11 Fashion Brands That Donated To Fight Coronavirus Pandemic

The entire world has now united to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. As coronavirus cases continue to increase significantly, the number of new cases is a whopping 4,50,000 worldwide, (as of March 25, 2020) With a global lockdown, everyone has taken to their homes, to avoid further spreading of the virus. Due to this several businesses have incurred losses. 

11 Fashion Brands That Donated to Fight Coronavirus Pandemic

One such industry to take a hit during this time is the Fashion and Apparel Industry. However, this has not stopped the major fashion labels from lending a hand in fighting this coronavirus pandemic. From donating millions in funds, and providing other services, a few well-known fashion labels are making an impact in fighting Coronavirus pandemic. They have taken the initiative to combat the coronavirus pandemic and set an example to other brands as well.

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11 Fashion Brands That Donated to Fight Against Coronavirus Pandemic :

GAP fighting against Corona Virus

1. GAP: According to sources, the GAP Inc has reportedly delivered PPE supplies to hospital networks in California. As an initiative, they made an attempt to pivot resources so that factory partners could make masks, scrubs, and gowns for healthcare specialists and workers on the front lines.

 Dolce and Gabbana fighting against Corona Virus

2. Dolce & Gabbana: Another brand that has been generous during the coronavirus pandemic is D&G. They have announced that the brand would be donating to support the research that is being done by professors at the Humanitas University in Italy. The research that is seeking to find a solution to help fight coronavirus.

Prada fighting against Corona Virus

3. Prada: The next brand is Prada, which is reportedly financing the ICUs of not one, but 3 new hospitals in Milan. The Italian Fashion House has done more than donate. It has reconfigured its factory in Perugia to produce over 110,000 masks and 80,000 medical apparel that will be delivered to the Tuscan hospitals on April 6.

Inditex Fashion Group fighting against Corona Virus

4. Inditex Fashion Group: The next Fashion Giant is Inditex Fashion Group, behind the major fashion brand Zara, is said to offer all of its factories and logistics manpower to work along with the Spanish government that is trying to distribute masks to patients and medical workers.

Nike fighting against Corona Virus

5. Nike: Another well-known mega-brand is Nike, which is reportedly donating over $15 million to support the communities where the Nike Employees live and work. By Doing so the brand is trying to motivate and encourage their main asset, the workers to stay at home. 

Gucci fighting against Corona Virus

6. Gucci: Italy has been one of the most hit countries in the Coronavirus pandemic with over 9000 deaths surpassing China. The Italian Label Gucci is said to be providing around 1,100,000 surgical masks and 55,000 medical overall. The brand has also reported to run crowdfunding campaigns that are supporting the relief efforts, including the Italian Civil Protection Department and the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

LVMH fighting against Corona Virus

7. The LVMH Group: The next brand is a Major Fashion house that owns brands like Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Christian Dior, and other brands will reportedly be using some of their facilities to produce hand sanitizer for free. This initiative was taken in response to the shortage of hand sanitizers in France caused by the Coronavirus epidemic.

Bvlgari fighting against Corona Virus

8. Bvlgari: After the initiative taken by LVMH, Bulgari will also produce more than 100,000 hand sanitizers that will be distributed through the Italian Civil Protection Department. Bulgari has also donated funds to the Spallanzani Hospital, which acquired a new microscope for researchers looking to eradicate the novel coronavirus.

Versace fighting against Corona Virus

9. Versace: Another luxury brand that has donated to the Coronavirus pandemic is Versace. The Mother-Daughter Duo Donatella Versace and Allegra Versace Beck have both pledged more than over $200,000 to the intensive care units of The San Raffaele hospital in Milan.

H&M fighting against Corona Virus

10. H&M: The Swedish Label, Hennes & Mauritz Foundation has donated close to $500,000 to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. According to sources, the Brand is also arranging its vast supply chain to produce protective equipment that will be distributed to most hospitals. It is also giving global aid to organizations via social media platforms.

Armani fighting against Corona Virus

11. Armani: Another designer brand that has taken an initiative to donate toward the coronavirus pandemic is Armani. The Designer has donated over $1.4 million (according to sources) to the hospitals and health organizations in Italy.

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These are just a few among many brands that have contributed toward the research and treatment to eradicate the novel coronavirus. From donating money to the health authorities and taking care of other hospital expenses to control the spread of coronavirus pandemic. Despite the fact that these brands may or may not take a hit for losses during this economic downturn period, these brands have generously donated along with spreading messages of health and safety. 

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