10 Yoga Asanas & Their Benefits For Working People

21st-century lifestyle has blessed us with a lot of good things to look forward to. But it has also given us stress, anxiety, back pain and a lot of underlying medical conditions. And to counter those, a regular half an hour Yoga Asanas in the morning to rejuvenate your mind and body is essential. 


Yoga Asanas helps us to achieve a fabulous body by working at a cellular level. A lot of people feel today that Yoga Asanas might not match up to the high-intensity cardio training, but research has proved that from weight loss to lowering back pain, keeping the heart healthy and ensuring proper digestion. Yoga Asanas can be practiced by almost anyone and at any place, without needing special workout equipment. 

So first, let’s see ten Yoga Asanas that can help you become healthy: 

10 Yoga Asanas & Their Benefits :

1. Dwi Pada Uttanapadasana (Both Legs Raised): 


Process – While lying down on your spine, place your hands under the buttocks keeping the palms downward. Keep your legs straight, body relaxed and toes straight. Now, slowly inhale, expand your abdomen out and raise both legs at a 90-degree angle. Now, exhale, and contract your abdomen while you bring down both legs to a 45-degree angle. Then slowly bring them down. A set of five movements is minimum while having 5-7 minimum abdominal breaths at each angle is necessary. 

Benefit – This Asana helps burning extra fat around the gluteus and quadriceps muscles and strengthens the core. 

2. Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Spinal Twist): 


Process – While sitting straight, stretch your legs. Now, bend your right leg to the left while you try to touch your right buttock with your left feet. Keep your spine erect while turning your upper body to the left. Hold your left feet with the right hand and place your left hand on the floor for balance. Inhale and exhale in this pose and release. 

Benefit – Ardha Matsyendrasana helps you by toning your abdominal muscles, expanding the chest area, keeps your spine erect and flexible and strengthens the side abdominal muscles.

3. Phalakasana (Staff Pose): 


Process – This Asana starts by lying down on your abdomen bringing the elbows under the shoulders. Now get in the push-up position placing your forearms on the floor. Inhale and gently lift the body up by pushing the ground with your hands and toes. Keep the neck and spine straight. Have a minimum of 5 abdominal breaths in this pose and then exhale and release the asana. Do this in a set of three. 

Benefit – Keeps your abs, thighs, and butts fat-free. Strengthens your core. 

4. Viparita Karani (legs Up The Wall Pose):


Process – This Asana also starts by lying down on you back, then join the legs and lift them up gently by pressing the ground with palms. Now lift your lower back and forward the leg a bit more. Place your palms on the lower back supporting it while the elbows push the ground. The back should be inclined at 45 – 60 degrees while your legs should be perpendicular to the floor. Breathe gently for around a minute and then slowly increase the duration of this pose to ten minutes. 

Benefit –  Stops greying of hair, improves digestion. Cures Goitre, pimples, itching and a lot of blood-related diseases. Stimulates the hormonal systems and keeps the flow of water in intestines proper. 

5. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose): 


Process – This Asana starts with a different pose. You have to lie on your stomach, on the ground. Then place your hands right beside your shoulders and the palm should be pushing off of the floor. Now gently push your upper body up off the floor and look towards the sky. Stretch your abdomen to the maximum. Release the pose by getting your upper body down. Exhale while you lift up and inhale while you release your body down. 

Benefit – This Asana stretches your spine and helps the neck and shoulders by making them more flexible. Also, it helps the body to have a proper blood circulation which helps in stress release.   

6. Bitilasana (Cow Pose): 


Process – Lie down on your stomach on the ground, place your hands right beside your shoulders. Push your upper body up off the floor. Also, push your lower body up while your knees are set directly below your hips. Your shoulder to your hip should be parallel to the floor while the shoulders, wrists, and elbows should be perpendicular to the floor. Now, inhale as you slowly raise your chest towards the ceiling and your abdomen towards the floor. Stay in the pose for a couple of abdominals breathes, then release by exhaling and getting back to the neutral position. 

Benefit – This Asana generally stretches your back torso while healing any lower back pains you’re suffering. 

7. Naukasana (Boat Pose): 


Process –  This one is a bit tricky but as you practice, your balance becomes finer. This Asana needs you to lie down facing the ceiling, and hands, on the floor, right next to your thighs. Inhale and raise your heads and legs upwards slowly. Keep your arms in a parallel position just beside your knees and the head would be at 30-degree angle with the floor. Exhale as you release and get back to the floor, gently. 

