11 Hacks To Keep Your Room Warm In Indian Winter

Winter brings happiness in our lives and no one can disagree with that. In India, November end brings a joyful mind along with pre-new year happiness. But it also brings superb cold weather too, and you struggle to use your ‘Jugaad’ hacks to keep your room warm in Indian winter.

Well, here are some solid hacks to keep your room warm naturally without even using an electric heater.

Why Not Using An Electric Heater?


Electric heater definitely warms up the room but it also brings a huge electricity bill as well. And here, as Indians, we believe in Jugaads and hacks to take control of any situation. So why not this one?

Without using an electric heater, we can still warm up our room with simple little hacks.

And the comfort you will get using these hacks will give you an immense feeling of joy, which no electric heater can provide. Anyway, in most parts of India, winter doesn’t come along with snowfall like we see in the movies, so an electric heater is not that necessary too.

11 Ways You Can Keep Your Room Warm Naturally In Winter :

1. Keep The Windows Sealed :


This is a very basic yet useful hack. Keeping your windows sealed will stop the chilly wind coming into your room. But by sealing, we mean actually sealing it. So here we go, tactically.

Suppose you have 2 windows in your room, so keep one window completely shut and seal the gaps with a glue gun. All the gaps around the window. Once you seal the window completely, no chilly wind will be able to surpass it.

Another window, you just lock it up. As your room will also need some fresh air and sunlight to take away the clumsiness of the room.

Whatever be the number of the windows, seal all the windows which bring chilly wind inside. In such a way you will keep your room warm in Indian winter without an electric heater, and burning your pocket.

2. Let The Sun In :


Sun has the potential to light up this entire world, heat up this entire world within a few hours. So what makes an exception to your room. That is why you don’t seal all the windows.

Sunlight is extremely important to let your room warm up. It acts extremely naturally and you don’t create any mess with artificial electric heat.

Electrical heat is not always good for our health, whereas the sun is the most supreme source of energy. Warming up your room by letting the sun in is an absolutely healthy way to keep your room warm in Indian winter.

Also, as soon as the sun is about to set, seal up the windows and curtains so that the heat stays and doesn’t escape. Also, you prevent the chilly wind to enter.

Sun is the ultimate source of our energy, and heating up our room using the same has healthy effects.

In all the other seasons we don’t actually enjoy the scorching heat of the sun, but in winter the sun feels good. Also, sunlight provokes a hormone in your body named serotonin which causes your mood to uplift. So soak some sunlight in your body too while your room is soaking it to keep warm.

3. Choose The Right Curtain :


In a normal season, you would prefer curtains that have micro gaps in it to let the air pass in the room but when it comes to winter, you need the exact opposite. You need heavy and thick curtains which will stop any kind of air to pass.

Also, pay attention to the material. During Winter it is better to choose some curtains which are not made of synthetic material but cotton. Even if it has some percentage of polyester, it’s fine. But pure cotton is more capable to hold the heat in it.

Choose dark-colored curtains, if you can, choose black. As scientifically proven, black is the color that holds onto heat for a longer time, whereas white is a color that cools down easily. To keep your room warm in Indian winter you can choose black curtains to keep the heat intact for longer.

4. Use Rugs & Carpets :


Most of the people in today’s time live in flats, and flats have tiles on the floor. Tiles are easily cold during winter so it is extremely important to cover up the floors with some carpets and rugs.

Although, if your floors are insulated then it’s okay to not have a rug on the floor. But most of the floors are not insulated and they lose most of its heat sooner.

Place rugs and carpets all over the floors wherever possible. It will help you to retain the heat and keep your feet away from the chilly floors. Also, a carpet or rug feels extremely nice in a room, also it looks nice too.

Go for heavy material rugs for the floor, don’t go for fancy stuff. Heavy and rugged materials are much more capable of retaining the heat.

5. Time To Switch Back To Incandescent Lights :


Most of us have moved to LEDs and CFLs to light up our houses. Yes, they are energy efficient and costs a much lesser amount than incandescent lights. However, incandescent lights or yellow bulbs or white ones actually generates heat in the room.

They light up your room, as well as provide some heat too, which helps to keep your room warm in Indian winter.

About the excess bill, it is far better than using an electric heater. So the choice is extremely smart. These bulbs also add a nice vintage & different ambiance in the room to enjoy the winter season.

6. Christmas Needs A Little Décor :


When Christmas is arriving in a few days or it is just a new start of the new year, it’s time to put some decorations in your room. Why not doing it a little smartly? Instead of lighting up your room with the sparkle lights, use some lanterns & some scented candles?

Scented candles will provide some beautiful aroma to the room as well as it will keep the room warm enough. So will the lanterns. Lanterns will add up to the decoration but also, it will do the same as the candles, keeping your room warmer.

The decoration is also magnified, so is your room temperature.

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7. Seal The Ventilators :


We all have ventilators and little gaps in our rooms which were designed to keep the airflow smoother in our houses. Well, airflow is what exactly we don’t need. So sealing up the ventilator is extremely important in winters.

Take a piece of cardboard and cut in the size of the ventilators, then take some fevicol or gum and apply it, and stick it against the ventilator. It will seal it for the winters.

Also, use glue guns to cover smaller gaps in your room to prevent any kind of leakage in the room.

If no chilled air runs through these gaps, your room will become warmer automatically.

8. Throw A House Party!


Sounds silly? But it works like crazy. A house party means loads of people in s closed room, and everybody generates some heat, which will keep your house warmer eventually.

Although, who doesn’t like to party in the winter season? This is officially the time to party. And a house party will only spice up the ambiance.

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9. Keep Hot Pads Under The Blanket :


To keep yourself warm enough under the blankets, use hot pads under your blankets. Using a hot pad will keep your body warmer and retain the heat under the blanket. Also, use hair dryers for warmth when it is extremely chilly inside.

10. Dress Accordingly :


This is the time of jackets, sweaters, and all the woolen clothes. Warm yourself up as well as your room with proper dressing.

The jackets are not only meant for outside but for inside as well. Wear jackets. Don’t hesitate to wear woolen socks! This is the season! This is the time to flaunt every warm fuzzy clothing.

Wear gloves if you want to, wear the muffler too. There are a lot of stylish mufflers in the market, search for them if you want to game up your style. Also, wear warm beanies, they also keep you warm.

Let’s admit, the main reason to keep your room warm in Indian winter is to keep yourself warm. So do it right.

Wrap around the scarfs, woolen blankets around you when sitting on the sofa. This is the sweet happiness of this season.

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11. Eat Well :

Most importantly, to keep your room warm in Indian winter, and to keep yourself warm, you need food.

Not only to eat but to cook. When you will cook, you will enjoy the sweet steaming and warmed up the kitchen, which will eventually spread the heat in the adjacent area of the kitchen.

Secondly, when you eat, and your body warms up, your body will generate some heat which will help to keep your body warm and well as the room.

Provided you are not vegan, eat meat and eggs. If you are vegan, there are loads of alternatives too. Have stews and soups which are extremely nutritious in winter having all the season veggies and eggs, chicken, and so much more.

These were the few hacks to keep your room warm in Indian winter without burning up that electric heater. We all love this season winter which gives us enough reason to be cozy and a little lazy. And admit it, we thoroughly love it. These hacks will keep your room warmer and provide you with the comfort and warmth for those lazy chilly evenings in Winter. Enjoy winter to the fullest!

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