11 Ways To Stay Young From Inside Even After 50

Who wants to age? Yes, that is a completely different story that people want to grow old together with their loved ones, but what if someone can stay young from inside even after 50? Every single person on earth wants to stay young. But life gets tougher. Life gets you hard the moment you step out of school. College, postgrads, job hunt, getting settled, marriage and what not! There is actually too much pressure on one which snatches away the joyfulness from the heart.


But, what if we tell you, you can stay young from inside even after 50 years old? It will require a lot of hacks, but all are pretty much do-able. And if one can follow all the hacks, no one can stop them to stay young from inside! It is the most beautiful feeling in the world.

What Is Causing You Get Old From Inside?


Technically, age is actually just a number. There are people who are in their 80’s and still look so fresh. They can climb up a mountain with a smiling face. Then what is stopping you?

  • Actually, we are living in am era filled with stress. There’s too much stress in our lives affecting our health and causing our aging.
  • There’s no good nutrition in the fast-paced lives, and you are what you eat.
  • There’s so much negativity all around, there’s so much insecurity at your periphery. Eventually, a person starts to age from within.
  • There’s no harm in the salt & pepper hair, but there’s the harm in a gloomy within, and that is what we are fighting in this article!

In this article, you will learn how important it is to take your life a little lighter, and actually start living it. You will require to make some lifestyle changes and bring discipline in your life. Don’t worry, being discipline will not snatch any fun from your life, just understand what does disciple means. Take it easy. You are about to stay young even after 50.

11 Habits That Can Make You Stay Young From Inside Even After 50 :

1. The Art Of Accepting & Letting Go :


We lament over a lot, and we don’t actually want to move on in our lives. You need to understand one thing: not everybody is meant to be with you.

It is okay that you meet so many people, and you love to wear your heart at sleeves. Or even, if you are introvert. Not everyone is your cup of coffee, and you need to learn and accept the fact.

It is possible that someone is too rude to you which affects you badly. But why a person can interfere with your inner peace, it is you who decide that. You should really think- that is the best that a person can behave with you. You accept this fact, and you let it go. It’s the other person who has the problem, not you. This practice will help you to maintain your inner peace.

2. Focus On Your Mental Health :


Mental health is not a joke. People say “I’m depressed” when they are just sad about something. No, they are not depressed, they are just sad, which will pass on. Depression is something with much higher integrity affecting your mental health badly.

The best way you can focus on your mental health is with meditation. Now, what is meditation? Is it some activity that requires you to be a monk or it requires you to sit in a silent place with closed eyes and stay like that for 20 minutes? Maybe, chant a mantra?

No! One can meditate on the busiest road possible and still attain peace. Meditating is not about stopping your thoughts. It is about channelizing them in the right direction and find your answer. Channelize your thoughts in favor of your mental health.

3. Laugh A Little More :


The people who laugh a lot, are actually the people who add on to their lives. Nobody gets too old to laugh the heart out. Laughing actually boosts up the happy hormones in your body and your brain actually starts to feel nice.

Most importantly, laugh at yourself. Laughing at yourself is a way you are taking your life at par. The way it needs to be taken. Laughing at yourself builds up a great subconscious about your own self. It boosts your confidence, and it definitely helps you to make friends.

Laughter is truly the best medicine, as your mental health is the most important anyway. If your mind does not age, you can stay young from inside even after 50.

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4. Do Yoga :


Yoga is a way you interact with your body. It’s a way you unite with your body. Basically, in Sanskrit, Yoga means Union.

Yoga will help you to stop aging from within if done the right way. Yoga helps you to maintain better posture, flexibility in your body. It helps you to understand your body and mind better. Understanding your body and mind comes with its own benefit.

According to a study, Yoga is one of the best ways to keep things moving. Your mind gets a rhythm, so does your body. Also, yoga requires you to be disciplined in life. Yoga is done the best in the early morning time. But there’s no hard and fastened rule that it can not be done anytime else.

Understanding your body and mind, and keeping them in line has major anti-aging advantages. Yoga shapes your body.

