, you probably already know the importance of exfoliating. When it comes to overall beneficial spa treatment options, natural exfoliating body scrubs are at the top of the list. The homemade scrub for glowing skin are recipes that are found in plenty, sourcing the ingredients is very easy. Here we will be discussing the 13 best homemade face scrubs for glowing skin.

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Mechanical exfoliation works by physically shearing or loosening skin cells. Using small granules in an oil, lotion, or soap base, scrubs can be used on the body and/or face. The homemade scrub for glowing skin is also less time-consuming and natural.

The most traditional type of scrubs provides physical or mechanical exfoliation which gently sloughs away dead skin cells from the skin’s surface through motion rather than by employing the use of chemicals (for example acid).

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Q. What Is Exfoliation?

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Exfoliation is actually the removal of the dead skin cells that sit on the outer layer of your skin. This skincare ritual is performed to get rid of the dulling skin cells and reveal a fresh layer of glowing skin. We all should be exfoliating because exfoliation promotes forced skin cell turnover, allowing old dead keratinocytes to shed and new healthy skin to come to the surface.

Exfoliation smoothens rough patches and fades acne scars, dark spots but that’s not all. It also reduces redness and brightens your complexion. Your dead cells re-accumulate every day, which means you should be exfoliating on a regular basis.

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5 Benefits Of Using Exfoliants :

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Here are 5 benefits of using exfoliants in your regular skincare routine:

1. Smoothes Skin & Unclogs Pores :

The number one reason you should be using exfoliating is that it instantly smoothes your skin and unclogs pores. The homemade scrub for glowing skin gently buffs away dead skin cells and makes your complexion more luminous and even-toned.

Those with oilier complexions and large pores can especially benefit from this face scrub as it helps to refine and release any built-up oil that may cause breakouts. These products are multi-purpose too, so feel free to use them on any dry areas on the body that could use some softening up, such as the elbows or lips.

2. Moisturizes The Skin :

The homemade scrub for glowing skin is not only a great exfoliator, but it also leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised with its special blend of organic oils. The homemade face scrub for glowing skin is known because of its amazing moisturising properties. Lastly, the homemade face scrub for glowing skin is rich in essential fatty acids that help to enhance the moisture levels in the skin.

3. Heals The Skin :

The ingredients in the homemade scrub for glowing skin also contain healing properties for the skin. They are well-known for their medicinal and antibacterial qualities. Additionally, they are rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E and Omega-6 that promote regeneration, healing, and decrease inflammation. The homemade scrub for glowing skin also can help soothe any potential irritation.

4. Reduces The Appearance Of Ageing :

The homemade scrub for glowing skin also reduces the appearance of ageing by physically removing dead skin cells, thus stimulating the increase of new cell development. The rate at which our bodies can naturally shed and renew their cells declines as we age. This results in a complexion that has a dull texture, uneven pigmentation, and fine lines.

So how can you combat these conditions? By getting the benefits of exfoliation with a face scrub regularly, you can slow down this process and give your skin a boost where it needs a little extra help. We recommend exfoliating at least once a week to maintain a fresh, youthful complexion and to get all the benefits of exfoliation.

5. Preps The Skin For Skincare Products :

Finally, exfoliating with homemade scrub for glowing skin preps the skin for better absorption of other skincare products. If you’re someone who enjoys using sheet masks and serums, it’s crucial to remove any dead flakes which can hinder beneficial ingredients from effectively immersing into the skin.

The great thing about the benefits of scrubbing face with a face scrub is that it can be easily integrated with the rest of your skincare steps and help enhance any product you use after it. We recommend using it in conjunction with any organic sheet masks to fully experience the benefits of scrubbing face with natural skincare.

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13 Best Homemade Scrubs For Glowing Skin :

Homemade face scrubs are an inexpensive way to brighten, minimise pores, and leave smooth, ultra-soft skin behind. It’s amazing what just a few simple ingredients, including brown sugar, oil, and essential oils can do to our skin. Read on for the 13 Best Homemade Scrubs For Glowing Skin.

1. Brown Sugar Face Scrub

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Brown sugar is an excellent natural exfoliant that works for all skin types. It’s also a very popular ingredient for homemade scrubs because it contains more moisture. A brown sugar homemade scrub for glowing skin recipe can be elaborate but quite simple. Brown sugar has a rough texture, which can help as a scrub. However, if one overdoes it, it’s possible to cause skin abrasions and even cuts so we wouldn’t recommend it more than once per week.


Fill a bowl with one cup of brown sugar and add 3/4 cup of coconut oil and 3/4 cup of honey. For a boost in smell, add 2 drops of your favourite essential oil. Keep it for no more than 10 minutes and rinse after. Do not use it more than once per week.

2. Oatmeal Scrub

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An oatmeal scrub works for most skin types, especially the dry, sensitive ones. There are many ways to make one out of ingredients in your kitchen. This recipe gets extra moisturising power from oatmeal with just sweet almond oil, milk, and egg. It’s very soothing and moisturising. It’s especially great for those that are prone to allergies. Be sure that you have a way to prevent the oatmeal from getting washed down your drain. It can potentially cause clogs, which are easier to avoid than they are to fix.