Benefit – The lower back, abdomen, and legs get so much benefit from this Asana. Digestion becomes greater, reduction in belly fat – these are the main benefits along with others. 

8. Paschimottanasana (Head to Toe Pose):


Process – Sit on the floor while your legs stretched and toes flexed. Raise your arms slowly while you inhale deeply. Start exhaling and get down with your arms touching the tip of your feet. If you can not do it properly or reach or grab your feet properly, then do it till you can’t stretch your spine. Rest in this position and focus on your abdominal breathing. Release the asana by slowly rising backward. 

Benefit – Nervous system gets stimulated by the proper stretching of the spine, blood gets circulated properly, hamstrings and calf muscles get proper stretches. 

9. Kapalbhati (Skull Cleansing Breathing):


Process – With your legs folded inwards, sit in a comfortable position and put your hands on the knees. The alignment of the neck, spine, and shoulder should be straight. Expand your abdomen while inhaling deeply. Then exhale with a force while you contract in a flapping movement of your abdomen. This should be around 40-60 strokes. Do it for 3-4 rounds and after each round finishes, breathe normally to relax. 

Benefit – This Asana burns flat easily by the rapid movements of the abdominal muscle while your lungs get rejuvenated by the fresh oxygen that gets inside. You can feel a little bit light-headed for the excess oxygen intake, do not worry about it, rest for a moment and breathe normally.

10. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose):


Process – Lie on your stomach facing the floor. Now slowly raise your hands and feet while you inhale. Arc your hands and feet and hold them together. If done properly, your body will take the shape of a zero. Hold the position as long as you want. Then release slowly. 

Benefit – Helps a lot in weight loss, digestion, and appetite. Also increases blood circulation and makes your lower back flexible. 

Benefits Of Yoga Asanas On Human Body :

Yoga Asanas, help the body without harming or injuring the body. We have seen the benefits for different Yoga Asanas but now let’s see on the whole what impact it creates.

Lose the extra weight : 

Practicing Yoga daily keeps your organs and your body on the whole function at a maximum level. When you do an Asana that focuses on the abdominal muscles, and you hold the pose for 10-15 seconds, your muscles contract and stretch which makes your core stronger. Also, these exercises burn a lot of calories by using the excess fat of the tummy area. Hence the outcome is a properly toned body. 

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Increase heart health :

Asanas that focuses on breathing and movement which involve inversions, they allow the return of blood to the heart properly. Some of the asanas lead to opening up of the internal organs. When your heart creates more space by breathing deeply, more blood pumps into your heart. 

Control Diabetes : 

Malfunctioning and uncontrolled release of the insulin hormone causes Diabetes. Yoga helps in balancing the insulin levels by directly working on the pancreas making it function properly and control the release of Insulin in the system. 

Proper digestion : 

By doing Yoga, your overall blood and oxygen flow in the body improves drastically. When this improvement happens, your digestive system absorbs the nutrients from the food intake in a much better way. Also, toxins that are created from bad food gets removed from your body. Twisting movements of the poses in Asanas gently massages the internal organs to make it function at their peak. 

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Stress Relief : 

21st-century lifestyle is full of stress. And Yoga helps you to be active which in return helps to bust the stress. It is said that just 15 minutes of Vipritkarni is equivalent to six hours of sleep. And Pranayams like Kapalbhati help you to calm your mind and soothe the nerves. 

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High blood pressure, Hypertension : 

According to the latest numbers of the National Family Health Survey, one in eight Indian suffers from high blood pressure which in turn causes hypertension. It’s called a ‘silent killer’ as high blood pressure, if not treated in time, takes away life. But much like other lifestyle diseases, High Blood Pressure can be controlled by the help of Yoga Asanas. Pranayama and meditation play a major role in managing hypertension and keeping your blood pressure low. Simple meditation techniques with controlled breathing also help in reducing BP. 

Lastly, Yoga can help as much as you are willing to help yourself. You must avoid being a night owl and stay awake all night, going off to sleep after consuming meals, having late-night meals and binge eating, consumption of alcohol, smoking of tobacco products or excessive physical activity and less rest of the body. Proper hydration of the body, proper meals at the right time and ample sleep really works in tandem to the Yoga one does. Yoga supports a great and clean lifestyle while it makes you a better person inside and out. 

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