Also, there are various ‘Chakras’ inside your mind. If you can stimulate them in the right way possible, your body will radiate positivity. This comes under higher level Yoga, but it is so worth it.

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5. Learn To Breath Properly :


Do you know that you can stay young from inside even after 50 if you can practice the right breathing? It falls under Yoga, of course.

The right way of breathing is deep breathing. Fulfilling your lungs. If you take 10-15 deep breaths in clean air sitting in the correct posture where your lungs are vertical and can obtain maximum air, you will immediately feel the calmness & freshness within. Correct breathing is that powerful.

When you are breathing and filling your lungs to the whole for 10 secs, holding the breath for 10 secs, and then exhale for 10 other secs. And when you repeat the same act for 15 times, you will actually feel the difference. It infiltrates oxygen to every cell and helps them to remove toxins from the body. It immediately rejuvenates the body.

Practice the right breathing to beat aging. But it is suggested to practice in a place filled with greens so that your body consumes fresh air.

6. Surround Yourself With Young People :


Surrounding yourself with young people has its own benefit. Firstly, young people will influence you with young ideas and thoughts. And eventually, your mind will start acting as a young mind.

Basically you need to invest time in relationships that are healthy. Where you are happy. You need to invest time in people who love you. Be it close friends, family, your pet, or whoever. When you surround yourself with social connections where you are loved, it is proven that you live longer.

Also, surrounding yourself with young people gets you the chill of the excitement of not growing older. If you want to stay young from inside even after 50, stick with young people.

7. Take A Break :


Give yourself a break. Understand money is important, work is important. But not more important than your health; both: mental & physical. If it is causing too much stress, take a break. It’s okay.

Remember, your work will not take care of you but your close people will. But to secure your life, make sure you build a strong financial plan for your life. Maybe a business model, maybe your PF, or savings, or Mutual Funds. Whatever just plan it well. Once planned, learn to take a break. It is extremely important for your mental health.

8. Understand It Is Never too Late :


Did you want to do something silly? Well, who said it was silly? Give a damn! Do it. Did you want to travel to a certain place? Do it. Did you want to open a startup? Do it. We are not endorsing Nike, but sometimes Just Do It is the only way to achieve it.

It is never too late to learn guitar or cooking a dish. It is never too late to join the dance class. Don’t let your mind age before your body actually does. Live freely. Learn every day. Never stop learning and exploring. Keep the child alive within.

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9. What Should Be The Diet After 50?


The most important part. What do you eat to keep you healthy, fit and young from within? There are certain things you need to follow to have a needful diet for your agenda.

Eat Clean. Eat Clean proper foods. Omit fast foods for maximum days in a week. Don’t have oily fried food. Eat the greens eat the healthy fats filled with Omega 3 Fatty acids, like Walnuts!

Have measured protein. Cut off the sugar and salt. Yes, your food will still be tasty. Refined sugar at the market is mot organic, it has carbon. Use Coconut sugar or Jaggery Powder. But not refined sugar. The same way limit the salt in your diet. Keep it to the most minimum.

If you can avoid these things, you are anyway halfway done.

Have Superfoods. What are they? Well, here’s a detailed look you can take:

In short, Superfoods is the food which is healthy for your body. Have Berries, nuts, Eggs, Leafy greens, and so much more.

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Having a clean diet will help you to stay young from inside even after 50.

Also, there’s a Vegan movement going on in the world. If you want, take a part. That is also scientifically healthy.

10. Quit Bad Habits :


Most important. If you want to stay young then you need to quit bad habits. Quit smoking, there’s actually a lot of air pollution happening, don’t take an extra toll on your health. Don’t drink excessive liquor. Have them in a limit.

Instead, drink Red Wine. In fact, overthinking is also one of the bad habits you need to get rid of.

11. Travel :


Travelling adds up so much to your life. It helps you to grow eternally. If you want to travel, travel. Don’t hold back. Traveling is the most beautiful thing in this world one can do, and if you have a chance to do it, don’t waste it.

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The heart wants what it wants. So better do your heart. Focus on keeping your heart happy and healthy. All the tips above will help you to do so. After all, the heart wants what it wants. So if it wants to stay young from inside even after 50, let it be.

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