First, you have to soak your ground oatmeal overnight, in the same proportion of water. If you don’t have the time, it can also be cooked. Place in a bowl with one cup of this oatmeal, one teaspoon of sweet almond oil, two tablespoons of regular milk, and the whites of one egg. Apply to the face and neck in a circular motion. Wash it off slowly after a few minutes.

3. Almond Milk Facial Scrub

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It is perfect for your face or your entire body, a simple almond milk scrub can last you a long time. This homemade scrub for glowing skin uses only dry ingredients. This type of scrub is best suited for oily skin, as the bentonite clay is great for sucking up excess oil while leaving behind tighter, more mattified skin. The dermatologist also says this one is safe to use twice a week, depending on your needs.

While you have the ingredients, grab some cute jars and labels and package some up for friends and family. The long shelf life (about three to four weeks) and ease of use make this scrub a fantastic gift for any occasion.


You can use 1/2 cup of bentonite clay, 1/2 cup of almond meal, and 2 tablespoons of whole powdered milk and with just this you can make as much as you like, respecting the proportions and adding just a few drops of lukewarm water before applying in soft moves. This one is safe to use twice a week, depending on your needs.

4. Coffee And Cocoa Facial Scrub

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You’ll enjoy a brilliant glow after using a coffee and cocoa homemade scrub for glowing skin. It adds brightness to any skin tone and can even reduce puffiness. The secret is in the caffeine found in both of the main ingredients. Caffeine is a natural way to stimulate blood flow, which can result in tighter skin, and is great for eliminating fluid retention that makes your face feel puffy or inflamed.

When you add honey and a dairy product like milk or yoghurt, it’s even better and ultra-moisturizing. It’s best to use this once a week, especially if you have sensitive skin or have other products you use with exfoliating benefits.


Get a teaspoon of ground coffee (or leftover coffee grinds), another teaspoon of chocolate powder, and two geranium oil drops to a small bowl. Apply the scrub on clean and dry skin, avoiding the eye area. You can leave it there for 10 minutes and rinse it in lukewarm water later. It’s best to use this once a week.

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5. Pineapple And Papaya Facial Exfoliating Mask

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If you have ever tried it you know that it is a fantastic product. Both pineapple and papaya are natural exfoliants, and the fruity aroma is sure to invigorate all your senses. The enzymes in papaya can decrease inflammation, help reduce acne and also avoid small bumps on the skin, while pineapple is a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants that help to treat acne and sun damage.

Still, this is not the best skin treatment if you have sensitive skin. Experts warn that pineapple and other citrus fruits can exacerbate any sensitivity issues. Anything acidic in high concentration can cause your skin to become inflamed and irritated.


Mash 1/4 cup of cubed fresh pineapple and 1/4 cup of cubed fresh papaya together, then add two tablespoons of brown sugar, one tablespoon of sweet almond oil, and another tablespoon of honey. Apply to your face skin and leave it for a few minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

6. Peach Facial Scrub

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A peach homemade scrub for glowing skin is unique, has a great scent, and is packed with skin-renewing benefits. Peaches are a surprising beauty powerhouse in the fruit world. Like many fruits, they naturally contain alpha-hydroxy acid, which acts as a mild exfoliant.

Not only does this break down dead skin cells, but it also helps new cell turnover. When used regularly, this simple scrub will leave your skin smoother, prevent blackheads and lead to a clearer, brighter complexion.


Just combine a cup of fresh, peeled, and mashed organic peaches and 3/4 cup of honey with 3/4 cup of brown sugar and a few drops of your favourite oil. Be sure to use it all or share it with friends in the next few hours due to the limited peach shelf life.

7. Rose Petal Exfoliating Scrub

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Roses are beautiful, of course, but the flower’s petals can also become a part of your beauty routine. They can be used to reduce oils, help fight blemishes, and will give your skin a healthy glow. Rose petals are great for those with sensitive skin, and believe it or not, they can also act as an SPF.

The natural oils reduce redness and oiliness while also eliminating wrinkles and hydrating. When you follow that with rose water, your skin will feel as beautiful as it smells.


Combine a cup of crushed petals with 1/2 cup of ground oats. Mix them well and apply them to your skin. Later rinse it off with warm water.

8. Adzuki Bean Face Scrub

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When you’re in the mood for something a little more unique, turn to the adzuki bean homemade scrub for glowing skin. Adzuki bean powder is a staple in Japanese beauty products, and it is meant for the deepest clean of any skin type. The chemical makeup tightens, softens, and removes dead skin cells and excess sebum from pores.

Finely ground rice bran or rice powder can certainly be used to exfoliate the skin, and because it is an antioxidant, it can provide anti-inflammatory benefits. This can prevent skin ageing, reduce UV light damage, improve skin cell growth and leave skin brighter overall.


