10 Things About Men That Attract Women

When a woman decides to pursue a man, she first notices certain things about him and no, it’s not his abs or muscles. If you know what attracts women you can grab the opportunity and make a solid first impression. There are some things women notice, even before she has a conversation with a man. And these qualities can decide whether she makes a connection with you or not. So next time you are meeting a woman or going on a date with someone you want to make a good impression on, then here are a few things to keep an eye out for, on how to impress a woman.


1. Your Scent, How Smell Matters!

Never go to meet a girl for the first time, smelling bad. Because you can kiss goodbye to a second date. This is something based on hygiene, but also, a woman finds a man’s smell attractive. So it’s a good idea to go overall fresh, with a bit of cologne. Men who smell good are really irresistible to women, and they instantly notice it.


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2. Well Groomed Hair & Beard :

What attracts a woman to a man most is his hair and beard. And if not well kept, she might not be very impressed. If you are meeting her for the first time, you might not want to go in greasy, uncombed hair. Because she will only question your grooming abilities. And no girl wants to be with a poorly groomed men. So make sure to groom your hair and beard making sure it’s clean and conditioned.


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3. Personality & How you carry yourself :

Personality is what attracts women. And it stands bigger than any physical trait. It’s not going to be as simple as combing your hair, it takes time to build a good positive and charming personality. Women have an eye for how men carry themselves. Your confidence is one of the things women notice about guys immediately.


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4. Your Smile, Cheesy but true :

A woman notices a man’s smile, almost instantly. And if your smile is plain old genuine, then she can instantly be drawn. Among the top things women notice about guys immediately, is a smile. As it is comforting and builds a sense of trust between the two of you. If you see your date noticing your smile, it means that she’s already inspired by you.


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5. Your Posture, shows Confidence :

Next on our list of what attracts women, is your posture and body language. Never meet a girl in a slouched or hunched posture, it shows lack of confidence. When you stand straight and confident, it shows that you are not nervous and have good self-esteem. It’s sure to give your girl a sense of security when her guy has a good posture/built. 


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6. How You dress, your wardrobe :

This might not be on the top of our list, but your clothes do matter to a girl. Making an effort to how you dress will definitely impress a woman. If you just pick up the first thing you find in your wardrobe, she’s probably not going to be too impressed. Know that women spend time on their outfit and makeup to meet you, wouldn’t harm to spare sometime into your outfit too.


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7. The confidence you have :

Women love confident men, and this is one of the hottest things when we talk about what attracts women. For a woman, it doesn’t really matter if you aren’t the best looking guy in the room, but if you have the charm and personality, that’s enough. When you are not confident, it can potentially form a poor first impression. But being too confident is also not good, so make sure you have just the right balance.


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8. Be a gentleman, Manners count :

Chivalry still lives to this date. One of the things a woman notices in a guy is his manners. Opening the door for her, or pulling the chair for her to sit, these are just little things that can leave a lasting impression on a woman. No woman wants to be with a guy who does not behave well or does not treat her right. Being a gentleman can definitely win you some brownie points.


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9. Sparkling, gorgeous eyes :

Another that may sound cheesy to you, but when we talk about what attracts women, we cannot forget about a guy’s eyes. It’s almost the first things she notices. She will notice if you are making eye contact with her as you speak, and if she doesn’t get it, she will assume that you are not interested. Your eyes communicate the most, playing an important role in making a connection, and that is undeniable.


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10. Your Physique and Fitness :

This does not necessarily mean perfect abs. What we mean is, a woman notices if the guy she is meeting is fit. A good physique can instantly draw her eye, that’s just the science of attraction. Different women have different body preferences, but a woman will be impressed for sure if she sees some muscles under that outfit. 


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These are a few pointers to keep in mind that a woman notices. What attracts a woman, is not too complicated, it’s just a few things about taking care of how your groom and style yourself. This is your rulebook on how to impress a woman, make sure to check this list before you go on a date again.

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