10 Unknown Facts About Different Types Of Kisses

Kissing can trigger emotions of passion and love. When you kiss someone you can feel an urge of emotions that can spike your energy levels and charge you up. But have you ever wondered why you love kissing your partner? We kiss for many reasons, when we are in love, for good luck, to say hello and goodbye. It’s all about making your partner feel good and feeling good for yourself too. But there are different types of kisses. That’s right, in this article we will tell you all about kissing and how it is good for you. 


When you think about the act of kissing, it’s pressing your lips against someone you love and swapping saliva! But it’s much more, there is science behind this behavior that we all seem to enjoy. According to a study; scientists say that kissing is a learned behavior, 10 percent of humans don’t kiss at all and few kisses with romantic or sexual intent. Others believe kissing is instinctual.

Q. Why Do We Kiss?


When you kiss your partner right, it can stir up magic between you two. A powerful kiss can behold your senses. A kiss can express a connection to a romantic show. Each of the different types of kisses has a different meaning and an emotional connection attached to it. Call it making out, smooching, lip-locking, etc, there are many reasons why we kiss. In this article we give you a real scoop about different types of kisses, and what the ladies think about kissing!

10 Different Types Of Kisses :

Here are some different types of kisses, that you might not even know that you have done before! So go on and give it a read, and find out about the most romantic and passionate styles of kissing for couples. 


  • Kiss On The Cheek: Let’s start with the sweetest and most comforting peck on the cheek. This is mostly done as a loving and friendly gesture as a show of positive feelings for someone you love.


  • Kiss on The Hand: Next is the most chivalrous of all kisses, that most gentlemen do with their loved ones, that is a kiss on the backside of their lover’s hand. It shows respect and love for the person.


  • Eskimo Kiss: You might not have heard this among different types of kisses. This is a kiss where both noses rub against each other. It shows a sign of affection towards the person you love.


  • Butterfly kiss: Ever got as close to your partner, less than a breath away and your eyelashes connected against your partner’s cheeks/eyes? Then that’s a butterfly kiss! That makes anyone’s heart flutter.


  • Kiss on the Forehead: When you kiss your partner gently on her forehead, it can express your admiration for her. A kiss on the forehead also shows care and gives assurance to your bae of your love.


  • Earlobe Kiss/nibble: This is a more flirty type of kiss. It can be an erogenous kiss shared between lovers. It is done by gently nibbling on your partner’s earlobe.


  • Single Lip Kiss: Moving onto a more passionate kiss, this one can top off the list. This is an intimate single lip kiss, where you suck on your partner’s lips between yours. When this kiss leads on, it can get more sensual!


  • Kiss of an Angel: The next type of kiss is similar to kiss on the forehead, however, it is placed just below the brows on the eyelid. This signifies love and cares that a husband shares with his wife.


  • Sensual Kiss: Another passionate kiss, is biting and nibbling your partners’ lips while kissing. It is a seductive kiss and can make your partner weak in her knees. This kind of kiss is spontaneous between lovers and shows intimacy.


  • Hickey Kiss: Lastly, comes the leave a mark kiss, this kiss comes under eroticism. Where a mark is left after the kiss by gently biting your partner on her neck, and suck on the area to leave a hickey. 

These are all the different types of kisses from subtle to passionate and erotic ones. You can try these with your partner if you haven’t done anything yet, and take her by surprise. When you are in a long-term relationship, the dopamine level decreases after the honeymoon phase. But Oxytocin can maintain the love in your relationship by exciting your feelings.

Ever wonder why you feel happy and dizzy after kissing? Well emotion and affection, feelings of kissing are connected to some of these fascinating facts that you probably didn’t know. 

10 Unknown Facts About Kisses You Should Know :

That was all about the different types of kisses, but there’s more! You may know the kisses, but there are a few more secret eyebrow-raising facts about kissing that you don’t know yet. Kissing is the best part of a loving relationship, but there are some unknown facts we will tell you about! Keep reading.

1. Your Kissing Style Comes By Birth :

That’s right, we all have different styles of kissing, but we have the natural tendency to tilt our head to the right, ever wonder why? That’s because most people naturally tilt our heads to the right in the womb. Researches noted that two-thirds of them tilted their heads to the right.

2. Kissing Requires Muscle Power :

If you missed the gym, that’s okay, you can just work your muscles by making out with your partner! Just kidding! But not entirely, one kiss requires 146 muscles to coordinate, including 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles. Not only are you working your facial muscles, but even your body.

3. You Can Make A Career From Kissing :

Suprised? It’s true. If you are so into kissing people then you can actually make a career. The study of kissing is called philematology, and the person who studies the science of kissing is called an Osculologist.

4. Kissing Can Save Lives :

Not a fan of PDA? Then this might convince you otherwise. A study once determined, that if wives kissed their husbands with a peck on the cheek before heading to work, they lived 5 years longer! Kissing can make your heart beat faster and pumps more oxygen to your brain. 

5. Only Half The World’s Lovers Kiss Passionately :

This is a sad fact but it’s true. This depressing statistic shows that only less than half of the world’s lovers kiss passionately. Italian men are known to be the most romantic and passionate while kissing their women!

6. Kissing Has Health Benefits :

Not been feeling too well lately? Then maybe you need to kiss your partner more often. Making out with your partner could make you feel better. It burns calories, strengthens your immune system, relieves pain and prevents cavities. Kissing is just what the doctor would prescribe if you haven’t been feeling well!

7. An Average Person Kisses 2 Weeks Of Their Life :

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But think about it, the amount of time you spend kissing your partner is roughly about 20,160 minutes in your entire life. Kissing can cause your pupil to dilate, hence most people close their eyes while locking lips. 

8. Kissing Can Reduce Stress :

Feeling stressed out lately? Then you will be pleasantly surprised to know that kissing can lower stress hormone cortisol and make you feel safe and secure. Endorphins are released and can make you happy. Kissing can trigger oxytocin in the body making you feel excited.

9. Kissing Shows Quality Of The Relationship :

Studies show that how much you and your partner kiss proves how satisfied you are in the relationship. The love hormone, oxytocin, can develop feelings of attachment with your partner. Kissing can keep the love and spark alive in the relationship longer. 

10. Men And Women Think Differently Of Kissing :

It’s true, your partner might value kissing more important in the relationship than you do. Study shows that women use kissing to assess potential mates, whereas men use it to increase the likelihood of having sexual intercourse. 

That’s everything you need to know about the different types of kisses, and fascinating facts about kissing that most people don’t know. Kissing can keep the spark alive in relationships, and can even bring happiness to a person, by assuring love between the two. Therefore never miss a day without kissing your loved one. One study claimed that men who kiss their wives every morning before leaving for work live five years longer than those who don’t.

Kissing is not just a rush of emotions, we hope that you have understood with this article that kissing has a lot to do with the quality and nature of your relationship. It might start just as a passionate gesture between the two of you, but it can also spark love that lasts long in the relationship. So starting today, make sure to kiss your partner and tell her how much you love her, and make her fall in love with you all over again. 

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