Mix the powder to warm water until they make a thick paste, though you can add rice bran for a bit more exfoliating power (just remember to add more water). Apply it and keep it for some time. Later rinse it with lukewarm water.

9. Strawberry Face Scrub

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To prevent acne, fight the signs of ageing, or just looking for an all-natural way to clean your skin, reach for a strawberry homemade scrub for glowing skin. A simple and easy recipe uses just a cup of fresh puréed strawberries, 1/2 cup of sugar, 3/4 cup of coconut oil, and 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil. 

Strawberry is great because it contains salicylic acid, which is a prime ingredient for fighting acne. Honey, cinnamon, and aloe are also good for the skin. Use this once or twice a week, especially if you have sensitive skin or have other products you use with exfoliating benefits.


Use just a cup of fresh pure strawberries, 1/2 cup of sugar, 3/4 cup of coconut oil, and 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil. Use this once or twice a week, especially if you have sensitive skin.

10. Aloe Vera Gel And Sugar Facial Scrub

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Going back to the benefits of aloe vera gel, one last efficient homemade scrub for glowing skin that relies on the hydrating power of aloe vera gel and the exfoliating benefits of refined sugar. It can remove dead skin cells effectively and reveal healthier, brighter skin without overdrying.

A sugar scrub can also speed up the skin renewal process, leaving skin looking younger, with reduced visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Remember you don’t want to over-exfoliate the skin as this could have negative effects.


Combine two tablespoons of aloe vera gel with the same amount of white sugar. Stir until the sugar starts to melt and apply to the face in gentle moves, then rinse. 

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11. Hydrating Honey Cherry Face Scrub

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You can easily prevent (and treat) pimples with this fruity acne-fighting yet soothing face scrub. If you’re bothered by persistent breakouts, or dull, oily skin, this scrub will help brighten, clear, and reduce surface bacteria.

All you need is 1 cup of plain yoghurt, ½ cup mashed strawberries, ½ cup almond meal, and a splash of raw apple cider vinegar. You need to mix all ingredients and lightly buff the blend onto the skin. Then leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.


Mix all ingredients and lightly buff the blend onto the skin. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

12. Anti-Blackhead Lemon Face Scrub

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Bye, bye blackheads! Try a scrub with lemon juice to get rid of them for good. Lemon juice has antiseptic properties that aid in killing off bacteria. It’s also great for reducing sebum and inflammation. Just be mindful of the amount of lemon juice you use.

It’s acidic, so too much can irritate the skin. And it can make your skin extra sensitive to the sun, so always apply sunscreen afterwards to protect against UV damage. All you need is ½ tsp lemon, 1 tbsp salt, 1 tsp purified/distilled water.


Mix the ingredients well and rub the paste onto the skin in a circular motion. Gently scrub for two to three minutes, being careful not to rub too hard. Rinse off with warm water and follow with the rest of your skincare routine.

13. Smoothing Coconut Sugar Face Scrub

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Sugar is a classic exfoliator and for good reason: it helps to smooth skin without drying it out like salt can. This sweet face scrub also contains coconut oil to help to soothe and hydrate skin, thanks to its omega-3 fatty acids. Plus, the high levels of polyphenols in matcha help to increase skin cell growth. A tiny bit of honey helps deeply nourish skin at the same time.

All you need is 1/3 cup coconut oil, 1 cup of coconut palm sugar, 1 tablespoon of organic matcha powder, 1 tsp organic honey.


Mix all ingredients together and gently scrub your face, then rinse well. (Feel free to use any excess on your body.) This scrub should be used two or three times per week.

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Bottom Line:

The homemade scrub for glowing skin is gradually gaining popularity nowadays. They are rich in B vitamins, proteins, and amino acids that effectively reduce lots of skin problems. They also make the skin soft, shiny, and supple without any side effects.

We have already discussed the 13 Best Homemade Scrubs For Glowing Skin. Now you can choose the best homemade scrub for glowing skin for you. We hope that you find this article helpful. If you like it, share it and stay tuned for more. 

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FAQs :

Q: What happens if you use exfoliate every day?

Most experts advise that you exfoliate two to three times per week, as long as your skin can handle it. Exfoliating every day can strip the skin of its natural oils, which can cause breakouts.

Q: How often should you use exfoliation?

Many think that weekly exfoliation is enough, and it’s a good starting point for a newbie. Most experts advise that you must exfoliate two to three times per week as long as your skin can handle it.

Q: What happens if you exfoliate too much?

Getting rid of skin impurities on a regular basis is good, doing it too much can aggravate the skin. Over-exfoliation can lead to redness, irritation, and may leave the skin in worse condition than what you started with. 

Q: When should I use a scrub?

The best time to use a scrub is before a shave. Besides cleaning your skin prior to shaving, it will remove the dead skin cells that tend to clog up your razor, improving razor glide as well as preventing nasty ingrown hairs.


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Disclaimer: This article does not represent the views and opinions of medical professionals. It is solely based on research and reference by the author. It does not offer any medical suggestions or advice.

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